Powerful Pythonic Patterns

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Patterns exist (and can fruitfully be studied and applied) in any field of human
endeavor, so of course Python has them too. However, a currently-going-around,
misguided meme claims the contrary, that “there are no Patterns in Python” —
and this talk shows just how wrong that meme is!

The talk first summarizes of what Patterns are all about, and Design Patterns in
particular — how effectively they identify and describe compact categories of
solutions to compact categories of problems, and how they prove especially
useful for teaching and communication, as well as to guide a designer’s process.

As examples of specifically “Pythonic” patterns, the talk then reminds the
audience of the variants of Template Method that fit Python so perfectly, and
of why Dependency Injection is also so perfectly Pythonic.

After mentioning other kinds (i.e., non-design) patterns, and “idioms”, the talk
closes by showing the audience how patterns work best when weaved into a whole
Language of patterns, both hierarchically among different “scales”, and
“peer to peer” among patterns on the same “scale”.

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Photo of Alex Martelli

Alex Martelli


Alex Martelli wrote “Python in a Nutshell” and co-edited
“Python Cookbook”. He’s a PSF member, and won the 2002 Activators’ Choice Award and the 2006 Frank Willison Award for contributions to the Python community. He works as Senior Staff Engineer for Google. You can read some PDFs and
watch some videos of his past presentations – his detailed profile is at http://www.google.com/profiles/aleaxit .

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