Plack: State of the Art Web Framework Superglue

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Web application frameworks in Perl have evolved a lot for the past decade, but deploying them in different environments still needs some tricks since some frameworks are just centered around or tightly integrated with mod_perl API.

Plack and PSGI are attempts to solve this problem by abstracting those environment differences into a simple and beautiful Perl interface (PSGI) and provide web server adapters and middleware components (Plack) to allow framework developers free from caring those server environments, as well as providing an infrastructure to share “plugins” with the middleware ecosystem, exactly like Ruby’s Rack and Python’s WSGI.

Plack and PSGI have been accepted and adapted very well by the existing frameworks such as Catalyst, Mason, CGI::Application and Jifty and triggered lots of new frameworks such as Tatsumaki and Web::Simple.

In this session, I’ll talk about why we need this and demonstrate how to integrate and enhance features of existing web frameworks such as Catalyst.

Photo of Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa


Perl hacker, Software Engineer for Six Apart, founder of and YAPC::Asia organizer. Loving electro music, 8bit video games and anime TV shows.

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