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O'Reilly Open Source Awards 2010

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Edd Wilder-James
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Tuesday night saw the O'Reilly Open Source Awards. The awards are given to those who have made significant contribution to the open source community. Our thanks and congratulations to all the recipients.

Jeremy Allison

A steadfast contributor to the Samba project for over 15 years, Jeremy is an active advocate of free software and the GPL. He also does a wickedly funny impersonation of Steve Ballmer.

Deborah Bryant

Deb has worked tirelessly in getting open source software into state and local government agencies for the last 10 years. She is an expert in knowing how best to get open source software through bureaucratic hurdles and most importantly how to explain the value of open source to State and Local politicians.

Brad Fitzpatrick

A perpetual motion machine of good ideas, Brad is the author of a number of key open source projects, including memcached, Gearman, MogileFS, and OpenID.

Leslie Hawthorn

For 5 years, Leslie was the heartbeat of Google's Summer of Code, which has introduced thousands of students to open source development for the first time. She's well known around the world for her community leadership and advocacy of software freedom. Utterly unflappable and totally dependable, she's a woman who doesn't know the meaning of the word "impossible".

Greg Stein

One of the founding developers of the Subversion project, Greg has also made substantial contributions to Apache and Python, both as a developer and as a foundation and community leader.

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Sessions tagged with 'open_source'

1:40pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Garrett Serack (Microsoft)
Discover the changing landscape of Open Source on Windows, and how the introduction of the Common Opensource Application Publishing Platform is driving performance, stability and quality into OSS applications on Windows.
9:25am–9:30am Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Jennifer Pahlka (Code for America)
The framework for our country is our laws and our principles. But increasingly, as a nation, we can't express these principles or uphold our laws without the right software in place to support them. A new generation of civic heroes is needed to heed the call to service, and the Open Source community should lead the way.
11:30am–12:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Gopinath Ganapathy (Essentia), Vel Murugan (Velammal Educational Trust)
India’s audacious goal to educate 500 million people by 2022 can only be met using an open source approach. We will our experience building and delivering a peer-based, self-paced, community-driven 21st century learning environment using open source and freely available content, sustained by a micro-finance model that completely flattens the hierarchical approach strictly embraced in India.
11:00am–11:40am Friday, 07/23/2010
Adam Feuer (Grameen Foundation), Adam Monsen (Grameen Foundation USA), Van Mittal-Henkle (Grameen Foundation)
Open source software is a key ingredient in solving some of the worlds' most difficult problems. This is particularly true with the problem of poverty. Join us to dive into the problem of poverty, find out why it demands both open source software and Agile methods, and explore lessons learned from an existing project in this area, the Grameen Foundation's Mifos Initiative.
1:40pm–2:20pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Guy Martin (CollabNet), Aaron Lippold (Forge.mil)
In this session, gain insight into the progress of Forge.mil, the DoD’s groundbreaking open source-style collaborative software development environment that has garnered over 4,000 members and 170 projects in the last year and a half. Learn from first-hand experience how open source principles are transforming the way the DoD develops software.
4:30pm–5:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Chris DiBona (Google, Inc.)
In this lively discussion we'll give an update on the Google activities over the last year, including an overview of Android, Chrome, ChromeOS, Go and other releases. We will also present a milestone report on the summer of code.
9:45am–9:55am Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Stormy Peters (Cloud Foundry Foundation)
Presentation: Is Your Data Free_ Presentation [PDF]
We worried about making sure we had free and open source software to use, we worried about privacy, we worried about user rights. And then we handed the keys to our data to "free" web services. How can we ensure that our data is in the hands of web services that will respect our rights? How can free and open source software ideals be applied to web services?
4:30pm–5:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
James Bottomley (IBM Research)
Linux Kernel practises have grown by evolution over nearly 20 years. This talk will investigate the practises it has arrived at and distill recommendations for running other open source projects based on what the kernel does right (and also what it does wrong).
10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/23/2010
Presentation: external link
So you've just launched your open source project. But now what? You need users. You need contributors. You need people to know you exist. And you have no budget! This session will show you the lessons I've learned from many open source projects I've worked on over the years. It will teach you how to build buzz and help people find you, all without exceeding your time and budget constraints.
10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/23/2010
Presentation: external link
At OSCON 2008, NPR launched our first API. Two years later, the API has grown tremendously and has become the centerpiece of NPR's digital strategy. Come hear how and why NPR has invested so much into API's, how people are using them, how they have dramatically improved our mobile offerings, and about our vision for open source.
11:00am–11:40am Friday, 07/23/2010
Don Thibeau (OpenID Foundation)
Citizen involvement via online interactions requires trust: trust by citizens that their identity data is protected by government websites, and trust by government websites that private data is accessed only by the citizen. This talk describes the Open Identity Framework created to meet government certification requirements while meeting the privacy requirements of citizens and private industry.
1:40pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Mark Hinkle (The Linux Foundation ), John Willis (Enstratius), Alex Honor (ControlTier open source automation project)
Presentation: external link
The proliferation of cloud computing is inevitable, hosted apps, software-as-as-service and now dynamic on-demand utility computing is becoming the norm. The session will be a “fire-side” chat style discussion of the types of challenges presented by IT management operations personnel and how they can manage cloud infrastructure using open source tools.
10:40am–11:20am Thursday, 07/22/2010
Brian LeRoux (Nitobi Inc.), Filip Maj (Nitobi)
Find out what the buzz is all about! Learn how to use PhoneGap to build platform-neutral mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now's your chance to find out if the PhoneGap open source framework is the right technology choice for your mobile development projects.
4:30pm–5:10pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Tarus Balog (The OpenNMS Group, Inc.)
The idea of working in open source is appealing to many, but the question remains: how to make money doing it? This presentation will present some of the things learned by a person who has run a pure open source business since 2002 in the hope that it can help and inspire others.
11:50am–12:10pm Thursday, 07/22/2010
Deanne Clark (DSS Inc), Hugh Creedon (DSS Inc), J.D. Keith (DSS Inc. )
The vxVistA.org site uses leading Atlassian Open Source Web Tools including Confluence and JIRA to successfully support and deploy the vxVistA-OS EHR in a unique example of Open Source software web tools underpinning the deployment of the vxVistA Open Source EHR. This collaboration environment fosters an active community of users and developers to inspire innovation and growth.
7:00pm–8:00pm Wednesday, 07/21/2010
Moderated by: Russell Nelson
We all know what is open source -- it complies with the OSI Open Source Definition. But what is Open Data? Let's bang out a definition of Open Data.
9:00am–9:10am Friday, 07/23/2010
Chris DiBona (Google, Inc.)
In this short, weensy eensy, talk, Chris will give an update on how open source has changed over the last three years. Is Ruby growing ? Actionscript? Or is it all PHP all the way down? How's gplv3 doing? Agpl? MIT? Will the Nasa open source license domainte? Come and find out!
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