Schedule: Python sessions

(Python 16 Conference) latest developments, Python 2.x and 3.0

Location: Ballroom A3/A6
Joe Gregorio (Google)
Average rating: ***..
(3.44, 16 ratings)
Overview of App Engine and its major components, including an overview of the APIs the SDK provides, the underlying technologies App Engine is built on. Tutorial is a hands on event where we will build multiple applications over three hours exploring many of features and APIs in App Engine. Read more.
Location: Ballroom A3/A6
wesley chun (Google)
Average rating: ***..
(3.69, 13 ratings)
Python is an interpreted, cross-platform, object-oriented programming language that is popular for a wide range of applications, one of which is Internet programming. This tutorial introduces current Python programmers to three distinct areas of Internet programming, each in self-contained one-hour lectures with a demonstration of code following each lecture topic. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room J1/J4
Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Revolution Systems, LLC)
Average rating: ***..
(3.50, 4 ratings)
There's plenty of material (documentation, blogs, books) out there that'll help you write a site using Django... but then what? You've still got to test, deploy, monitor, and tune the site; failure at deployment time means all your beautiful code is for naught. This tutorial examines how best to cope when the Real World intrudes on your carefully designed website. Read more.
Location: Ballroom A3/A6
Alex Martelli (Google)
Average rating: ***..
(3.79, 14 ratings)
Abstraction is a powerful servant, but a dangerous master. We code, design, think, debug ... on a tower of abstractions. Spolsky's Law tells us that "All abstractions leak". This talk explores why they leak, why that's often a problem, what to do about it; I also cover why sometimes abstractions SHOULD "leak", and how best to produce and consume abstraction layers. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room B3
Stuart Langridge (Canonical)
Average rating: ***..
(3.00, 1 rating)
Ubuntu One isn't just a set of services for Ubuntu, it's a platform for you to build your own services too. Stuart Langridge explains the APIs Ubuntu One offers to developers and shows some examples of applications you could build that take advantage of storage in the cloud and synchronised databases for your apps: build your own on the desktop or the web to work collaboratively with Ubuntu One. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room J1/J4
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 2 ratings)
The open source ElectionAudits software was used in Boulder Colorado's groundbreaking election audit in 2008. Recent advances in auditing practices can help increase confidence in elections. This new Django-based app ties together voter-verified paper ballots, batch reporting, verifiably random selection of batches, hand counts, and statistical analysis. Come, and help audit in your state! Read more.
Location: Meeting Room B3
John Harrison (Insight Industries), Matt Harrison (MetaSnake)
wiiMote headtracking demos are a YouTube sensation and the technology is making its way from demos to production games and scientific visualization. Learn the theory behind wiiMote headtracking, see it in action, and imagine what you might do with it. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room B2
Ingy döt Net (Oui Street LLC)
Average rating: ***..
(3.62, 16 ratings)
YAML is the serialization language that enables sharing of complex data between Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP and Java. It does it so in a human friendly manner. Many popular frameworks use YAML, including Ruby on Rails. In this talk, Ingy döt Net, one of the authors of the YAML specification, will show you how to share data objects not feasible by JSON or XML. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room J1/J4
Matt Harrison (MetaSnake)
Average rating: ***..
(3.00, 11 ratings)
Sure you it's easy to throw a script over the fence for your users, but how do you deal with maintenance, testing, packaging and distributing your scripts? This talk will cover best practices for python scripting including any changes needed for version 3. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room J1/J4
Adam Christian (Sauce Labs Inc)
Average rating: ***..
(3.67, 3 ratings)
Windmill is the best-integrated solution for Web test development and its success is largely due to its involved Open Source Community. This talk will get you writing and running automated tests and show off some of the most useful built-in tools for debugging and continuous integration. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room J1/J4
Trent Nelson (Snakebite), Titus Brown (Michigan State University)
Average rating: *....
(1.00, 1 rating)
Snakebite is a culmination of ten months of secretive work, seven trips to Michigan State University, six blown fuses and about $60,000. The end result? A network of around 37-ish servers of all different shapes and sizes, specifically geared towards the development needs of open source projects. Get the inside scoop from Snakebite's Founder, Trent Nelson, and MSU Director Dr. Titus Brown. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room B3
Brian Chan (Liferay, Inc.)
Average rating: *****
(5.00, 1 rating)
Liferay Portal is a Java framework that provides blogs, document management, message boards, and wikis, with a social network flavor. We'll demo how to use Liferay Social API to wire collaborative social network sites for Cisco and Mini United, write an app that will automatically expose it to Facebook and iGoogle, and how to write language-agnostic apps in Java, Groovy, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room B3
Gary Poster (Canonical, Ltd.)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 2 ratings)
Study gains and losses in how Launchpad, a collaboration web service for the open-source community, used a Python component library from Zope 3 to help manage a large project. Discuss when the approach might be appropriate. Code examples include automatic REST web service generation. Demonstrate how the component architecture might be leveraged in popular frameworks such as Django. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room J3
Ted Leung (The Walt Disney Company)
Average rating: ****.
(4.30, 10 ratings)
This talk will be a survey of concurrent programming constructs which are currently available in some programming language or library. We will look at programming model being presented, as well as examining some of the implementation challenges for the various models. Read more.
Location: Ballroom A7
Lennart Regebro (Independent)
Ten years old, Zope is the granddaddy of open source web frameworks. It introduced many new concepts that have spread through the web framework world. But not all of them was such great ideas. This talk is about the bad ideas that your framework risk end up repeating. It also talks about how these problems have been fixed in Zope, and why Zope still is the leading edge of web development. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room B3
Adam Jacob (Chef)
Average rating: ****.
(4.80, 5 ratings)
Infrastructure is code - the separation between how you manage your infrastructure and how you build your applications is disappearing. Adam Jacob, CTO of Opscode and primary author of Chef, will teach you what this means in practice - through showing how to deploy real-world applications with Chef on EC2. Read more.
Location: Meeting Room J1/J4
Paul Scott (DSTV Online)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 1 rating)
XMPP is a cheap, low bandwidth alternative to the web in bandwidth poor countries. This talk will show how we have used XMPP networks to address social problems like gansterism, drug abuse and HIV AIDS. Read more.
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