vxVistA.org Community Collaboration Web Portal Uses Atlassian Open Source Web Tools to Deploy vxVistA-OS EHR

Deanne Clark (DSS Inc), Hugh Creedon (DSS Inc), J.D. Keith (DSS Inc. )
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vxVistA.org is a Collaboration Environment designed for the community of present and future VistA and vxVistA users and developers. The main purpose of this environment is to provide the tools needed for:

  • learning more about vxVistA
  • participating in the enhancement process
  • sharing ideas and best practices
  • proposing new projects
  • developing new modules and functionalities
  • creating new GUI Mockups
  • designing and improving workflows
  • promoting professional services and new modules
  • and more…

Starting with the end in mind: “Our community members deserve the best collaboration tools available in the market” the vxVistA.org development team researched multiple suites of collaboration tools. Out of all the options in the market we decided that the Atlassian suite of products and plug-ins are the best combination of functionalities for the vxVistA Open Source Collaboration Community.

We are currently using the following plug-ins:

  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Gliffy diagrams
  • Adaptavist Community Bubbles
  • TaskDock
  • TagCumulus by Herman de Boer
  • Ad hoc workflows

This presentation will explore how the Atlassian Confluence tool and plug-ins work to create an environment that encourages innovation and partnership between users, vendors, developers, and subject matter experts from many disciplines. The vxVistA.org site fosters interaction between Free Open Source (FOSS) clients and Commercial Open Source (COSS) clients.

We will also cover how we are integrating the Atlassian JIRA into the vxVistA.org site for community logging and tracking of issues/bugs. This is Phase II of our roll-out of the vxVistA.org site, originally released in late 2009, with our eventual goal of creating a shared development and code management environment for both GUI development and CHUI development.

vxVistA.org is sponsored by DSS, Inc. and Open Health Tools. During the design and development phase of this project, experts in collaboration from all around the world including USA, Argentina, Italy, Australia, Canada, Germany, England and Netherlands, joined forces to support this effort. Companies and Individuals donated their time and software licenses to make this happen.

Photo of Deanne Clark

Deanne Clark


Deanne Clark is the Product Manager for DSS Commercial VistA system. She has over 8 years of experience in project management and product management for all phases of the electronic health record software life cycle from charter, to prototype, to testing, documentation, implementation, and support for clinical, administrative, and fiscal modules within VistA in the VA and the commercial vxVistA System.

For the last four years, Ms. Clark has overseen the development of an Open Source commercial VistA offering for use in non-VA health care environments including medical schools, ambulatory care clinics, and inpatient mental health facilities. Her focus remains on developing solid user-driven enhancements in clinical decision support, reporting, and fostering meaningful use of the VistA EHR system while expanding its user base beyond the VA and expanding its patient base to be more inclusive of women’s health and pediatrics.

Hugh Creedon


Hugh Creedon is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years experience on the Clinical Informatics Service at Hines, VA, Hospital. Involved in implementing an electronic health record system there and at other VA sites. Provided on-going end-user support and training; interface between software development and clinical users. Presented at national VA symposia on various aspects of electronic health record systems. Also spent more than thirty years as a practicing clinical psychologist at Hines and in a private practice.

Have worked over four years at DSS in the implementation, customization and configuration of vxVistA and vxCPRS. Also provided training and consultation for end-users. Have managed the vxVistA staff for three years, developing staff and promoting methodologies to ensure optimal customer satisfaction with all implementation and end user support.

Years of hands-on experience as a Clinical Application Coordinator and as a Mental Health ADPAC (Automated Data Processing Application Coordinator). This experience has resulted in developing a skill set for configuring, customizing, implementing, and training in vxVistA/vxCPRS. I am also skilled at communicating with others, both within DSS as well as external customers.

Oversee implementation, configuration, customization and training of vxVistA/vx CPRS at various sites.. Be one of the points of contact for all communication between DSS and it commercial customers. Directly supervise the Project Managers for all implementations.

J.D. Keith

DSS Inc.

J.D. Keith comes from a background in network computing, telecommunications, and ERP applications and support. I joined DSS in the Spring of 2009, after serving for 3 years as the IT/ERP Support Manager at Nicklaus Golf Equipment Company in West Palm Beach, FL. Extensive experience in IT and Systems Computing/Management across many platforms from Mainframe Systems and Wide Area Networks to Desktop/PC and peripheral support, along with extensive IT procurement and budget management, experience in selection and implementation of both hardware and software systems across many industries and management methodologies.

Among my hallmark projects I can count both forklift and upgrade implementation projects from 5 to 50,000 users and have successfully managed groups and teams in completing projects of varied size and complexity.

My nearly two decades of systems analysis and direct experience with a broad spectrum of hardware and software species enables me to assess situations and circumstances quickly in order to properly design and configure network computing systems to support scalability and operational efficiency, as well as to manage and maintain a budgetary constraint perspective when necessary for providing cost effective solutions in systems implementations.

Extensive research, reading, and daily interaction with staff members at DSS have enabled me to assimilate volumes of information specific to Health Care IT in order to support vxVistA-OS EHR systems, assist Research and Development in resolving ongoing issues, and establish procedures for regular management, support, and maintenance of the hardware and software used in delivering vxVistA-OS for clients hosting their own vxVistA-OS platform and vxVistA ASP hosted services.

  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Rackspace Hosting
  • (mt) Media Temple, Inc.
  • ActiveState
  • CommonPlaces
  • DB Relay
  • FireHost
  • GoDaddy
  • HP
  • HTSQL by Prometheus Research
  • Impetus Technologies Inc.
  • Infobright, Inc
  • JasperSoft
  • Kaltura
  • Marvell
  • Mashery
  • NorthScale, Inc.
  • Open Invention Network
  • OpSource
  • Oracle
  • Parallels
  • PayPal
  • Percona
  • Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.
  • Rhomobile
  • Schooner Information Technology
  • Silicon Mechanics
  • SourceGear
  • Symbian
  • VoltDB
  • WSO2
  • Linux Pro Magazine

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