OSCON 2009 Speaker Listing

New speakers are being confirmed daily. Please check back often to see the latest additions to the OSCON program.

Howard Abrams

My first job in high school was teaching Basic and Logo programming to 8 year old kids. While I do mostly coding nowadays, I’ve gone back to elementary school to teach programming to the kiddies, and think it should be added to the standard curriculum.

Brian Aker

Brian has spent his life working on the details of how to build and scale out
systems. He is currently working on a new MicroKernel designed MySQL
called Drizzle and is building the plumbing required for a new generation of
large scale computer deployment. He also spends time working on Apache
Modules, Memcached, and Gearman.

Unlike most engineers you will never find him in a cubicle, he spends much of his
time traveling around the planet enjoying the diversity that is our world. In the past, he has been involved with projects for the Army Engineer Corps, The VirtualHospital, Splunk, MySQL, and Slashdot. He calls Seattle his home since that is
where his dog Rosalynd is.... Read More.

Lance Albertson
Lance Albertson (Oregon State University Open Source Lab), @ramereth

Lance is the Lead Systems Administrator/Architect for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL) and a Gentoo Linux Developer. He joined the Gentoo Linux project in 2003 and have been involved in managing their infrastructure and maintaining about a dozen or so packages in portage. Lance manages all of the hosting activities that the OSL provides for the open source community including projects such as Kernel.org, Drupal, Apache Software Foundation, and many many more. Lance has been at the OSL since 2007.

Cat Allman

Cat Allman has been involved with the free and Open Source community since the mid 1980s, including stints at Mt Xinu, Sendmail, Inc, and the USENIX Association. Her outreach role in the Open Source Programs Office at Google is like slipping into a warm bath of global FOSS goodness.

Rafael Almeria (Xerox)

Currently a Perl hacker for Xerox.com though in a previous life he worked for the military industrial complex.

Andres Almiray
Andres Almiray (Canoo Engineering AG), @aalmiray

Andres is a Sun Certified Programmer, Sun Certified Web Component Developer with more than 8 years of experience in software design and development, currently working for Oracle as a Principal Software Engineer. He has been involved in web and desktop application development since the early days of Java. He has also been teacher of computer science courses in the most prestigious education institute in Mexico. His current interests include software architecture, developer testing, Groovy, Spring and swing hacks. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like Groovy, JMatter and DbUnit, as well as starting his own projects (Json-lib and EZMorph among others). Andres maintains a blog at http://jroller.com/aalmiray

Jeff Arnold (Ksplice, Inc.)

Jeff Arnold started development on the Ksplice software in early 2007 as a research project at MIT. After graduating last year, Jeff and three other MIT alumni founded Ksplice, Inc., a company dedicated to delivering the Ksplice technology to companies and end users. Jeff currently works in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Matt Asay

Matt Asay has been involved with open source since 1998, and is one of the industry’s leading open source business strategists. Asay currently manages sales and business development activities in the Americas for Alfresco, the open source leader in Enterprise Content Management.

Prior to Alfresco, Asay co-founded Novell®’s Linux Business Office in 2002 and was an early agitator and architect for the company’s shift to open source. In 2003 Asay founded the Open Source Business Conference, the industry’s premier open source strategy event, and has served as an Entreprenuer-in-Residence for Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, focusing on open source investment opportunities. Before Novell, Asay was General Manager at Lineo®, an embedded Linux software startup, where he ran Lineo’s Residential Gateway business.

Asay earned his Juris Doctorate... Read More.

David Ascher
David Ascher (Mozilla Messaging)

David is the CEO of Mozilla Messaging, the new Mozilla company focused on email and internet communications.

He has a long history in open source, with various roles such as writing Python books, serving on the board of the Python Software Foundation, and working at ActiveState, most recently as CTO and VP Engineering.

Mark Atwood
Mark Atwood (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), @fallenpegasus

Mark Atwood is an employee of Network.com at Sun Microsystems, where he works on Drizzle and other cloud computing technologies. He was formerly a member of MySQL Professional Services, specializing in custom server hacks. He is a coauthor of the OAuth Core specification. He has been involved in projects to build large self-configuring internet networks, including a widely deployed net-connected CATV consumer appliance, a PSTN internet application, and a Mil-Spec decision support intel application. He lives in Seattle.

Larry Augustin (SugarCRM)

Larry Augustin is the CEO of SugarCRM. As an angel investor and advisor to early stage technology companies, he currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Fonality, Hyperic, Medsphere, OSDL, Pentaho, SugarCRM, VA Software (NASDAQ: LNUX), and XenSource. One of the group who coined the term “Open Source”, he has written and spoken extensively on Open Source worldwide. Worth Magazine named him to their list of the Top 50 CEOs in 2000. From 2002 to 2004 he was a Venture Partner at Azure Capital Partners. In 1993 he founded VA Linux (now VA Software), where he served as CEO until August 2002 and led the company through an IPO in 1999. Larry can be found online at Read More.

Valerie Aurora (formerly Henson)

Valerie Aurora Henson is a file systems programmer and author.

R Geoffrey Avery
R Geoffrey Avery (Platypi Ventures), @rGeoffrey

For many years a Perl Bioinformatics programmer in Philadelphia for a major pharma company helping scientists load, analyze and view their data. Now doing similar things for people selling stuff over the phone.

Jono Bacon
Jono Bacon (Canonical Ltd)

Jono Bacon works at Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager and works to grow, scale and lead the world-wide Ubuntu community. He is the author of four books, the most recent the Art Of Community published by O’Reilly.

Bacon has a background in journalism (writing for over 12 publications and three books) and also worked as a professional Open
Source advocate at the UK government funded OpenAdvantage. He is a prominent member of the Open Source community, co-founder and presenter of LugRadio, contributor to projects such as Jokosher, KDE and GNOME, organizes the annual Community Leadership Summit, and is an active musician.

Nick Barcet
Nick Barcet (Canonical UK Ltd), @nijaba

Nick Barcet has joined Canonical in September 2007 as Ubuntu Server Product Manager, focusing on bringing together the requirements that our users have in order to make our server product the easiest platform to deploy in business, enterprises and internet data centers. Nick has been involved in the open source community has a hobby since 1998 and professionally for the past seven years as a consultant, architect and technical marketing person at some famous names in the software and hardware industry.

Brian Behlendorf
Brian Behlendorf (The Hyperledger Project at the Linux Foundation), @brianbehlendorf

Brian Behlendorf is the executive director of the Hyperledger Project at the Linux Foundation and senior technology advisor at Mithril Capital Management in San Francisco. Over his career, Brian has held a mix of technology startup, public policy, and nonprofit tech leadership positions. He serves on the boards of the Mozilla Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Benetech—three organizations using technology to fight for civil liberties, open technologies, and social impact in the digital domain. Previously, Brian was chief technology officer at the World Economic Forum, served for two years at the White House as advisor to the Open Government project within the Office of Science and Technology Policy, was an advisor to Health and Human Services on open software approaches to health information sharing,... Read More.

Steven Bengston (Pioneers of the Inevitable), @stevobengtson

I am a software developer for the Songbird application built on the Mozilla platform. I have worked on Mozilla products for almost 4 years including Flock, and Netscape.

Richard Benham (Elections by the People Foundation, Inc.)

Richard Benham is the Executive Director of the Elections by the People Foundation, Inc. As an attorney in Tallahassee, Florida he has been involved in numerous election law matters. Serving as General Counsel for Ion Sancho, Supervisor of Elections for Leon County, Mr. Benham recognized the threats posed by closed source proprietary elections systems to the integrity, validity, and voter confidence in our elections. Before entering the practice of law, Mr. Benham held many technical and business roles in the information technology industry. He co-founded a successful application software business, worked with open system technologies at a major hardware vendor, and led the health and human services division of a mid-sized system integration concern. He currently serves on the adjunct faculty of the Florida State... Read More.

Keith Bergelt
Keith Bergelt (Open Invention Network)

Keith Bergelt is the CEO of Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent nonaggression community in history, organized to support freedom of action in Linux as a key element of open source software. OIN has more than 1,900 community members and owns more than 1,100 global patents and applications. The OIN patent license and member cross-licenses are available royalty free to any party that joins the OIN community. Prior to joining OIN, Keith served as CEO of two hedge funds formed to unlock the considerable asset value of intellectual property in middle market companies. Previously, he served as a senior advisor to the technology investment division at Texas Pacific Group. Keith also headed business development, IP, and licensing... Read More.

Artur Bergman

Artur Bergman is the Founder and CEO of Fastly.

Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian Bergmann is a long-time contributor to various PHP projects, including PHP itself. He is the developer of PHPUnit and offers consulting, training, and coaching services to help enterprises improve the quality assurance process for their PHP-based software projects.

Josh Berkus
Josh Berkus (PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.), @FuzzyChef

Josh Berkus is primarily known as one of the Core Team of the world-spanning open source database project PostgreSQL. He has been
involved with various open source projects since 1998, including SPI, OpenOffice.org, LedgerSMB, Bricolage and OpenBRR and is on the selection committee for OSCON. Currently, Josh consults on database performance and also makes pottery.

Robert Bernier (Consultant)

Robert is a PostgreSQL advocate and is a computer systems analyst. He has written for publications such as Sys-Admin, Hakin9, PHP Solutions and several online sites including linux.com, phpbuilder.com, PHP Magazine, Linux Weekly News and the O’Reilly webportal as well as a contributor to the books “BSD Hacks” and “Multimedia Hacks”. Robert is also the maintainer of the pg-live, http://pg-live.info, which is used throughout the world at conferences, trade shows and training sessions to profile the awesome capabilities of PostgreSQL.

Addison Berry (Lullabot)

Addison Berry has been involved with the Drupal project for about 3 years and is the current Documentation Team Lead. She works for Lullabot, an Open Source consulting and training company that specializes in Drupal, and is a co-author of O’Reilly’s “Using Drupal” book. She helps maintain the Drupal.org website and is a permanent member of the Drupal Association General Assembly. In addition to her focus on documentation, both written and video, she is involved in core and contributed development, and has been involved with mentoring programs such as the Drupal Dojo and Google’s Highly Open Participation (GHOP) program.

Zaheda Bhorat
Zaheda Bhorat (Amazon Web Services), @zahedab

Zaheda Bhorat is the head of open source strategy at AWS, where she also leads the open source program office. A computer scientist, Zaheda is a long-time active contributor to open source and open standards communities. Previously, Zaheda shaped the first-ever open source program office at Google, launched successful programs including Google Summer of Code, and represented Google on many industry standards executive boards across multiple technologies; served as a senior technology advisor for the Office of the CTO at the UK Government Digital Service, where she co-led the open standards policy, in use by the UK government on open document formats; and was responsible for OpenOffice.org, and later NetBeans.org, at Sun Microsystems, where she built a thriving global volunteer community and delivered... Read More.

Silona Bonewald
Silona Bonewald (Hyperledger), @Silona

Silona is currently focused on creating the League of Technical Voters. Before this she started her own company, ElecTech that created specialized software for political campaigns, and ran a web consulting business where she was one of the first people to create websites for hire, and to successfully optimize her clients’ websites for usability and top search engine ranking. She has also worked in the gaming industry, creating high visibility web presences, content management systems, and large database back-end integrations. Silona volunteers for the ACLU and EFF on technology-based civil liberties issues, and has lobbied on various issues. The combination of her involvement in political activism, educational activism, psychometrics for gaming communities, lobbyist work, netizen activities and web design make her uniquely suited... Read More.

Roland Bouman
Roland Bouman (XCDSQL Solutions / Strukton Rail)

I studied Molecular Biology, but I’m professionally occupied as Web Application Developer, Information and Business Process Analyst, and Business Intelligence Guy. I have worked for Inter Access, MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems, and I currently work for Strukton Rail as application/BI developer.

Jos Boumans
Jos Boumans (Krux Digital), @jiboumans

Jos Boumans is the VP of operations at Krux, supporting a platform with over four billion requests per day with a tiny Ops team. Every bit of the AWS stack is automated, monitored, and graphed, with maximized resilience and minimized cost. In a previous life Jos ran the Ubuntu Server group at Canonical and the Database group at RIPE, which is responsible for all the authoritative IP address data in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He is a regular speaker at conferences like OSCON, Devoxx, Surge, and Puppetconf where he mostly speaks on dealing with AWS Operations from all angles.

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/josboumans/
Blog: http://jiboumans.wordpress.com

Debra Bowen
Debra Bowen (State of California)

A pioneer in open government reform, election integrity, and personal privacy rights, Debra Bowen became only the sixth woman in California history elected to a statewide constitutional office when she was elected as Secretary of State in November 2006.

As the chief elections officer for the largest state in the nation, Secretary Bowen is responsible for overseeing state and federal elections, a role that also requires her to test and certify the voting equipment used in California. Her goal is to ensure that voting machines certified for use in Californians elections are secure, accurate, reliable, and accessible, and every voter’s ballot is counted exactly as it was cast. In her first year in office, Secretary Bowen commissioned an independent, top-to-bottom review of voting technology, as... Read More.

Rob Bradford
Rob Bradford (Intel)

Rob is an engineer in the Moblin user experience engineering team at Intel’s Open Source Technology Centre. He has been contributing to GNOME since around 2001 and since 2006 has been employed to work on GNOME
mobile technologies.

Ronald Bradford
Ronald Bradford (EffectiveMySQL), @RonaldBradford
Jim Brandt
Jim Brandt (Best Practical Solutions), @cbrandtbuffalo

Jim Brandt is a software engineer at Best Practical Solutions where he works on RT and other open source software. He also serves on the board of the Perl Foundation and has dabbled in making TV Everywhere a reality. He’s co-author of “mod_perl 2 User’s Guide” from OnyxNeon Press, an editor and contributor for “The Perl Review,” and has written for Perl.com. He has presented at many conferences including OSCON, YAPC::NA, and the Gartner Open Source Summit as well as cable industry events including SCTE, the NCTC Independent Show, and TelcoTV.

Joe Brockmeier
Joe Brockmeier (Red Hat), @jzb

Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier is a longtime FOSS advocate, and currently works for Novell as the community manager for openSUSE. Prior to joining Novell, Brockmeier worked as a technology journalist covering the open source beat for a number of publications, including Linux Magazine, Linux Weekly News, Linux.com, UnixReview.com, IBM developerWorks, and many others.

Paul Brown (Multifarious, Inc), @paulrbrown

As an Internet user since the days when needing four digits to number RFCs was inconceivable, Paul Brown originally scoffed at consumer uses for the Internet (pet food, snort), but he’s come around since people seem willing to pay him to help them do it. In addition to being a polymath (at least in states where it is legal), he has a healthy interest in distributed hashtables and other recently rediscovered forms of highly scalable storage.

Titus Brown (Michigan State University)

Dr. Titus Brown is an assistant professor at MSU.

Deborah Bryant

Deborah Bryant is Public Sector Communities Manager at Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab (OSU OSL), where she advocates and creates collaboration between public, private and academic concerns in pursuit of the successful adoption of open source technology and models. She leads OSL’s production of the annual Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON), the preeminent event and platform for collaboration amongst government IT management at all levels of government.

Deborah’s interest in open source and its implication for government is reflected in her civic involvement; she serves as a Board Director for DemocracyLab.org; on the Board of Advisors for the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation (OSDV.org) ; on the Oregon Statewide Distance Learning Advisory Council. Government transparency is a personal passion. She... Read More.

Tim Bunce
Tim Bunce (TigerLead), @timbunce

Tim Bunce is best known as the author and maintainer of the Perl DBI module, the standard database interface for Perl since 1994. He has contributed to the development of the Perl language and many of its core modules, and was responsible for the 5.4.x series of maintenance releases.

As the founder and CTO of Data-Plan Services, he provides Perl, database, performance, and scaling consultancy services to an international client base. Prior to that we was Technical Director (CTO) of IG in the UK where he was awarded by British Telecom for his role in the rapid development of their Call Management Information service, a system implemented in Perl.

He is co-author, along with Alligator Descartes, of Programming the... Read More.

Pedro Cabrera (Freelance trouble-maker)

PJ Cabrera is a freelance software developer and technical writer interested in the intersection of mobile phones and mobile internet devices, cloud computing, and social networking. He uses open source to innovate really fast without needlessly reinventing the wheel, by picking the right tool for the job at hand.

Erik Carlin
Erik Carlin (Rackspace), @ecarlin

Erik Carlin joined Rackspace in 2008 and is a Senior Architect in Rackspace’s cloud division. His focus is on innovation, optimization, and integration of various technologies that span Rackspace products and services. Prior to joining Rackspace, Erik was Chief Infrastructure Architect for SRA International, where he helped architect solutions for large, complex enterprise and government clients. Erik is a graduate of Virginia Tech and holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science.

Julian Cash
Julian Cash (The Human Creativity Project)

OSCON photographer and light painting photographer. Die hard believer in the wonder and glory of Perl . Geek Executive Officer of The Human Creativity Project . We will be radically empowering artists, photographers, writers, musicians, and videographers.

Nate Cavanaugh
Nate Cavanaugh (Liferay, Inc.)

Nate Cavanaugh is the Director of User Interface Engineering for
Liferay. He guides the interface for end user products and different
development methodologies. Nate leads the team that builds interfaces
for a wide variety of clients ranging from Cisco and Lufthansa to
agencies in the United Nations.

Francesco Cesarini
Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions Ltd), @FrancescoC

Francesco Cesarini is the founder and CTO of Erlang Training and Consulting. He has used Erlang on a daily basis for almost 15 years, having started his career as an intern at Ericsson’s computer science laboratory, the birthplace of Erlang. He moved on to Ericsson’s Erlang training and consulting arm working on the first release of OTP, applying it to turnkey solutions and flagship telecom applications. In 1999, soon after Erlang was released as open source, he founded Erlang Training and Consulting. With offices in the UK, Sweden, Poland (and soon the US), they have become the world leaders in Erlang based consulting, contracting, training and systems development. Francesco has worked in major Erlang based projects both within and outside Ericsson, and in... Read More.

Scott Chacon
Scott Chacon (GitHub)

Scott is a Git evangelist and Ruby developer employed at Logical Awesome working on GitHub.com. He is the author of the Git Internals Peepcode PDF as well as the maintainer of the Git homepage and the Git Community Book. Scott has presented at RailsConf, RubyConf, Google and a number of local groups and has done corporate training on Git across the country.

Brian Chan (Liferay, Inc.), @brianchandotcom

Brian Chan, Chief Software Architect, began development on Liferay Portal in 2000 to provide nonprofit organizations with an open source solution to facilitate collaboration on the Internet. He has since steered Liferay to become a leader in innovative open source enterprise solutions. With a strong foundation in software architecture and economics, Brian has solidified open source as a low-cost,
high performance solution for the enterprise. His expertise in portal architecture and design has garnered him a seat on the JSR-286 portlet specification committee. Brian holds a dual B.S. degree in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Chicago. He has become a sought after speaker at major industry events such as JAX (Asia and Europe) and Community One.

Murthy Chintalapati
Murthy Chintalapati (Sun Microsystems Inc.), @cvrsweet

Murthy Chintalapati (cvr) is a development engineering leader with two
decades of building, leading and developing high performance teams in
the fast-paced global environment. He specializes in infrastructure
software products for enterprises deploying web 2.0 and open source
technologies. He is responsible for Sun’s web tier products, viz., Sun
Web Server and the Web Stack. Murthy holds five U.S. patents and
received Sun Microsystems Chairman’s Award for Innovation. He holds a
M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of

J. Chris Anderson
J. Chris Anderson (Couchbase), @jchris

Chris Anderson is an Apache CouchDB committer and co-author of the forthcoming O’Reilly book “Relax With CouchDB”. He consults on large scale and custom CouchDB projects, and is also designing and evangelizing the CouchApp JavaScript framework.

Adam Christian
Adam Christian (Sauce Labs Inc), @admc

Adam is a JavaScript developer doing test automation and Ajax UI development. He is the co-creator of Windmill and various other open source projects, including Mozmill (the XUL test automation project).

His personal blog is at www.adamchristian.com. He is currently employed by Slide Inc.

Tom Christiansen

Tom Christiansen is a programmer, author, and lecturer who’s been
involved with Perl since its initial public release back in 1987. Tom is
the owner of the PERL.COM domain and website, and original author of much
of Perl’s online documentation. Tom is lead author of the
The Perl Cookbook and co-author of Programming Perl, Learning Perl
(2nd edition), and Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, all bestselling titles by
O’Reilly & Associates.

He served two terms on the USENIX Association Board of Directors, and was
president of The Perl Journal. Perl users selected Tom to receive the
first White Camel Award in 1999. In 2000, Members of the Open Source
community voted... Read More.

wesley chun
wesley chun (Google), @wescpy

WESLEY J. CHUN, MSCS, is the author of Prentice Hall’s bestseller, “Core Python Programming” (http://corepython.com), its video training course, “Python Fundamentals” (LiveLessons DVD), co-author of “Python Web Development with Django” (http://withdjango.com), and has also written various technical articles for Linux Journal and cNet. He is currently a senior software architect at a Silicon Valley startup and also runs CyberWeb (http://cyberwebconsulting.com), a consulting business specializing in Python software engineering and technical training. He has over 25 years of programming, teaching, and writing experience, including more than a decade of Python. While at Yahoo!, he helped create Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! People Search using Python. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music from the University of California.

Rick Clark

Rick Clark works for Canonical as Engineering Manager for the Ubuntu Server Edition. Rick has been involved with Linux as a user/admin/developer since the 1990’s. He only recently broke free from his previous life as a Security Architect/Engineer for large financial and pharmaceutical companies, to take an active role in the Open Source community. Rick is the father of 18 month old twin girls, and a rabid hockey fan. He lives in St. Charles, Missouri.

Jennifer  Cloer
Jennifer Cloer (Page One PR)

Jennifer has spent her career helping companies, organizations and people promote what’s most important to them. If there is such a thing as a PR nerd, she is it.

Jennifer has spent more than four years at Page One PR where she runs the public relations program for The Linux Foundation, formerly known as the Open Source Development Labs. She also managed the launches of the nonprofit Software Freedom Law Center and the Open Solutions Alliance, and heads the public relations programs for open source software companies Funambol and Jaspersoft. Recent projects have included work with Google’s I/O Developer Conference, Novell and Zend Technologies. Prior to joining Page One PR, Cloer was at The Metropolitan Group where she worked on media relations programs for sustainable... Read More.

Sean Coates
Sean Coates (OmniTI)

Sean Coates has been developing Web applications professionally for over 9 years, and is currently a Web Architect for OmniTI. In the past, he has worked in various positions, from developing payment code that processed over one million dollars per day, to working as the editor-in-chief of php|architect magazine, and organizer of php|tek and php|works conferences. Sean has been a contributing member of the PHP community, from working heavily on the PHP manual, to maintaining PEAR code, speaking on the topic of PHP, and contributing to open source projects, including (most recently) the Habari and Phergie projects.

Regan Coleman (Xenient)

Regan Coleman is co-founder of Xenient , a U.S.-based partner of
Symbian, providing SymbianOS consulting, application development, and training. Regan has a BA in Applied Math from Harvard University. He can be reached at regan_coleman@xenient.com.

Ben Collins-Sussman
Ben Collins-Sussman (Google, Inc.), @sussman

Ben is a member of Google’s Open Source Program Office, working on projects to promote the spread of open source software both inside and outside the company. He is a technical lead for Google Code’s open source project hosting service, and helped port Subversion to Google’s Bigtable technology, which now runs across numerous machines and serves over 90,000 open source repositories. Prior to Google, Ben spent five years with Collabnet as one of the original designers and founders of the Subversion project. He is still active in the Subversion community and is also a co-author of the O’Reilly book “Version Control with Subversion”. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, and enjoys speaking with Brian Fitzpatrick at various conferences on topics... Read More.

Patrick Collison

Patrick is an Irish Lisp, Smalltalk and C hacker. He won the Irish Young Scientist of the Year award in 2005, for work on a new dialect of Lisp. Later in 2005, he came second in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. He started college at MIT in 2006, but deferred to cofound Auctomatic in early 2007. Ten months later, Auctomatic was acquired by Live Current Media for circa $5 million. He’s currently working on his second start-up.

Damian Conway
Damian Conway (Thoughtstream)

Damian Conway is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer, and a prominent contributor to the Perl community. Currently he runs Thoughtstream, an international IT training company that provides programmer training from beginner to masterclass level throughout Europe, North America, and Australasia. Most of his spare time is spent working with Larry Wall on the design and explication of the Perl 6 programming language. He has a PhD in Computer Science and is an honorary Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Australia.

Danese Cooper

Danese Cooper is vice president of special initiatives at NearForm, an Irish tech firm. Previously, she was head of open source software at PayPal, CTO of the Wikimedia Foundation, chief open source evangelist for Sun, and senior director of open source strategies for Intel. Danese was also the inaugural chairperson of the Node.js Foundation. She concentrates on creating healthy open source communities and has served on the boards of Drupal Association, the Open Source Initiative, the Open Source Hardware Association, and she’s advised Mozilla and the Apache Software Foundation. Danese also runs a successful open source consultancy that counts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the SETI Institute, Harris, and Numenta as clients. She’s been known to knit through meetings.

Paul Cooper (Intel), @pgc

Paul Cooper has worked as a developer and advocate for open source software for over 10 years. Currently he is working for Intel on Moblin, a open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for the next generation of mobile devices.

Prior to their acqusition by Intel, Paul was the Business Development Manager at OpenedHand, specialists at building amazing devices with open source software. Before joining OpenedHand Paul was the Assistant Director of OpenAdvantage which he and former colleague Scott Thompson founded in 2003 at the University of Central England (now Birmingham City University). OpenAdvantage was the first and only independently-funded vendor-neutral Open Source solutions centre in the UK. Previously he has worked as a web developer, programmer, database administrator, systems adminstrator, IT... Read More.

Rod Cope
Rod Cope (OpenLogic, Inc.), @RodCope 

Rod Cope is the CTO and Founder of OpenLogic, Inc. He is a Sun Certified Java Architect with 25 years of software development experience. He has developed Rails applications, J2EE applications, Swing GUIs, small device code, and nearly everything in between. For the last few years, he has been working on OpenLogic Exchange, an open source management platform that includes a certified library of over 500 open source packages for enterprise developers. In particular, Rod has used Ruby, Rails, Groovy, JRuby, JBoss, Hibernate, AspectJ, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ant, and many other Open Source projects extensively in commercial applications.

Rod has spoken on Groovy, JRuby, Rails, Hibernate, and other topics at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, JavaOne, the No Fluff, Just Stuff Java Symposium series, and... Read More.

Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford is an Architect at Yahoo! Inc. He discovered JSON while he was CTO of State Software. Previously, Doug was Founder and CEO of Electric Communities, Director of New Media at Paramount, Director of Technology at Lucasfilm Ltd., and a Researcher at Atari, Inc.

Josh Cronemeyer
Josh Cronemeyer (ThoughtWorks)

Josh Cronemeyer is a Senior Developer for ThoughtWorks who spent his summer doing Pro Bono work building and distributing Open Source software for the nonprofit company Inveneo. He uses Launchpad for several of his own open source efforts including shell_sink and mini mirror

Jeremy Custenborder (MySpace.com)

Jeremy Custenborder has spent several years in the trenches at MySpace, resolving many bottlenecks and issues.

Shay David
Shay David (Kaltura)

Dr. Shay David, co-founder and VP Business & Community Development at Kaltura, is a pioneer in Collaborative Media. Formerly, Shay co-founded GPSoft (now Destinator Technologies), and MindEcho. A former captain in the Israeli Air Force, Shay holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and B.A. in Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude) from Tel-Aviv University. Shay received his M.A. from New York University, and his Ph.D. at Cornell.

Eric Day
Eric Day (craigslist), @edaypdx

Eric Day has been writing high-performance, multi-threaded servers for most of his career at Concentric, including complete HTTP/SSL, DNS, and IMAP implementations. He has also designed and implemented custom storage and database systems, from the protocol up through the application front-end. Most of his work has been done in clustered and distributed environments. When not hacking on code, he can be found running, biking, or enjoying a good vegan meal.

Andy de la Lucha
Andy de la Lucha (Mentor Graphics), @thesethings

Andy de la Lucha is a Linux system administrator in Portland, Oregon. She works at a large multinational where she brings the wisdom of the Internet to the reluctant enterprise. (Whether they want to hear it or not.)

She has stood nervously behind the podium at OSCON, Open Source Bridge, Ubuntu Live, and other events. Her talks usually focus on how and why we choose tools and technologies, focusing on both systems and organizational stuff.

Her spiritual mentors include uncle Tim (O’Reilly), cousin Kathy (Sierra), and uncle Paul (Graham.)

Andy gets uppity about Mexican food and will be down the street eating burritos while y’all are playing Werewolf.


Selena Deckelmann

Selena Deckelmann is a Software Engineer at End Point Corporation. She is co-chair of Open Source Bridge, a Portland conference dedicated to open source developers. She is User Group Liaison for the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. She currently leads PDXPUG, a PostgreSQL Users Group, and helps operate a programming group, Code-n-Splode, whose goal is to get more women involved in open source development. In her spare time, she collects eggs from her chickens, gardens and occasionally mixes drinks for her local Perl Mongers group.

Erin Dees
Erin Dees (Tektronix)

Ian Dees saw his first Timex Sinclair 1000 over 20 years ago, and was instantly hooked. Since then, he’s debugged embedded assembly code using an oscilloscope, written desktop apps in C++, and joyfully employed scripting languages to make testing less painful. Ian currently writes GUI code for handheld instruments as a Software Engineer at Tektronix.

Ian is the author of the book Scripted GUI Testing With Ruby.

Nick Diakopoulos (Georgia Tech)

A Ph.D. student in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, my interests currently lie at the intersection of human computer interaction (HCI), collaborative media authoring and annotation, and information visualization. With Irfan Essa and Brad Stenger, we organized the 2008 and 2009 Computation + Journalism Symposiums at Georgia Tech.

Chris DiBona
Chris DiBona (Google, Inc.), @cdibona

Chris DiBona is the Open Source Programs Manager for Mountain View, Ca based Google, Inc. His job includes managing open source related compliance and outreach programs for the company. More information about Google’s open source program can be found at http://code.google.com/opensource

Before joining Google, Mr. DiBona was an editor/author for the hugely popular online website slashdot.org and he is an internationally known advocate of open source software and related methodologies. He co-edited the award winning essay compilations “Open Sources” and “Open Sources 2.0” for O’Reilly and writes for a great number of publications. He was briefly the Linux guy on TechTV, starred in Floss Weekly and speaks on a variety of open source issues internationally.

Dan Diephouse (MuleSoft), @dandiep

Mr. Diephouse is a open source software geek who works as software architect at MuleSource, the company behind the open source Mule integration framework. Here he is focused on building open source web services solutions and MuleSource’s SOA governance platform, Galaxy. In addition to his work on Mule and Galaxy, he is a co-founder of the web services framework Apache CXF, a founder of several other projects including XFire, SXC, and Jettison, and participates in several others whenever possible.

David Dooling
David Dooling (The Genome Center at Washington University in St. Louis)

Dr. Dooling received a B.Ch.E. degree from the University of Dayton (Chemical Engineering, 1995) and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University (Chemical Engineering, 2000) where was the recipient of a Walter P. Murphy Fellowship and Dissertation Year Graham Fellowship. During graduate school he had a internship at UOP developing reaction engineering software. In 2000, he joined ExxonMobil Research and Engineering and developed detailed kinetic models of refinery processes. In 2001, he joined The Genome Center at Washington University in the mapping informatics group developing software to assist in the tracking of clones through the mapping pipeline. In 2002, Dr. Dooling became the Information Systems group leader, overseeing information technology purchases and the system administrators, web administrators, databases administrators, and... Read More.

Ingy döt Net
Ingy döt Net (Oui Street LLC), @ingydotnet

Ingy döt Net is just another Perl hacker and one of the 3 inventors of the YAML serialization language. He has over 100 Perl modules on CPAN including a recent port of Python’s peerless PyYaml framework; an effort supported by The Perl Foundation.

Asa Dotzler (Mozilla)

Asa Dotzler (pronounced /ˈeɪsə ˈdɒtslɚ/), born in Tennessee on June 5, 1974, is best known for his work as community coordinator for several Mozilla projects. He was an early member of Mozilla’s Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Program, which grew under his leadership from just a few contributors when Dotzler joined the project to tens of thousands of volunteers today.

Dotzler is co-founder and community coordinator for the Spread Firefox project, launched in October 2004, where he spearheads open source marketing projects. Spread Firefox is charged with empowering Firefox community members to... Read More.

Jason Douglas (Metaweb)

Jason is Director of Platform Products at Metaweb Technologies. He leads the Acre project, a hosted app development platform for Freebase.

Ken Drachnik
Ken Drachnik (Canonical), @kdraks

Ken Drachnik is an open source advocate for Ubuntu working for Canonical. Previously, he worked for Sun and was involved in open sourcing Java EE and developing the GlassFish community.

Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll (Metamarkets)

Michael E. Driscoll is a Principal at Dataspora, Inc. a business analytics consultancy in San Francisco. He has eight years of experience developing large-scale databases and inference algorithms across academia and industry with applications ranging from metal-breathing microbes to municipal real estate. He also founded and until 2008 served on the board of CustomInk.com, an Inc. 500 e-commerce firm.

He is the co-chair of the Bay Area R Users Group, and has used R extensively for the visualization and analysis of genome data, GIS data, and macroeconomic data sets.

Michael has a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from Boston University, where he was a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow, and an A.B. from Harvard College.

Emil Eifrem
Emil Eifrem (Neo Technology / Neo4j), @emileifrem

Founder of the Neo4j graph database project and CEO of Neo Technology. Programmer by passion the first 15 years on this planet and by passion & profession the remaining 15. First free software project at age 16. Now mainly focused on spreading the word about the powers of graphs and preaching the demise of tabular solutions everywhere.

Greg Elin
Greg Elin (Sunlight Foundation), @gregelin

Greg Elin created the Sunlight Labs at the Sunlight Foundation in 2006 and now serves as the organization’s Chief Data Architect, where he researches and evangelizes new ways to share heterogeneous, incomplete government data. The Sunlight Foundation is a Washington DC-based non-partisan grant making and programming foundation committed to helping citizens, bloggers and journalists be their own best congressional watchdogs, by improving access to existing information and digitizing new information, and by creating new tools and Web sites to enable all of us to collaborate in fostering greater transparency. Greg Elin is also the creator of Fotonotes, an open-source image annotation technology, and has attended Etech for many years and learned a great deal.

Jonathan Ellis
Jonathan Ellis (DataStax), @spyced

Jonathan is an expert in databases and distributed systems. At Mozy, he built a scalable multi-petabyte storage system based on Reed-Solomon encoding.

He currently works on cloud infrastructure for Rackspace.

Rob Ellis (Nitobi Inc.)

Rob Ellis is a software developer at Nitobi Inc. As one of the PhoneGap creators, Rob is focused on trying to make mobile device application development easy and open. At Nitobi, Rob is part of a team that makes web applications easier to use by building software that allows both developers and end-users be more effective.

Justin Erenkrantz
Justin Erenkrantz (The Apache Software Foundation)

Justin R. Erenkrantz is currently President of The Apache Software Foundation. He is also a Senior Software Engineer at Joost and is completing his PhD at the University of California, Irvine. He has been a long-time contributor to the Apache HTTP Server, Subversion, APR, Serf, mod_mbox, and flood.

Rabble Evan Henshaw-Plath

Rabble is an independent hacker. He has extensive experience doing ruby on rails development and generally causing a ruckus. He was the architect for Odeo.com and Yahoo! Fire Eagle location broker platform. He’s currently causing trouble with the entp.com kids.

Colin Evans
Colin Evans (Metaweb)

Colin combines machine learning and semantic analysis into a deadly one-two punch against information entropy and noisy data. The results of his efforts appear as millions of facts in Freebase.
Prior to joining Metaweb, Colin helped users organize their world through his work on the IRIS semantic desktop project at SRI International.

Paul Fenwick
Paul Fenwick (Perl Training Australia), @pjf

Paul Fenwick is the managing director of Perl Training Australia, and has been teaching computer science for over a decade. He is an internationally acclaimed presenter at conferences and user-groups worldwide, where he is well-known for his humour and off-beat topics.

In his spare time, Paul’s interests include security, mycology, cycling, coffee, scuba diving, and lexically scoped user pragmata.

David Fetter (PgExperts), @davidfetter

David Fetter is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has worked in
various commercial enterprises, non-profits and educational
institutions. He has worked extensively with Oracle, PostgreSQL,
MySQL, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, PL/PgSQL, PL/Perl and (of course!) vim on
transaction processing and business intelligence systems.

In his free time, he brews beer, rides his bicycle, and helps run
several organizations for computer professionals including the San
Francisco Perl Users’ Group and the San Francisco PostgreSQL Users’

Edward Finkler
Edward Finkler (Graph Story), @funkatron

Ed Finkler has been a web developer for 13 years, the last 6 of those as the Web and Security Archive Administrator of CERIAS at Purdue University. In recent years his interests have turned to web application security, especially with open source technology. He is is a member of the PHP Security Consortium and creator of the PHPSecInfo auditing tool for PHP environments. Ed has also worked in Rich Internet Application development, and his Twitter client Spaz was awarded “Best HTML Community App” in the Adobe AIR Developer Derby. Finkler also studies interface design and usability.

Brian Fitzpatrick
Brian Fitzpatrick started his career at Google in 2005 as the first software engineer hired in the Chicago office. Brian leads Google’s Chicago engineering efforts and also serves as engineering manager for Google Code and internal advisor for Google’s open source efforts. Prior to joining Google, Brian was a senior software engineer on the version control team at CollabNet, working on Subversion, cvs2svn, and CVS. He has also worked at Apple Computer as a senior engineer in their professional services division, developing both client and web applications for Apple’s largest corporate customers. Brian has been an active open source contributor for over ten years. After years of writing small open source programs and bugfixes, he became a core Subversion developer in 2000, and then... Read More.
Richard Fontana
Richard Fontana (Red Hat)

Richard Fontana is Red Hat’s Open Source Licensing Counsel. At Red Hat he spends his time advising developers about copyright and patent issues, educating non-developers about free software and open source culture, and promoting open standards and intellectual property legal reform.

Before joining Red Hat, Fontana was an attorney at the Software Freedom Law Center, where his principal client was the Free Software Foundation. He was co-author, with Richard Stallman and Eben Moglen, of the GNU GPL, version 3.

Jason Ford (BlackMesh)

Jason Ford is the CTO and co-founder of BlackMesh, a provider of information technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. He is responsible for setting the technology agenda for BlackMesh, as the company designs, deploys, and administers innovative managed hosting and managed services in both off-site and on-site locations to customers around the globe.

Recognized by Washington SmartCEO Magazine as one of the Washington, D.C.-region’s top CTOs, Ford brings over 13 years of experience in network architecture, design and implementation. He is an expert in building and managing enterprise servers for on-premise and hosted clients, with certifications in Sun Cluster, Veritas Cluster, and various other Veritas products.

Prior to joining BlackMesh, he served as senior network engineer for Govolution Inc., a credit card processing... Read More.

Neal Ford
Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks), @neal4d

Neal Ford is Software Architect and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy with an exclusive focus on end-to-end software development and delivery. He is also the designer and developer of applications, instructional materials, magazine articles, courseware, video/DVD presentations, and author and/or editor of 6 books spanning a variety of technologies, including the most recent The Productive Programmer. He focuses on designing and building of large-scale enterprise applications. He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker, speaking at over 100 developer conferences worldwide, delivering more than 600 talks. Check out his web site at http://www.nealford.com. He welcomes feedback and can be reached at nford@thoughtworks.com.

brian d foy (The Perl Review, LLC)

brian d foy is the co-author of Learning Perl and Intermediate Perl, the author of Mastering Perl, the publisher of The Perl Review, the author of dozens of modules on CPAN, and a Perl trainer and consultant for Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc.

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Board Director, Democracy Lab

Director, Committer Community, Eclipse Foundation

While striving to be a Renaissance Man, Bjorn keeps falling back into the clutches of conformity with engineering stereotypes such as dynamic languages, software engineering, juggling and general aviation. His escape attempts have been through orienteering, bicycling, planting trees and painting his airplane. He is passionate about doing things instead of just talking about them, and he thoroughly enjoys the annual party he helps organize for the Eclipse community.

You can read Bjorn’s blog at http://eclipse-projects.blogspot.com/.
Aaron Fulkerson
Aaron Fulkerson (MindTouch, Inc. )

As co-founder and CEO of MindTouch, Aaron has grown a small open source project into one of the World’s most popular and positioned it as #1 in open source collaboration with tens of millions of users globally and an impressive customer list of Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and mid-market companies. Prior to co-founding MindTouch, Aaron was a member of Microsoft’s Advanced Strategies and Policies division and worked on distributed systems research. Previously he owned and operated a successful software and Information Technology consulting firm, Gurion Digital LLP. He has held senior positions at software startups, has helped to launch several non-profits and businesses outside the software industry.

Wez Furlong
Wez Furlong (Message Systems, Inc.), @wezfurlong

Wez Furlong is the Director of Engineering at Message Systems. In the PHP world, Furlong is a PHP Core developer, the so-called “King of PECL,” the PHP Extension Community Library, and helps to maintain the php.net server infrastructure. Furlong has authored and maintains a number of PHP extensions, and designed and implemented the PHP Streams layer. Furlong currently resides in Columbia, Maryland with his wife, son, and dog.

Patrick Galbraith
Patrick Galbraith (Hewlett Packard), @CaptTofu

Patrick Galbraith is a principal engineer at HP in the Advanced Technology Group. He is the author or two books: “Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl” (Wiley) “Expert PHP and MySQL” (Wiley) In his “spare time”, he also maintains DBD::mysql, DBD::drizzle, FederatedX storage engine and the Memcached Functions for MySQL as well as tinkering with various other OpenSource and OpenStack projects. Patrick lives up in the sticks of New Hampshire with his wife Ruth and son Kiran, daughter Sara, lots of trees and rocks, as well as his Kubota tractor.

Philippe Gamache (Parler Haut, Interagir Librement), @SecureSymfony

Philippe is the co-author of a PHP security book call “Sécurité PHP 5 et MySQL 5”. Frequent speaker, he’s a trainer for Sensio Labs; training peoples on symfony and PHP security. He’s on the board of OWASP Montreal Chapter’s. When he has some time, he’s adding many new security features to symfony.

Chander Ganesan
Chander Ganesan (Open Technology Group, Inc), @gchander

An experienced Open Source developer with over a decade of experience, Chander develops and delivers training and consulting services focused around Open Source technologies. His programming language experience includes Python, PHP, Django, JavaScript, and PERL, and his database experience includes PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL . Chander also works extensively with Open Source geospatial solutions, including PostGIS, OpenLayers, GeoDjango, and MapServer.

Sylvain Garcia (LINAGORA)

Sylvain Garcia belongs to OBM core team, has a 6 years opensource experience and is in charge of packaging

Matthew Gertner is an independent software contractor specializing in Mozilla technologies. He is also a leading contributor to the Mozilla Prism project. A Brit by birth, an American by upbringing, and a European by choice, he has spent the last 15 years living in Paris and Hamburg before finally settling in Prague. When not coding C++, he is an avid cook and a dangerously obsessive player of backgammon and golf.

Bernard Golden
Bernard Golden (ActiveState Software)

Bernard Golden is CEO of HyperStratus, a virtualization and cloud computing consulting firm located in Silicon Valley. He is the author of “Virtualization for Dummies,” the best selling book on the topic ever published. Bernard is the Virtualization and Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine, where he writes a popular blog on evaluating and implementing these technologies. He is also a well-known speaker, having presented at conferences like OSCON, Catalyst, and LinuxWorld.

Derek Gottfrid
Derek Gottfrid (The New York Times)

Derek Gottfrid is a Senior Software Architect and Product Technologist
at The New York Times. At the Times, he leads the development of
TimesPeople, which adds a social layer to NYTimes.com. He also created
Times Machine, a collection of digital archives built on Hadoop and
Amazon Web Services, and he built the search engine that powers the
NYTimes.com Article Search API. Other projects include DBSlayer, a
database connection-pooling layer. Derek is a frequent contributor to
the Open blog athttp://open.blogs.nytimes.com and is fond of
four-letter words (including “open” and “code”).

Yoz Grahame
Yoz Grahame (LaunchDarkly)

Yoz Grahame has spent 15 years watching what happens when you give online communities their own programming languages. He currently works for Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, which runs approximately 50 million user-created scripts. Previously, he was Developer Advocate for Ning, presenting the programmable social software service at ETech 2006 (with David Sklar). In the past he’s been involved in several
renegade e-democracy services in the UK such as FaxYourMP.com and TheyWorkForYou.com, as well as commercial projects related to the
works of Douglas Adams. On the amateur wrestling circuit he goes by the alias “Dr. Henry Metzger”.

Joe Gregorio

Joe Gregorio is a Developer Advocate for Google App Engine, member of the AtomPub Workgroup and editor of the Atom Publishing Protocol. He has a deep interest in web technologies, writing “The RESTFul Web” column for the online O’Reilly publication XML.com, writing the first desktop aggregator written in C#, and publishing various Python modules to help in putting together RESTful web services.

Nagarajan Guru
Nagarajan Guru (Intel)

Guru Nagarajan is an Engineering Manager in the Open Source Technology Center, Intel Corporation and is an active Linux developer. He leads a team of engineers in developing open source applications and telephony stack for the Linux platform. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and a MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He lives in Portland, OR.

Eric Hammond
Eric Hammond (Campus Explorer, Inc.), @esh

Eric Hammond is an Internet Startup Technologist who has been involved in the architecture, development, and leadership of a number of successful early stage startups including Citysearch.com, Stamps.com, Rent.com, ThisNext.com, and CampusExplorer.com.

Since 2007 Eric has been building, maintaining, and supporting a series of popular images for running Ubuntu and Debian on Amazon EC2. Eric provides EC2 and Ubuntu consulting to select clients including helping Canonical in the development of the official Ubuntu images for EC2.

Jeffrey Hammond (Forrester Research), @jhammond

Jeffrey serves Application Development & Program Management professionals. He is a leading expert on software modeling techniques, integrated development environments, and the emergence of new rich Internet application development practices and tools.

Ted Han
Ted Han (Videojuicer), @knowtheory

Ted is a computational linguist & cognitive scientist working for Videojuicer and the creator of REGGAE (Ruby Enabled GooGle App Engine). Primarily a Rubyist, Ted likes powerful software with sensible defaults, and a pragmatic focus on end user experience. He contributes to open source software and enjoys thinking of ways to make life better and easier.

Søren Hansen (Canonical Ltd.)

Soren Hansen works for Canonical on the Ubuntu server team as the lead virtualisation engineer. He has been a free software developer for more than a decade. He’s married, has a baby daughter, and lives in Denmark.

Perrin Harkins
Perrin Harkins (We Also Walk Dogs)

Perrin is a developer for We Also Walk Dogs, where he builds Web applications for groups like MoveOn.org, Credo Mobile, and the ONE Campaign. His prior experience includes large web-based businesses like eToys.com and CitySearch.com. He has published articles on perl.com and contributed to several books about web development. He is a frequent participant in open source projects, and a member of the Apache Software Foundation.

John Harrison (Insight Industries)

John Harrison is a founder and partner at Insight Industries, makers of data visualization and data reporting software. Previously he spent 8 years working for IBM Global Services. In has spare time he experiments with lasers, wiiMotes, 3D games, and music visualization. His wiiMote experiments have been featured on Engadget, Make, and Hack-A-Day. He has a degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Matt Harrison

Matt would like to be an Open Source pragmatist, but is probably more of a zealot. He once impersonated Alan Cox, apparently they look similar. He has spoken at OSCON, PyCON, SCALE and local user groups in Utah and the Bay Area. Matt has programmed in Python since 2000 writing websites, as well tooling and scripts for search engines, build systems, and business intelligence. He is a rabid Linux (l)user.

Leslie Hawthorn

Leslie Hawthorn is a Program Manager for Google’s Open Source Programs Office, where she’s the Community Manager for the Google Summer of Code program. She also conceived and managed the Google Highly Open Participation Contest, the world’s first global initiative to get pre-university students involved in all aspects of Open Source software development. Leslie serves on the Advisory Board of the GNOME Foundation and the Open Source Business Resource. She also serves on the Oregon State School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Industrial Advisory Board and the Steering Committee for the Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Project.

Prior to joining Google, Leslie got her feet wet in Silicon Valley high tech at a small communications... Read More.

Gunnar  Hellekson
Gunnar Hellekson (Red Hat)

Gunnar Hellekson is the Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat’s US Public Sector group, where he works with systems integrators and government agencies to encourage the use of open source software in government. He is co-chair of Open Source for America and one of Federal Computer Week’s Fed 100 for 2010. He is also an active member of the Military Open Source working group, on the SIIA Software Division Board, and sits on the Board of Advisors for CivicCommons. He is especially interested in cross-domain security, edge innovation, and interagency collaboration through the open source model.

Prior to joining Red Hat, he worked as a developer, systems administrator, and IT director for a number of Internet businesses. He has also been a business and... Read More.

Seth Herr (UNICEF)

As head engineer at UNICEF in the Division of Communications, Seth Herr designed and fabricated the initial Bee prototypes. He then worked with CSIR in South Africa to further develop the Bee system, and create a production model for distribution.

Tony Hey
Tony Hey (Microsoft Corporation)

As Corporate Vice President of the External Research Division of Microsoft Research, Tony Hey is responsible for the worldwide external research and technical computing strategy across Microsoft Corp. He leads the company’s efforts to build long-term public-private partnerships with global scientific and engineering communities, spanning broad reach and in-depth engagements with academic and research institutions, related government agencies and industry partners. His responsibilities also include working with internal Microsoft groups to build future technologies and products that will transform computing for scientific and engineering research. Hey also oversees Microsoft Research’s efforts to enhance the quality of higher education around the world.

Before joining Microsoft, Hey served as director of the U.K.‘s e-Science Initiative, managing the government’s efforts to provide scientists and researchers with access to... Read More.

Benjamin Mako Hill
Benjamin Mako Hill (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Benjamin Mako Hill is a technology and intellectual property researcher, activist, and consultant. He is currently a Senior Researcher at the MIT Sloan School of Management, a Fellow at the MIT Center for Future Civic Media, and an adviser for the One Laptop per Child project. He has been an leader, developer, and contributor to the Free and Open Source Software community for more than a decade as part of the Debian and Ubuntu projects. He is the author of several best-selling technical books, and a member of the Free Software Foundation board of directors. Hill has a Masters degree from the MIT Media Lab.

Darren Hoch (StrongMail Systems)

Darren Hoch has been teaching and consulting on Linux in government, academic and corporate settings since 1999. He currently works for StrongMail Systems in Redwood City, CA as the Director of Professional Services. His primary role at StrongMail is to build products and service offerings based off the Linux platform. Prior to StrongMail, Darren worked for both Sun Microsystems and Accenture as a technical consultant and trainer. He wrote the course “Enterprise Intrusion Analysis” for Sun and a portion of the “Sun Certified Security Administrator Exam”. While contributing multiple whitepapers to the open source movement, he speaks frequently at UNIX groups and conferences. Darren lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife Aleta and their two boys Paul and Scott.

William Hoffman
William Hoffman (Kitware Inc)

Mr. Hoffman is currently Vice President and CTO for Kitware, Inc. He is a founder of Kitware and has been part of the management team since 1999. Bill has 18+ years of experience with large C++ systems. He is a lead architect of the CMake cross-platform build system and co-author of the Mastering CMake book. Mr. Hoffman is also involved in the development of the Kitware Quality Software Process and CDash, the software testing server. Mr. Hoffman developed the C++/COM wrapping technology used to create Kitware’s ActiViz product line. He has also made major contributions to VTK, ITK and ParaView. As CTO for Kitware, he guides the implementation and development of large-scale computing solutions, and oversees computer infrastructure decisions, including... Read More.

Patrick Hogan (NASA)

Managed NASA Learning Technologies where World Wind was born and development of other open source projects. World Wind is NASA’s most successful software program measured in public involvement, government and public use, and number of downloads (over 10 million).

Dirk Hohndel
Dirk Hohndel (Intel Corporation), @dhohndel

Dirk Hohndel has been an active developer and contributor in the Linux space since its earliest days. Among other roles, he worked as Chief Technology Officer of SuSE and as Vice President of The XFree86 Project, Inc. Dirk joined Intel in 2001. He works in the Software and Services Group and focuses on the technology direction of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center and guides Intel’s engagements in open source. He is an active contributor in many open source projects and organizations, various program committees and advisory boards. Dirk holds a Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Würzburg, Germany. He lives in Portland, OR.

Paul  Honis
Paul Honis (Lina Software)

Vice President of Product Quality, majored in physics at George Mason University in Virginia and has worked in hardware and software engineering for over thirty years. He discovered his affinity for Quality at Tandem, Compaq, and HP, where he worked with some of the most fervent, educated, and entertaining practitioners of Software Engineering in Silicon Valley. His goals are to function as a lubricant or an adhesive as needed and to become one of the best listeners on the planet.

LEO HSU (Paragon Corporation)

Leo Hsu is a co-founder of Paragon Corporation. He is a database developer with extensive experience in web application development using PHP and ASP.NET and extensive database experience using PostgreSQL/PostGIS building business intelligence and automation applications

Alejandro Imass
Alejandro Imass (Yabarana Corporation)

Alejandro Imass is Director of Technology at New York-based Yabarana
Corporation, Perl enthusiast, and principal author of p2ee. With over
20 years experience in Industrial Automation, SCM and ERP in general,
has particular expertise in systems integration, member of the ISA,
and has participated in standards such as ISA-S95.

Adam Jacob

A twelve year system operations veteran, Adam is the CTO of Opscode, whose mission is to bring “Infrastructure Automation to the Masses”. He is the primary author of Chef.

Clay Johnson
Clay Johnson (InformationDiet.com)

Clay Johnson is the author of The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption, and director of engagement for Expert Labs. He was the co-founder of Blue State Digital, the firm that built and managed Barack Obama’s online campaign for the presidency in 2008. After leaving Blue State, Johnson was the director of Sunlight Labs at the Sunlight Foundation, where he built an army of 2000 developers and designers to build open source tools to give people greater access to government data. He was awarded the Google/O’Reilly Open Source Organizer of the year in 2009, was one of Federal Computing Week’s Fed 100 in 2010, and won the CampaignTech Innovator award in 2011.

Johnson’s combination of experience as a developer, working in politics, entrepreneurism,... Read More.

Rod Johnson
Rod Johnson (SpringSource)

Rod is the father of Spring and is one of the world’s leading authorities on Java and J2EE development. Rod’s best-selling Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development (2002) was one of the most influential books ever published on J2EE. The sequel, J2EE without EJB (July 2004, with Juergen Hoeller), has proven almost equally significant, establishing a comprehensive vision for lightweight, post-EJB J2EE development.

Rod regularly speaks at conferences in the US, Europe and Asia, including JavaOne, JAOO, JavaZone, O’Reilly OSCON and The Server Side Symposium. He was awarded “Rock Star” status at JavaOne in 2005 and 2007, and delivered keynotes at the JavaWorld conference in Tokyo and the JAX conference in Munich.

Rod currently serves in the JCP on... Read More.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Revolution Systems, LLC)

Jacob Kaplan-Moss is one of the lead developers of Django. At his day job, he’s a software architect for Whiskey Media, one of those newfangled Web One-Point-Oh companies you’ve read so much about. A good deal of Jacob’s work time is devoted to working on Django.

Jacob previously worked for the Lawrence Journal-World, a locally-owned newspaper in Lawrence, KS where Django was developed. At the Journal-World Jacob was the lead developer of Ellington, a commercial web publishing platform for media companies.

Bill Karwin
Bill Karwin (Karwin Software Solutions)

Bill Karwin has been a software developer and technical writer since 1988. He is widely known for his talent for explaining complex topics and practical techniques with accuracy and a little humor. Recently he worked as the Product Engineering Manager developing the award-winning Zend Framework library for PHP 5.

Yehuda Katz
Yehuda Katz (Tilde Inc), @wycats

Yehuda Katz is currently employed by Engine Yard, and works full time as a Core Team Member on the Rails and Merb projects. He is the co-author of jQuery in Action and the upcoming Merb in Action, and is a contributor to Ruby in Practice.

He spends most of his time hacking on Rails and Merb, but also on other Ruby community projects, like Rubinius and Datamapper. And when the solution doesn’t yet exist, he’ll try his hand at creating one – as such, he’s also created projects like Thor and DO.rb.

Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly (Facebook, Inc.)

Graham focuses on developing optimizations for PHP. He is currently the lead developer on the pecl/optimizer project.

Denis Kenzior
Denis Kenzior (Intel)

Denis Kenzior is an engineer in the Open Source Technology Center at Intel,
where he is the Moblin telephony infrastructure architect. Denis is the co-
maintainer of oFono – Open Source Telephony project which is sponsored by
Intel and Nokia. Prior to joining Intel in 2008, he worked as a Senior
Software Engineer at Trolltech and later as a Professional Services consultant
at Nokia. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from College of
William and Mary and is currently residing in Austin, TX.

Austin King
Austin King (Mozila Corporation), @ozten

Austin is a Seattle based coder on the Mozilla web developer team. With a decade of frontend and backend experience at companies including Amazon.com and Rhapsody America, he is passionate about user focused development and web programming.

Barry  Klawans
Barry Klawans (San Francisco International Airport, IT&T Department), @bklawans

Barry Klawans has over 24 years of experience architecting and deploying enterprise applications, and during his career has been heavily involved in both IT and open source. Barry currently is the Chief Architect in the IT&T department at San Francisco International Airport, where he is responsible for designing the next generation of infrastructure systems at the airport.

Prior to SFO, Barry was the cofounder and CTO of Jaspersoft, where he was responsible for the technical vision and direction of Jaspersoft’s products. Among other accomplishement he helped pioneer the “open core” business model.

Yuval Kogman
Yuval Kogman (Infinity Interactive), @nothingmuch

Moose hacker, CPAN contributer, author of the KiokuDB anti-ORM, wannabe blogger and Dave Rolsky look-alike.

Auke Kok (Intel)

Auke Kok is an engineer in the Open Source Technology Center at Intel, working on
Linux startup performance and battery life, focussing on Moblin. He worked on
several Intel linux ethernet drivers, after joining Intel in 2006. Auke still
maintains a small linux source distribution and is actively involved in the Xfce

Kirill Kolyshkin
Kirill Kolyshkin (OpenVZ / Parallels), @kolyshkin

Kirill Kolyshkin was named leader and project manager for the OpenVZ project in 2005 to further the adoption of containers virtualization for Linux. He spearheads the overall development and manages all key architecture, updates and feature upgrades for OpenVZ. Kolyshkin has more than 10 years Linux experience and has long been an active open source advocate. He is a frequent speaker about virtualization technology and his 15-years career experience includes positions in information technology at Deutsche Bank and telecommunications company, Severtelecom. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Ukhta State Technical University.

Satya Komatineni (Active Intellect, Inc.)

Satya has widely published with all popular journals with over 30 articles to his credit both in the Java and the .Net (c#) arena. The primary list of articles are available at http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/241. Satya is also a frequent speaker at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in the past few years.

Satya holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, India, 1986, and a Bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Andhra University, India, 1984.

Satya has also developed an open sourced Aspire/web a java based “fluent tool” for developing web applications.

He is also working on a general purpose Personal Productivity Site under the open source model.

See my resume here

Bradley Kuhn
Bradley Kuhn (Software Freedom Conservancy), @bkuhn_ebb_org
Bradley M. Kuhn began his work in the Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) Movement as a volunteer when, in 1992, he became an early adopter of the popular GNU/Linux operating system, and began contributing to various FLOSS projects. He worked during the 1990s as a system administrator and software development consultant for various companies, large and small. He also spent one year teaching Advanced Placement Computer Science at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati. In January 2000, he was hired by the Free Software Foundation, and he served as its Executive Director from March 2001 until March 2005, when he left FSF to join the founding team of the "Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC)":http://www.softwarefreedom.org/. Kuhn... Read More.
Lars Kurth
Lars Kurth (Citrix Systems Ltd), @lars_kurth

Lars Kurth had his first contact with the open source community in 1997 when he worked on various parts of the ARM toolchain. This experience led him to become a passionate open source enthusiast who has worked with and for many open source communities over the past 15 years. Lars has contributed to projects including GCC, Eclipse, Symbian, and Xen and became the open source community manager for Xen.org in 2011. Lars is an IT generalist with a wide range of skills in software development and methodology. He is experienced in building and leading engineering teams and communities, as well as constructing marketing, product management, and change programs impacting thousands of users. Lars has 17 years of industry experience in the infrastructure, tools,... Read More.

Stuart Langridge (Canonical), @sil

Stuart is a hacker, author, and speaker living in the UK and working for Canonical building online services. Code and writings and (the occasional) rant are to be found at kryogenix.org; Stuart is to be found outside in the rain looking for the smoking area.

Bruce Lawson
Bruce Lawson (Opera Software), @brucel

Bruce was technical lead for the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK. He’s a member of the Web Standards Project and co-wrote and co-edited “Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regualtory Compliance”.

He now evangelises Open Web Standards for Opera Software. Previously, he was a tarot card reader in Istanbul, a volunteer pharmacist in Calucutta, tutor to a Thai princess and a movie actor in Bombay.

Jeff Lawson (Twilio)

With over 10 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience, Jeff most recently served as Product Manager for Amazon Web Services. He was also co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of sports retailer Nine Star, founding Chief Technology Officer of online ticketing exchange Stubhub.com, and founder and Chief Executive Officer of Versity.com. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan, where he studied Computer Science and Film.

Adam Lerer
Adam Lerer (Google, Inc. )

Adam is pursuing his MS in computer science at MIT, where he is focusing on applications of mobile and information technology in the developing world. Adam Lerer is an intern at Google, where he works as a developer for the Open Data Kit (ODK) project founded by the University of Washington. Adam created the first prototype of ODK, and is now working on an ODK tool for device management.

Brian LeRoux
Brian LeRoux (Nitobi Inc.)

Brian LeRoux is experienced in developing web applications from concept through to creation. Formerly a consultant, sporting more acronyms than a bowl of alphabet soup, Brian has since embraced simplicity and user experience as the hallmarks of exceptional software.

Brian is currently a software architect at Nitobi Inc., a leader in user experience and all things Ajax. He is a regular participant in software events and a ‘founding father’ of the Vancouver Ajax and Beer Meet. He travels extensively teaching and learning about open source technologies.

Andy Lester
Andy Lester (petdance.com), @petdance

Andy Lester is the lead programmer for Book Wholesalers Inc. He’s just completed his first book, “Land The Tech Job You Love”, for Pragmatic Bookshelf, and was interviewed for “Beautiful Teams.”

Andy is also active in the Parrot, Perl 6 and Perl 5 projects, writes the Perl news blog Perlbuzz and maintains over a dozen Perl 5 modules.

Ted Leung
Ted Leung (The Walt Disney Company), @twleung

Ted Leung is a Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he is working on Dynamic Languages, and is currently focused on Python.

He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he was a founding member of the Apache XML project. In addition to being one of the original developers of the Xerces-J XML parser, Ted is a member of the Apache Labs PMC, the Incubator PMC and has helped shepherd several projects through the ASF incubation process.

Ted has also participated in the Chandler project at the Open Source Applications Foundation, where he worked on the Chandler Desktop client, the Chandler Server, and open source/community management issues.

Ted is an avid photographer and maintains a weblog at Read More.

Adina Levin (Socialtext), @alevin

Adina Levin is VP Products and co-founder of Socialtext, a leading provider of Enterprise 2.0 software. As a private citizen, she has led or co-organized with a range of civic activities ranging from state level digital rights advocacy in Texas, to organizing Bay Area TransitCamp, an unconference on the use of open data and social media to improving public transit, to leading the Drive Less Challenge, a contest to reduce driving alone.

Howard Lewis Ship

Creator of the popular Tapestry web framework and a seasoned hand at Java and the Enterprise.

K Lars  Lohn
K Lars Lohn (Mozilla Corporation), @2braids

Trapped at the triple point between a geek, a hippie and a biker, Lars is a self proclaimed Cowboy Programmer at the Mozilla Corporation. Unintentionally specializing in programming as performance art, Lars frequently jumps into projects on the Thursday prior to a Monday deadline. Lars is proud of being the only member of the Web Development team that does absolutely no Web development.

Lars prefers Python, PostgreSQL and Harleys, but is versed in C++, MySQL and Subarus.

Michael  Lopp
Michael Lopp (Rands in Repose), @rands

Michael Lopp is a Silicon Valley-based engineering manager. When he’s not worrying about staying relevant, he writes about pens, bridges, people, and werewolves at the popular weblog, Rands in Repose. Michael just wrote a book called “Being Geek” which is a career handbook for geeks and nerds alike. He also wrote a book called “Managing Humans” that explains that while you might be rewarded for what you product, you will only be successful because of your people.

Michael surfs and plays hockey in Northern California whenever he can because staying sane is more important than staying busy.

Chris Lord
Chris Lord (Intel), @cwiiis

I’m Chris Lord, an engineer working in Intel’s Open Source Technology
Centre. I got involved with open-source while I was in university,
working on the OpenEmbedded project. OpenedHand gave me an internship
shortly afterwards and I’ve been an open source developer ever since.
Notable projects I’ve worked on include the Pimlico project, the Vernier
LabQuest project and the OpenMoko 2007 UI refresh. Currently, I’m
working on the Moblin 2.0 new user experience.

Ryan Lowe
Ryan Lowe (Square)

Ryan is an Engineering Manager within the Platform Engineering Organization at Square, where his team manages thousands of instances of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB. Before joining Square, Ryan helped build and scale some of the largest web, social, gaming, and mobile properties as a Consultant at Percona. As an author, speaker, and active contributor to F/OSS projects, his expertise extends to a variety of data stores, cloud and big data, and beyond.

Federico Lucifredi

Federico Lucifredi is the mantainer of the man suite, the primary documentation-delivery tool under linux, a graduate student at Harvard University, and a software engineer-turned-manager at Novell corporation. Previously, Federico has been a CTO and a network software architect at ‘.com’ and embedded Linux startups, and he has spent two years teaching in Boston University’s graduate and undergraduate programs, while simultaneously consulting for MIT. He is a frequent speaker at user group and conference events, notably the LinuxWorld and the IMPlanet conferences, where he was a panelist representing the jabber community. Federico is a recognized expert in computing performance issues, and consults pro-bono with Standard and Poor’s clients interested in Free/Open Source technical and strategic issues, while participating in the GPL v3... Read More.

Greg Lund-Chaix
Greg Lund-Chaix (Squishymedia), @gchaix

Greg Lund-Chaix is developer and project manager at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. Greg’s current project is the Oregon Virtual School District. The OVSD is a joint project with the Oregon Department of Education to provide digital teaching and learning resources to Oregon public school teachers. Greg is also a mentor and organization administrator for the Google Summer of Code, where he managed the OSL’s participation in the mentoring of students learning to participate in the open source community. Prior to joining OSU, Greg spent the previous 12 years as a developer and systems administrator on various distance learning and telecommunications systems for the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

Sigurd Magnusson
Sigurd Magnusson (SilverStripe)

Sigurd has been living and breathing the internet since 1995 when the City Council of Wellington, New Zealand provided the region’s only internet service; then entirely text-based and only 2400 baud. Add a grandma who taught him C before he got to high school, and the rest all makes sense.

In 2000, he co-founded SilverStripe with two friends, which has since made hundreds of websites and web-applications using open source technology. Sig’s focus is now on building up the community around their open source platform for building websites and webapps, SilverStripe CMS. (www.silverstripe.org)

The SilverStripe open source project was launched in early 2007 and in a matter of months, Sigurd rapidly attracted community and credibility to the project. He got the project involved in... Read More.

Joel Maher (Mozilla)

Joel has been a technical lead for the Mozilla effort to create the automation infrastructure on our mobile platforms.

Eric Mandel (BlackMesh)

Eric Mandel is the CEO and co-founder of BlackMesh, a provider of information technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Since 2003, Mandel has led the strategic direction of the company, building a strong base of global, diverse customers and growing the company by 100 percent each year. With over 16 years of experience, Mandel is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, addressing the many technology issues that face today’s emerging companies.

Prior to BlackMesh, Mandel served as development manager at Andrew Corporation, where he managed the maintenance and support of their E911 Emergency Cellular Location solution, and at ScoreBoard, Inc., where he managed development for ScoreBoard’s IS-136 product.

Gervase Markham
Gervase Markham (Mozilla), @gerv

Gervase Markham has been involved in the Mozilla project since the turn of the millennium, and has made contributions in many different areas, from QA to web compatibility, governance to Bugzilla. His security ideas are behind the recent CSP and Subresource Integrity W3C specifications. He currently works for Mozilla on public policy, security, and copyright. He believes that the TLS/CA system is the worst way of doing public internet communications security, apart from all the others.

Gerv is a committed Christian, and member of The Crowded House in Sheffield, UK, where he lives with his wife and children. The title of his blog, Hacking for Christ, reflects his view that Christians should do everything to the glory of... Read More.

Kevin Marks
Kevin Marks (IndieWeb), @kevinmarks

Kevin Marks is the founder of Proud To Pay. Over the last 20 years he’s moved between giant companies and founding startups – BBC, The UK MultiMedia Corporation, Apple QuickTime, Technorati, Google, BT, Salesforce. The common thread has been working out how people, computers and media can complement each other, and solving the engineering and social problems where they meet. He is one of the driving forces behind microformats, and indiewebcamp. He is an advisor to the Open Rights Group. He wants you to remember that URLs are people too, and his URL is kevinmarks.com

Alex Martelli
Alex Martelli (Google)

Alex Martelli wrote “Python in a Nutshell” and co-edited
“Python Cookbook”. He’s a PSF member, and won the 2002 Activators’ Choice Award and the 2006 Frank Willison Award for contributions to the Python community. He works as Senior Staff Engineer for Google. You can read some PDFs and
watch some videos of his past presentations.

Adam J Martin is the Supervisor, Digital Media Production with National Public Radio’s Digital Media division in Washington, D.C.

As supervisor, he is responsible for all technical procedures related to the distribution and delivery of multimedia content across NPR’s digital platforms as well as the management of NPR’s media encoding and streaming infrastructure.

He holds a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University’s College of Communication and a MA in Journalism and Public Affairs with a concentration in Interactive Journalism from American University in Washington, D.C.

David Maxwell
David Maxwell (Coverity, Inc.)

David Maxwell is Coverity’s Open Source Strategist, and is tasked with
the continuation and expansion of Coverity’s DHS-initiated open source
scan efforts. An open source security specialist, Maxwell has over 20
years of experience as an open source user and developer, and he is
particularly active in the NetBSD community. He currently sits on the
advisory board for the BSD Certification Group and the program committee
for the annual BSDCan conference. He was also a NetBSD Security Officer
from 2001-2005 and a contributor to the best-selling O’Reilly title “BSD
Hacks.” Maxwell has previously worked as a lead kernel developer for
Nokia and held network security positions at firms such as Coventus and
... Read More.

Michael Mayo
Michael Mayo (Rackspace), @greenisus

Mike Mayo is the creator of the Rackspace Cloud and Slicehost iPhone apps and builds open source software for the Rackspace Cloud. He has worked for Coupa Software, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and FedEx. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Christian Brothers University, maintains a blog at overhrd.com, and actively talks about technology on Twitter as @greenisus.

Neal McBurnett

Neal McBurnett specializes in “Technology Serving Community”. At Bell
Labs in the 80’s and 90’s he helped the Business Communications
division to recognize the importance and benefits of the Internet,
open standards, free software, security and Linux. In 1993 he
co-founded the Boulder Community Network, the world’s second web-based
geographical community network. He is now an independent consultant,
contributes as an Ubuntu member on the server team, and is having a
ball with the Android mobile phone platform.

Neal has been working on improving election audits since 2002. He was
a major contributor to the “Principles and Best Practices for
Post-Election Audits” (September 2008) and has been a leader in the
election auditing community. Using... Read More.

Brent McConnell
Brent McConnell (Novell)

Brent McConnell works for Novell and helps coordinate community activity for the Kablink and iFolder open source projects. Prior to joining Novell Brent spent 7 years with Hewlett Packards working in their Linux Expertise Center helping HP partners take full advantage of the Linux kernel on HP hardware.

Daniel McCurdy
Daniel McCurdy (Allied Security Trust)

Daniel McCurdy is CEO of Allied Security Trust, where he is responsible for patent acquisition, divestiture and global expansion of the Trust’s membership. Previously, Dan was founder and CEO of ThinkFire, President of Intellectual Property at Lucent Technologies, and a Vice President of IBM.

Marshall Kirk McKusick
Marshall Kirk McKusick (Marshall Kirk McKusick Consultancy)

Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick’s work with Unix and BSD development spans nearly thirty years. It begins with his first paper on the implementation of Berkeley Pascal in 1979, goes on to his pioneering work in the eighties on the BSD Fast File System, the BSD virtual memory system, the final release of 4.4BSD-Lite from the UC Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group, and carries on with his work on FreeBSD. A key figure in Unix and BSD development, his experiences chronicle not only the innovative technical achievements but also the interesting personalities and philosophical debates in Unix over the past thirty years.

Erik Meijer
Erik Meijer (Microsoft)

Erik Meijer is an accomplished programming-language designer who has worked on a wide range of languages, including Haskell, Mondrian, X#, Cω, C#, and Visual Basic. He runs the Cloud Languages Team in the Business Platform Division at Microsoft, where his primary focus has been to remove the impedance mismatch between databases and programming languages in the context of the Cloud. One of the fruits of these efforts is LINQ, which not only adds a native querying syntax to .NET languages, such as C# and Visual Basic, but also allows developers to query data sources other than tables, such as objects or XML. Most recently, Erik has been working on “Democratizing the Cloud” and preaching the virtues of fundamentalist functional programming in the... Read More.

Chris Messina

Chris Messina arrived in San Francisco in 2004 as a volunteer for the Mozilla Foundation, leading the Spread Firefox community marketing project in raising over $220,000 in microdonations to launch Firefox to a worldwide audience with an ad in the New York Times.

He went on to co-found the Flock web browser and helped to organize the first-ever BarCamp in Palo Alto in 2005. Later, he co-founded Citizen Agency with Tara Hunt, opening a shared work environment called Citizen Space, giving rise to the coworking movement.

Chris now works on DiSo, an effort that he co-founded with Steve Ivy, to facilitate the development of building blocks for the open, social web. He is also a board member of the OpenID Foundation and works part-time for... Read More.

Patrick Michaud
Patrick Michaud (pmichaud.com)

Patrick Michaud is the pumpking for the “Rakudo” Perl 6 compiler. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and was formerly a Professor of Computer Science at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He is currently a software developer and consultant focused on open source development and applications, including Perl, PmWiki, and Linux.

Ted Mielczarek
Ted Mielczarek (Mozilla Corporation)

Ted is a platform engineer with the Mozilla Corporation. He is the owner of the build system as well as the crash reporting modules. Ted has been involved with Mozilla for nearly seven years as a community contributor and now a full-time employee. He enjoys working on software that makes users’ and developers’ lives easier.

David Miner (Sun Microsystems)

David Miner is co-author of “OpenSolaris Bible”, and has been an engineer at Sun Microsystems for nearly two decades. He is presently the lead for the Caiman installer project and co-lead for the OpenSolaris distribution. During
his time at Sun he has worked primarily in the areas of system administration and networking and has been a significant contributor to a variety of projects in both fields, including the Solaris admintool and sysidtool, PC-NFS, the Solaris DHCP server and DHCP Manager management
tool, and the Service Management Facility (SMF). Prior to Sun, Dave worked at Prime Computer on TCP/IP networking.

David graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. (with honors) in computer science.

Jack Moffitt
Jack Moffitt (Collecta), @metajack

Jack Moffitt is a hacker and entrepreneur. He is currently creating real-time search applications based on XMPP and Web technologies using JavaScript, Erlang, and Python. Previously he created Chesspark, an online game community build on top of XMPP, led the team behind the Ogg, Vorbis, and Theora patent-free multimedia codec projects, and created the Icecast sreaming media server. Jack is passionate about Free and Open Source software, technology in general, and music.

Bruce Momjian
Bruce Momjian (EnterpriseDB)

Bruce Momjian is a member of the Postgres Core Team and is also a Postgres Committer, one of the select few with the authority to permit changes to the official Postgres code base. He is a co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and has worked on Postgres since 1996. Bruce is also the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley. Before joining EnterpriseDB, Bruce was employed by Software Research Associates Open Source Solutions (SRA OSS) in their Postgres support division. Previously, he was vice president of database development at Great Bridge LLC, another Postgres support company. Bruce is a frequent speaker at open source conferences around the world.

Matthew Momjian

Matthew Momjian is a freshman at Franklin & Marshall College who has been interested in computers since he can remember. Tracing his roots back to his father’s BSD/OS server (still running), which he learned to use around the age of 5, he is proficient in a number of programming languages.

At OSCON this year he will be focusing on 3D content creation with Blender, which he has been using since mid 2006.

Dan Mosedale
Dan Mosedale (Mozilla), @dmose

Jack-of-all-trades at Mozilla Messaging. Currently focusing on our architecture of participation.

Dave Neary
Dave Neary (Red Hat), @nearyd

Dave Neary is the founder of Neary Consulting, specialising in managing community relations and free software strategy.

As a member of the GNOME community, he has been involved in all aspects the organisation of GUADEC since 2005, including a spell as conference chair. He has served three terms as a member of the board of directors of the GNOME Foundation (2005 – 07), and was chairman of the board in 2006, and treasurer in 2007,where he oversaw massive growth in the GNOME advisory board. He created and edited the first annual report of the GNOME Foundation.

Dave worked for the French company Wengo as community development manager with the OpenWengo project (now called QuteCom), and as head of the OpenWengo... Read More.

Trent Nelson (Snakebite)

Founder of Snakebite.

Gregory Norris

Greg Norris founded and directs Sylvatica, an international life cycle assessment institute which consults on LCA to the UN, governments in the US and abroad, a variety of Fortune 500 companies, industrial associations, and smaller companies, and the non-profit sector. He is Visiting Professor with the Applied Sustainability Center at the University of Arkansas, where he helps the ASC advance the availability of valid and transparent life cycle inventory data, and its application to spur innovation for sustainability. Norris has lead the development of the methods, modeling, and software to implement LCA within the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system. He is Senior Fellow with GreenBlue, providing LCA guidance to their Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and through the Read More.

Danny O'Brien
Danny O'Brien (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Danny O’Brien is International Outreach Coordinator for the Electronic Frontier
Foundation. He has covered technological culture for the Irish Times, Guardian and Time Magazine, co-founded Britain’s Open Rights Group, written spam→haiku filters, performed before West End audiences, and danced with Richard M. Stallman in the pale moonlight. Before becoming worthy and righteous, he was sarcastic and cynical for Need to Know, the seminal email geekzine.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @timoreilly

Tim has a history of convening conversations that reshape the industry. In 1998, he organized the meeting where the term “open source software” was agreed on, and helped the business world understand its importance. In 2004, with the Web 2.0 Summit, he defined how “Web 2.0” represented not only the resurgence of the web after the dot com bust, but a new model for the computer industry, based on big data, collective intelligence, and the internet as a platform. In 2009, with his “Gov 2.0 Summit,” he framed a conversation about the modernization of government technology that has shaped policy and spawned initiatives at the Federal, State, and local level, and around the world. He has now turned his attention to implications of the on-demand... Read More.

Bryan O'Sullivan (Serpentine Green Design)

Bryan O’Sullivan is an Irish hacker and writer based in San Francisco. His main interests are in functional programming and distributed systems. He wrote O’Reilly’s book “Real World Haskell” and is currently working on a new title for O’Reilly.

Regina Obe (Paragon Corporation)

Regina Obe is a co-founder of Paragon Corporation. She is also a member of the PostGIS core development team.

She has over 15 years professional experience in various programming languages and database systems. She developed her love of programming as a young child and later fell in love with databases, data, data as code.

She especially loves spatial databases
and has been using PostGIS for government and commercial apps since its inception and recently SQL Server 2008 spatial features.

Jim Oberholtzer
Jim Oberholtzer (United States Bowling Congress), @joberhol

Jim started his career in 1980 working in positions of increasing responsibility and is now the Vice President – Technology, at the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). Recognized by IBM as a Subject Matter Expert in Power Systems, server design, administration, and operations, Jim is a member of the panel of SMEs that create many of the IBM certification tests for the System i. Jim also holds a Masters, Software Engineering from Carroll University in Waukesha Wisconsin.

Mike Olson
Mike Olson (Cloudera), @mikeolson

Mike Olson is the CEO of Cloudera, which offers support and services for Hadoop. He was an early architect of the Postgres database system and has worked as an engineer, manager and executive at a number of database companies, including Britton Lee, Illustra, Informix and Oracle. He was CEO of Sleepycat Software, makers of Berkeley DB, through the company’s acquisition by Oracle.

Bryant Patten
Bryant Patten (National Center for Open Source and Education), @ncose

Mr. Patten has spent the last 20 years developing educational software for a variety of clients. He has managed the engineering departments for several companies, including his own, and has won several awards for software design. He is currently bringing Open Source software solutions to schools to help maximize their technology dollars and close the digital divide between students of diverse economic backgrounds. Mr Patten is also the Executive Director of the National Center for Open Source and Education – a non profit organization advocating Open Source adoption in K-12 schools throughout the country.

Akkana Peck is a freelance software developer and writer, and the author of the book “Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional.”
She has been an open source software developer for some 20 years and has contributed to Mozilla, GIMP and an assortment of other projects.
Her web site is http://shallowsky.com

Stormy Peters

Stormy Peters is Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. She joins the GNOME Foundation from OpenLogic where she set up their OpenLogic Expert Community. Previously, Stormy worked at Hewlett-Packard (HP) where she founded and managed the Open Source Program Office that is responsible for HP’s open source strategy, policy and business practices. Stormy joined HP as a software engineer in the Unix Development Lab after graduating from Rice University with a B.A. in Computer Science.

Stormy is a frequent keynote speaker on business aspects of Open Source Software at major conferences such as the Open Source Business Conference and the O’Reilly conferences, as well as government organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

Stormy is involved in GNOME and... Read More.

Simon Phipps
Simon Phipps (Public Software CIC), @webmink

Simon Phipps has engaged at a strategic level in the world’s leading technology companies, starting in roles such as field engineer, programmer, systems analyst and more recently taking on executive leadership roles around open source. Simon worked with X-series standards in the ‘80s, on collaborative conferencing software in the ’90s, helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM, and was instrumental in open sourcing the whole software portfolio at Sun Microsystems. He is now managing director of Meshed Insights Ltd and founder of Public Software CIC. As a director of the Document Foundation and of the UK’s Open Rights Group, he takes an active interest in digital rights issues and is a widely read commentator on InfoWorld and... Read More.

Alex Polvi
Alex Polvi (Cloudkick), @cloudkick

Alex Polvi is the President of the Overcast Group, a Y-Combinator funded start-up. Overcast specializes in portability and openness between cloud providers. In the past, he has worked on many free/open infrastructure projects for the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and the Oregon State Open Source Lab.

Irving Popovetsky (Irving Popovetsky Consulting), @irvingpop

Irving Popovetsky is a Systems Engineering and Security consultant with over 12 years of experience in the IT industry.

Gary Poster (Canonical, Ltd.)

Gary Poster is a Senior Web Developer on the Foundations team of Canonical’s Launchpad project. He has previously been a Senior Software Engineer and team lead at Zope Corporation, a Senior Internet Developer at AOL Time Warner, and a professional, classically-trained opera singer.

He has contributed to many open-source projects, including BuildBot, ReportLab, ClientForm, and Zope, and is the author of numerous open-source Python packages. Gary was the primary technical reviewer of the primary book on the Zope 3 libraries, Philipp von Weitershausen’s Web Component Development with Zope 3.

Gary has taught graduate level programming courses, as well as music theory and voice lessons. Now, based in Fredericksburg, VA, he tries to teach his two boys whatever they are willing to learn.

Tom Preston-Werner

As cofounder of GitHub, the world’s largest and most active Git hosting website, Tom Preston-Werner possesses inside knowledge of the Git ecosystem and how it is changing the way in which code collaboration is done.

Evan Prodromou
Evan Prodromou (Fuzzy.io), @evanpro

Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Wikitravel, Keiki, Vinismo, certifica, identi.ca.

Ilan Rabinovitch

Ilan Rabinovitch is a co-organizer of Geek-PAC where he develops their voter information resources. Additionally he is co-founder of the Southern California Linux Expo and has served as Conference Chair for the last 7 years. When not advocating open source and free software, he earns a living as a Systems Administrator at Edmunds.com in Santa Monica, CA

Paul  Rademacher
Paul Rademacher (Tasty Labs)

Paul Rademacher is VP of Engineering at Tasty Labs, a new startup working on tools to improve everyday life. He was previously an engineering manager for Google Maps, and Technical Lead for the Google Earth Browser Plugin and API. Prior to joining Google, Paul was the creator of HousingMaps.com, a combination of Craigslist and Google Maps that was the first-ever map mashup. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, and worked as an R&D Software Engineer for Dreamworks Animation on films including Shrek 2 and Madagascar.

Vijay Rajagopalan
Vijay Rajagopalan (Microsoft)

Vijay Rajagopalan is a Principal Architect for Microsoft’s Interoperability team, which is chartered to create and drive Interoperability Strategy across the company. Vijay has about 15 years of experience in the enterprise space, and has worked with customers and partners, including Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Intel, Fujitsu, Microfocus, and Accenture. He has been at Microsoft for more than 11 years, and most recently drove modeling, business frameworks and extensibility for Visual Studio in the company’s Developer Division.

Yadid Ramot
Yadid Ramot (MySpace.com)

Yadid is MySpace’s Client-Side Performance Architect. Yadid has spent much time mentoring the MySpace development community on front-end performance and developing performance monitoring tools

Allison Randal
Allison Randal (Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Open Source Initiative), @allisonrandal

Allison is a software developer and open source strategist, currently working on open source strategy at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She is President of the Open Source Initiative, board member at the Perl Foundation, and co-founder of the FLOSS Foundations group for open source leaders. She previously served as President of the Perl Foundation, Chief Architect of the Parrot virtual machine and Chairman of the Board at the Parrot Foundation, board member at the Python Software Foundation, Open Source Evangelist and OSCON Conference Chair at O’Reilly Media, and Technical Architect of Ubuntu and Open Source Advisor at Canonical. She collaborates in the Debian and OpenStack projects.

Kyle Rankin (QuinStreet, Inc.)

Kyle Rankin is a systems architect for Quinstreet Inc.; the current president of the North Bay Linux Users’ Group; the author of Knoppix Hacks, Knoppix Pocket Reference, Linux Multimedia Hacks, and Ubuntu Hacks; and a contributer to a number of other O’Reilly books. Rankin is a columnist for Linux Journal, has written for PC Magazine, TechTarget websites and other publications. He speaks frequently on Open Source software including at OSCON, Linux World Expo, Penguicon. and a number of Linux Users’ Groups.

David Recordon

David Recordon is Open Platforms Tech Lead for Six Apart, the largest independent blogging company in the world. Recordon has played a pivotal role in the development and popularization of key social media technologies such as OpenID. In 2005, Recordon collaborated with Brad Fitzpatrick in the original development of OpenID, which has since become the most popular decentralized single-sign-on protocol in the history of the web. During a year and a half at VeriSign, Recordon played an active role in refining and evangelizing OpenID, bringing it from an experimental technology to one that’s been endorsed by major companies ranging from AOL to Microsoft, and implemented for over 120 million identities on the web. Recordon’s history with open source software and open standards stretches back... Read More.

Lennart Regebro
Lennart Regebro (Independent), @regebro

Lennart Regebro is an independent Python developer. He has used Python and Zope since 1999, developed three content management systems and are currently working mostly with Plone. He is based in Paris since 2004 and relaxes by watching TV programs about history with a good, preferably Irish, whisky.

Jacinta Richardson
Jacinta Richardson (Perl Training Australia)

Jacinta Richardson runs Perl Training Australia, a micro-business offering courses throughout Australia. Both as part of her job and a massive free-time sink, she is involved in running conferences (linux.conf.au 2007, Open Source Developers’ Conference (Australia) 2004-2008, Australian System Administrators Conference (SAGE-AU) 2008-2009), attending conferences, writing perl-tips, speaking at Perl Monger meetings whenever she’s in the right town, participating in on-line Perl forums and promoting women in IT. For her work in the Perl community, Jacinta was awarded the White Camel Award in 2008. When away from the computer, Jacinta enjoys scuba diving,
cycling and baking.

Kirrily Robert
Kirrily Robert (Metaweb)

Kirrily Robert has been involved in open source software since 1993, as a Linux user, Perl developer, and community leader and advocate. She is best known for her work in the Perl community, where she has been a CPAN contributor, author, speaker, and trainer. She has worked extensively in the Open Source and Internet industries since the mid 90s, as a developer, sysadmin, and community manager. She has presented and given tutorials at many conferences, including OSCON, Yet Another Perl Conference, linux.conf.au, the Open Source Developer’s Conference (Australia), and has also spoken to numerous user groups and at BarCamps and unconferences.

Kirrily has recently been working on several projects related to women in Open Source and other geek communities. In 2008 she launched... Read More.

Kirrily Robert
Kirrily Robert (Freebase.com)

Kirrily Robert has been involved in open source software since 1993, as a Linux user, Perl developer, and community leader and advocate. She is best known for her work in the Perl community, where she has been a CPAN contributor, author, speaker, and trainer. She has worked extensively in the Open Source and Internet industries since the mid 90s, as a developer, sysadmin, and community manager.

Kirrily currently resides in San Francisco, where she works for Metaweb Technologies as Community Director for Freebase.com, an open, creative-commons-licensed, API-accessible, structured database of the world’s information.

Max Ross
Max Ross (Google, Inc. ), @MaxCRoss

Max Ross is a persistence-minded Software Engineer on the Google App Engine team. Max led the development of the Google App Engine JDO/JPA compatibility layer and is also the founder of the Hibernate Shards project. Prior to Google, he was a software engineer in the supply chain management and travel technology industries. Max holds a BA in Computer Science and American Studies from Williams College.

Robin Rowe
Robin Rowe (Linux Plus Magazine)

Robin Rowe is a software designer and corporate trainer. He’s completed R&D projects for DreamWorks Animation, DARPA, the Pentagon, the navy, and many companies. He’s a contributing editor for Linux Journal. He leads the open source CinePaint project. He’s taught object-oriented software design at the Naval Postgraduate School and at the University of Washington.

Ixchel Ruiz (CCA)

Ixchel has developed software application & tools since 2000. Her research interests include dynamic languages, testing and client-side technologies. Systems Administration (*nix on the top), Data Modeling and IA are among her career passions. She is a believer in open source and has participated in some projects (Json-lib and EZMorph), she is also a Groovy enthusiast, participating in several conferences and JUG meetings where the topic arises. She has also been teacher of computer science courses in the most prestigious education institute in Mexico.

Joaquin Ruiz
Joaquin Ruiz (Gear6)

As EVP, Products at Gear 6, Ruiz is responsible for products, go-to-market activities and corporate development. Prior to Gear6, he was involved in the launch and growth of several other open source companies including Sistina (acquired by Red Hat), Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo), and Spikesource.

Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell (Digital Reasoning Systems)

Principal – Zaffra LLC, a firm specializing in highly customized web development solutions; Director of Advanced Technology – Digital Reasoning Systems, a firm specializing in unstructured text mining; author of Dojo: The Definitive Guide (O’Reilly, June 2008).

Peter Saint-Andre

Peter Saint-Andre has been contributing to the Jabber/XMPP developer community since late 1999, where he has focused on technology standardization as author of the XMPP RFCs and numerous XMPP extension protocols. Since 2002 he has also served as Executive Director of the XMPP Standards Foundation. Peter is co-author of “XMPP: The Definitive Guide” (O’Reilly, 2009).

Karen Sandler
Karen Sandler (GNOME Foundation)

Karen M. Sandler is an attorney with the Software Freedom Law Center and serves as an officer of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Prior to joining SFLC, she worked as an associate in the corporate departments of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP in New York and Clifford Chance in New York and London. Sandler received her law degree from Columbia Law School in 2000, where she was a James Kent Scholar and co-founder of the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review. Sandler received her bachelor’s degree in engineering from The Cooper Union.

Brandon Savage

Brandon Savage is an experienced developer with nearly five years of PHP and MySQL development expertise. With a portfolio ranging from The Pickens Plan to Greenpeace, Brandon is experienced with high volume, high performance websites, performance tuning, and a variety of tricks and techniques for dealing with large databases and high user counts. Brandon resides in Washington, DC and works for Applied Security.

Merrick Schaefer

Merrick Schaefer is a Technical Project Coordinator in UNICEF’s Innovation Team based out of the UN’s New York Headquarters. He both develops strategies for innovative uses of technology in UNICEF’s work and coordinates the UI design, software development and field implementations of technical projects. His projects cover a wide spectrum of UNICEF’s work, ranging from developing Speak Africa, a social network connecting youth in eight African nations to discuss their most pressing issues on the web and with SMS, to using SMS to gather real-time data tracking food distribution during a famine in Ethiopia.

Merrick started working as a web developer in 1995, having a front row seat to the explosive growth of the World Wide Web. He has worked on enterprise level... Read More.

Jimmy Schementi

Jimmy Schementi works on IronRuby as one of the four core developers, and sometimes hacks on Python from time to time. But let http://blog.jimmy.schementi.com and http://twitter.com/jschementi speak for themselves.

Esther Schindler
Esther Schindler (It Expert Voice), @estherschindler

Esther Schindler has been writing about technology since 1992. She has a tropism for techie topics that make other people’s eyes glaze over — particularly software development, operating systems and open source. You’ve seen her byline in lots of places.

Theo Schlossnagle

Theo Schlossnagle is a Principal and CEO at OmniTI where he designs and implements scalable solutions for highly trafficked sites and other clients in need of sound, scalable architectural engineering. He is the architect of the highly scalable Ecelerity mail transport agent. Theo is a participant in various open source communities including OpenSolaris, Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, perl, and many others. He is a published author in the area of scalability and distributed systems as well as a veteran speaker in the open source conference circuit.

Karl Schroeder

Karl Schroeder is the author of ten science fiction novels and numerous short stories, as well as The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Science Fiction, which he wrote with Cory Doctorow. He divides his time between writing fiction and consulting in the area of Strategic Foresight (technology foresight, chiefly in scenario design).

Mr. Schroeder lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter.

Randal Schwartz
Randal Schwartz (FLOSS Weekly podcast), @merlyn

Randal L. Schwartz is a renowned expert on the Perl and Smalltalk programming
languages, having contributed to a dozen top-selling books on the subject, and
over 250 magazine articles. Schwartz runs a Perl and Smalltalk training and
consulting company (Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc of Portland, Oregon),
and is a highly sought-after speaker for his masterful stage combination of
technical skill, comedic timing, and crowd rapport. And he’s a pretty good Karaoke
singer, winning contests regularly.

Books authored/coauthored:

  • Programming Perl (multiple editions)
  • Learning Perl (multiple editions)
  • Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
  • Learning Perl Objects References and Modules (multiple editions)
  • Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
  • Object Oriented Perl
  • Randal Schwartz’s Perls of Wisdom

Magazine articles... Read More.

Michael Schwern
Michael Schwern (eval Empire), @schwern

Michael G Schwern has been programming Perl for over 10 years and is responsible for such modules as Class::DBI and Test::More. He writes for the Beautiful Code Blog as well as about Geek Ethology on http://geek2geek.info. In all probability, Michael has code on your computer. He can destroy CPAN at his leisure.

Michael currently resides in Portland, Oregon and has no intention of leaving. He provides freelance Testing, Software Engineering and Socialization consulting and training.

He owns no cars nor cats, though he kind of wants a cat.

Paul Scott
Paul Scott (DSTV Online), @paulscott56

I am currently employed by the University of the Western Cape as Chief Software Architect for the AVOIR network (http://avoir.uwc.ac.za/), as well as the manager of the Free Software Innovation Unit based (http://fsiu.uwc.ac.za/) at UWC (http://www.uwc.ac.za/).

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Botany, from the University of Port Elizabeth. I have many interests including Geographical Information Systems, Botany, Computer Science and Free Software. I have created and contributed to many Free Software projects and at any one time, am working on around 10 different FOSS projects collaboratively with a global community.

I have a strong interest in e-learning and teaching, using Free Software, and have contributed greatly to the AVOIR network and projects. I have a passion for coding and... Read More.

Toby Segaran

Toby Segaran is the author of the O’Reilly title, “Programming Collective Intelligence”, Amazon’s top-selling AI book. He frequently speaks on the subjects of machine learning, collective intelligence and freedom of data at conferences worldwide.

He currently holds the title of Data Magnate at Metaweb Technologies, where he works on large-scale data reconciliation problems. Prior to Metaweb he founded Incellico, a biotechnology software company, which was acquired in 2003.

Toby holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from MIT and is deemed a “Person of Exceptional Ability” by the USCIS. He loves applying data-analysis algorithms to everything ranging from pharmaceutical trials to online dating to financial risk models.

Damien Seguy (Alterway Consulting)

Damien Seguy contributes to PHP and MySQL since 1999: promotion, documentation, creation of local user groups and participation in conferences and writing technical articles.

Mr. Seguy is editor of the french magazine Direction|PHP (www.directionphp.biz), and portal technical www.nexen.net. It publishes monthly statistics on PHP. He works as an expert PHP and MySQL Nexen Services, Paris, a hosting company and services specializing in Open Source.

Mr. Seguy is a founder of AFUP (http://www.afup.org) and co-founder of PHP Quebec (http://www.phpquebec.com/), which recognized organize conferences in Paris and Montreal . He is also author of 3 books on PHP and MySQL, the first DVD devoted to PHP, and co-author of the PHP certification. It contributes to the French... Read More.

Scott Shawcroft
Scott Shawcroft (University of Washington)

Scott is a June 2009 graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Engineering.

He has created a number of unheard of open source projects such as Denu, Keystroke and Annoamp.

Most notably, he reverse engineered Apple’s multitouch in his program touchd which laid the ground work for the BCM5974 kernel driver.

Over the last three years he has interned at Creative Commons and Google. Soon he will become a full-time Googler.

Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett is the Chief Technology Officer of OmniTI, where he leads the web application security practice and guides web development initiatives.

Chris is a thought leader in the PHP and web application security communities — a widely-read blogger at shiflett.org, a popular speaker at industry conferences worldwide, and the founder of the PHP Security Consortium.

His books include the critically-acclaimed Essential PHP Security (O’Reilly) and HTTP Developer’s Handbook (Sams). His writing has also appeared in a number of other popular books including Programming PHP (O’Reilly), PHP Cookbook (O’Reilly), and PHP in Action (Manning).

Brian Shirai
Brian Shirai (Rubinius, Inc), @brixen

Brian is employed by Engine Yard to work full-time on Rubinius and the RubySpec project. Interested in languages of all types, he currently considers Ruby to be his favorite. He intends to make Rubinius the premier Ruby implementation and to facilitate easily exploring and adopting the best features of other programming languages.

Brian Shire
Brian Shire (Facebook, Inc.)

Currently residing in San Francisco, California, Brian Shire focuses primarily on optimizations and scalability for web applications and is an active contributor to the Alternative PHP Cache (APC), an opcode and user cache for PHP.

Ricardo Signes
Ricardo Signes (Pobox.com), @rjbs

Ricardo Signes was thrust into the job market with only a rudimentary humanities education, and was forced to learn to fend for himself. He is now a full-time Perl programmer, maintainer of the Perl Email Project, and frequent contributor to the CPAN.

Prabath Siriwardena

Prabath Siriwardena is the Senior Director of Security Architecture at WSO2 Inc – and also the founder of the Silicon Valley IAM meetup group. He is the author of the book Advanced API Security published by Apress and has also authored three more books on Apache Maven and Enterprise Integration. Prabath is also a member of Apache Axis PMC and has spoken at numerous international conferences including RSAConference, OSCON, QCon, ApacheCon, WSO2Con, European Identity Conference, Cloud Identity Summit (CIS), Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), IDentity Next, API World, API Strat and OSDC. He has more than 13 years of industry experience and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies.

Rolf Skyberg
Rolf Skyberg (eBay, Inc.)

Currently a Platform Product Manager and Evangelist, Rolf has held diverse positions at eBay such as “Disruptive Innovator”, “Researcher”, and “Quality Assurance Engineer”, He’s been involved in all aspects of the ecommerce ecosystem from beginning to end. While at eBay he has focused on inspiring new ways of approaching problems and exploring them from a holistic viewpoint.

His investigations in those areas have yielded patent filings in areas such as social commerce, item categorization, and delivery verification systems.

He also serves on the advisory board of Innovation Exchange, a company that seeks to deliver open innovation for Global 5000 companies. By opening up innovation to everyone who wants to participate, Innovation Exchange enables companies to absorb ideas from globally rich and diverse community of innovators.

... Read More.
Joseph Smarr
Joseph Smarr (Google)

Joseph Smarr is Chief Platform Architect at Plaxo. He is currently
leading Plaxo’s “Open Social Web” initiative to put users back in
control of who they know when using socially-enabled sites by using open
data-sharing standards. An active participant in the Web 2.0 community,
Joseph has built web applications for many years, including Plaxo’s
online address book, web widgets, and was architect and lead developer
of the Plaxo 3.0 rich AJAX address book, calendar, and sync tool. Joseph
has a BS and MS from Stanford University in Artificial Intelligence.

David Smith (REvolution Computing)

David has a long history with the statistical community. After graduating with a degree in Statistics from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, David spent four years researching statistical methodology at Lancaster University (United Kingdom), where he also developed a number of packages for the S-PLUS statistical modeling environment. David continued his association with S-PLUS at Insightful (now TIBCO Spotfire) where for more than eight years he oversaw the product management of S-PLUS and other statistical and data mining products. David is the co-author (with Bill Venables) of the tutorial manual, An Introduction to R , and one of the originating developers of ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics. Prior to joining REvolution, David was Vice President, Product Management at Zynchros, Inc.

... Read More.
Donald Smith
Donald Smith (The Eclipse Foundation)

Donald Smith, MBA, MSc, is Director of Ecosystem Development for the Eclipse Foundation, an independent not-for-profit foundation supporting the Eclipse open source community. Prior to joining Eclipse, Donald was Director of Technology Evangelism at Oracle and has also worked for startups WebGain and The Object People. He brings over a decade of worldwide industry experience, from small “dot-com” through Fortune 50 companies. Donald speaks regularly about community development, persistence, business integration and politics at conferences and events world wide, including Java One, Oracle World, Sun Tech Days, Evans Developer Relations Conference, OOPSLA, JAOO, Server Side Symposium, Colorado Software Summit and others.

Nicholas Solter
Nicholas Solter (OpenSolaris / Sun Microsystems)

Nicholas Solter is the lead author of OpenSolaris Bible (Wiley, 2009), a 1000-page reference and tutorial on OpenSolaris.

Nicholas has worked at Sun Microsystems for more than eight years in the areas of high availability and distributed systems. In his work on the Solaris Cluster product, he has implemented clustering support for core Solaris features such as Zones and SMF. He was the technical lead in open sourcing the Solaris Cluster product and is currently leading the effort to run Solaris Cluster on the OpenSolaris distribution.

In addition to his work at Sun, Nicholas has experience in the computer game industry at Digital Media International and Electronic Arts. He is also the lead author of Professional C++ (Wrox, 2005) and has taught C++ at... Read More.

Juhan Sonin
Juhan Sonin (Involution Studios)

Juhan is the Creative Director of Involution Studios Boston, and has been the creative leader of four different organizations, producing work recognized by the BBC, the New York Times, Ars Electronica, National Public Radio and Billboard Magazine. Prior to joining Involution, Juhan spent time at Apple, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), and MITRE. He is also a lecturer on design and rapid prototyping at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Steve Souders
Steve Souders (SpeedCurve), @souders

Steve Souders works at Google on web performance and open source initiatives. His book High Performance Web Sites explains his best practices for performance along with the research and real-world results behind them. Steve is the creator of YSlow, Cuzillion, and Hammerhead. He is co-chair of Velocity and co-founder of the Firebug Working Group. He taught CS193H High Performance Web Sites at Stanford, and frequently speaks at conferences including OSCON, The Ajax Experience, SXSW, and Web 2.0 Expo.

Jonathan Steinert (SixApart)

Jonathan is a maintainer for many open source projects, including memcached, gearman, mogileFS, and perlbal. He dreams in perl.

Bradford Stephens
Bradford Stephens (roboticprofit), @lusciouspear

Bradford spends countless hours architecting distributed systems, designing social media analysis frameworks, and learning how to manage humans (when he’s not playing music or buried in a Space Opera novel).

He’s currently the lead engineer for the Data Platform group at Visible Technologies , where his team “is doing very large-scale things in the Social Media field”.

You can keep up with his pithy witticisms on engineering at Road To Failure.

Louis Suarez-Potts
Louis Suarez-Potts (Oracle / OpenOffice.org)

Louis Suárez-Potts is the longtime Community Manager and Chair of the Community Council for OpenOffice.org; he joined Sun Microsystems in 2007 and has led the OpenOffice.org community since 2000. The lead and co-lead of several projects and the primary spokesperson and representative of OpenOffice.org, Suárez-Potts also represents the project regarding OpenDocument format (ODF) matters, and is on the OASIS ODF Adoption Technical Committee and is a member of the ODF Alliance. He speaks frequently on the ODF, OpenOffice.org, education and open source, and community development throughout the world. Suárez-Potts is currently working on several articles regarding open source development and education. He lives in Toronto and received his PhD from U.C. Berkeley.

Mark Surman
Mark Surman (Mozilla Foundation), @msurman

Mark Surman is executive director of the Mozilla Foundation. His job is to help people who want to make the internet better. Before Mozilla, Mark was a fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation and founding director of telecentre.org. He lives in Toronto, where he spends a fair bit of time banging a drum about all things open. Mark blogs at: http://commonspace.wordpress.com.

Clint Talbert
Clint Talbert (Mozilla)

Clint started with Mozilla as a volunteer by organizing a QA team for the Calendar project. From there, he became a calendar module owner, and then was hired by Mozilla to work on test development. He is currently the Test Development Lead for the Mozilla QA team.

Jon Tan
Jon Tan (OmniTI)

Jon Tan is the Creative Director for OmniTI. He publishes a popular personal site, as well speaking at events like SXSW and SkillSwap around web typography, user experience design, and collaboration.

Jon is also a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers. His work has featured in magazines like .Net as well as countless design galleries including the CSS Zen Garden, and books like the Web Design Index (Pepin Press) and The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design (SitePoint).

Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor (Metaweb)

While developing an Internet laboratory for studying economic equilibria, Jamie started one of the first ISPs in San Francisco so he could get a better connection at home.
He finally got a real job as CTO at DETERMINE Software (now a part of Selectica) helping create order in the unstructured world of Enterprise contract management.
He is now helping to organize the world’s structured information at Metaweb where he oversees data operations.

Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor is an Engineer for Sun. He’s currently hacking on Drizzle full time, and was the crazy guy who wrote the NDB/Bindings in the first place (why write for one language when you can have six?) Before that, he was a Senior Consultant for MySQL which took him all over the word focusing on Cluster and High Availability.

He’s a Python programmer by first choice(and yet hears the obvious joke surprisingly infrequently) but seems to be spending all of his time recently in C, C++ and Java.

Laura Thomson
Laura Thomson (Mozilla Corporation)

Laura Thomson is a Senior Software Engineer at Mozilla Corporation on the web team, after spending much of the previous decade as a consultant and trainer on various Open Source technologies.

Laura is the co-author of “PHP and MySQL Web Development” and “MySQL Tutorial”. She is a veteran speaker at Open Source conferences world wide.

Helgi is a board member in PEAR as well as being a long time developer, QA member, website wrangler and everything in between for PEAR.

Helgi currently is the head of R&D at echolibre in addition to giving multiple talks at various PHP conferences all over the world and writing articles and monthly columns for PHP|Architect.

Beth Tibbitts
Beth Tibbitts (IBM )

Beth is a Senior Software Engineer with IBM Research, currently focused on building tools for parallel programmers with the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform

Michael Tiemann
Michael Tiemann (Open Source Initiative)

Michael Tiemann wrote the GNU C++ compiler (1987), started the world’s first open source copmany (Cygnus Support, 1989), raised the first venture capital for an open source company (1996), joined the OSI Board (2003) and became President of the OSI in 2005.

He is also VP of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat.

James Tillman (Elections by the People Foundation, Inc.)

James Tillman has been developing software for State and Local governments for 15 years, and has been active in Open Source development for more than a decade. An early participant on SourceForge.com, he served as a coordinator for the now-defunct Java and Perl “foundries” in its formative years, and contributed to many Open Source projects, such as LWP and Ht://dig. He has led and participated on multiple software development teams which have designed and developed enterprise-level solutions for mission-critical systems, including a Java-based authentication and authorization library utilized by Law Enforcement. Over the years, James has been active in the Tallahassee/Leon County regional technology community, and is currently Chair-Elect of Tallahassee Technology Association (“TalTech”), a regional technology advocacy group that works with technology businesses... Read More.

Vadim Tkachenko
Vadim Tkachenko (Percona Inc)

Vadim Tkachenko is former MySQL performance engineer, currently running performance consulting company and blog mysqlperformanceblog.com. Co-author of “High Performance MySQL”, 2nd edition book.

Aleksandar Totic
Aleksandar Totic (Open Source Digital Voting Foundation), @atotic

Aleks Totic is a member of the OSDV Core Team. He dove into open source
and startups at grad school in ’93 by writing MacMosaic, and has been part of
the open source/startups/investments vortex since. He has been interested in
modernization of our election system since 2003, had a polling place in his
garage, and wrote an online election system for FairVote. He loves having
lots of users of his code, and is looking forward to deploying its
TrustTheVote system.

Robert Treat

Robert Treat works as a database architect at OmniTI and has been working with open source for over a decade. A veteran industry speaker at conferences worldwide, Robert is also co-author of the book Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8, and has been recognized as a major contributor to the PostgreSQL project for his work over the years.

Theodore Ts'o
Theodore Ts'o (Google), @tytso

Theodore Ts’o was the first North American Linux Kernel Developer, and organizes the Annual Linux Kernel Developer’s Summit, which brings together the top 75 Linux Kernel Developers from all over the world for an annual face-to-face meeting. He was a founding board member of the Free Standards Group, and was chair of that organization until it merged with OSDL to form the Linux Foundation. He is one of the core maintainers for the ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems, and is the primary author and maintainer for e2fsprogs, the user space utilities for the ext2/3/4 file systems. At IBM, Theodore served as the architect for the Real-Time Linux development team. Theodore is currently on assignment with the Linux Foundation where he serves its... Read More.

Ross Turk
Ross Turk (SourceForge, Inc.)

Campaigning for wider adoption of open source, Ross attends conferences around the world, represents SourceForge in multiple industry consortia and professional groups, and makes open source software a little more fun through innovative programs like the Community Choice Awards.

James Turner
James Turner (O'Reilly Media)

James Turner, contributing editor for oreilly.com, is a freelance journalist who has written for publications as diverse as the Christian Science Monitor, Processor, Linuxworld Magazine, Developer.com and WIRED Magazine. In addition to his shorter writing, he has also written two books on Java Web Development (“MySQL & JSP Web Applications” and “Struts: Kick Start”). He is the former Senior Editor of LinuxWorld Magazine and Senior Contributing Editor for Linux Today. He has also spent more than 25 years as a software engineer and system administrator, and currently works as a Senior Software Engineer for a company in the Boston area. His past employers have included the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Xerox AI Systems, Solbourne Computer, Interleaf, the Christian Science Monitor and contracting... Read More.

Kelaine Vargas
Kelaine Vargas (Urban Forest Map)

Kelaine Vargas is an urban ecologist and project manager of the Urban Forest Mapping Project. She studied landscape architecture and ecology at North Carolina State University and continued research in the field of urban ecology as a Fulbright Scholar in Berlin and for several years with the U.S. Forest Service. Outside the Urban Forest Mapping Project, she works as a consultant helping entities make better use of their natural resources as they work toward achieving sustainability.

Steven Vaughan-Nichols

Steven Vaughan-Nichols has been hanging around the open source community since its inception. He’s been writing about the subject for more than ten years, and has been a pro tech journalist for twenty. You’ve probably cursed his articles at least a few times — and cheered them even more often.

Jesse Vincent
Jesse Vincent (Keyboardio), @obra

Jesse Vincent is the author of <href=“http://bestpractical.com/rt/”>RT and Hiveminder and the founder of Best Practical Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to open tools to help people and organizations keep track of what needs doing, when it gets done, and who does it. Before founding Best Practical, Vincent worked as the systems lead for a now-defunct dotcom and as a software designer at Microsoft.

Jyri Virkki (Sun Microsystems)

Jyri J. Virkki is the chief architect and lead of OpenSolaris Web Stack
project and the Sun GlassFish Web Stack product line. He specializes in
server software security technologies and performance. Jyri holds M.S.
in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kurt von Finck
Kurt von Finck (Monty Program Ab)

Chief Community and Communications Officer for Monty Program Ab

James Walker
James Walker (StatusNet Inc), @walkah

James Walker is Lullabot’s Director of Education where he oversees the company’s public workshops, seminars and private Drupal trainings. A leader in the Drupal community, James is a founding member of the non-profit Drupal Association and the Drupal security team. As a long time member of the Drupal community, James maintains over a dozen modules and has contributed countless patches to Drupal core. A long time believer in Open Source and Open Standards, James has spent years co-ordinating Drupal’s involvement with other communities such as Jabber/XMPP and, most recently, OpenID. An engaging speaker, James is a frequently requested presenter at many types of technical conferences. His humorous and informative lectures have been among the most well-attended at DrupalCons, starting with the first – four... Read More.

Larry Wall
Larry Wall (The Wall Nuthouse)

Larry Wall is the proud father of Perl.

Chris Wanstrath

Chris Wanstrath is a co-founder of GitHub and an Isaac Asimov fan. He
lives in San Francisco, never has enough time to work on his own open
source projects, and tweets at http://twitter.com/defunkt.

Simon Wardley
Simon Wardley (Leading Edge Forum), @swardley

Simon Wardley is a researcher for the Leading Edge Forum focused on the intersection of IT strategy and new technologies. Simon is a seasoned executive who has spent the last 15 years defining future IT strategies for companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), retail, and IT industries—from Canon’s early leadership in the cloud computing space to Ubuntu’s recent dominance as the top cloud operating system. As a geneticist with a love of mathematics and a fascination for economics, Simon has always found himself dealing with complex systems, whether in behavioral patterns, the environmental risks of chemical pollution, developing novel computer systems, or managing companies. He’s a passionate advocate and researcher in the fields of open source, commoditization, innovation, organizational structure, and cybernetics. Simon’s... Read More.

Jason Weathersby
Jason Weathersby (Actuate Corporation)

Jason Weathersby is the BIRT Evangelist at Actuate Corporation and a member of the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project Management Committee (PMC). Jason has over 15 years experience in the software development field, ranging from real time process control to business intelligence software and is currently a committer on the BIRT Project. At Actuate, Jason is responsible for educating the Open Source community on BIRT and encouraging its adoption, and is responsible for managing the Eclipse BIRT newsgroup and website. Jason has co-authored two BIRT books and has presented on BIRT at more than 20 conferences worldwide. Find him at BIRT World (birtworld.blogspot.com).

Bill Weihl (Google, Inc.)

Bill Weihl is Green Energy Czar at Google, where he leads efforts in energy efficiency and renewable energy, and also manages the company’s greenhouse-gas footprint. He spearheaded Google’s drive to become carbon neutral, helped found the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, and helped create the RE<C initiative to develop renewable energy cheaper than coal. He has extensive business and technical experience in high-tech, including ten years as a professor of Computer Science at MIT, five years as a research scientist at Digital’s Systems Research Center, and five years as Chief Architect and then CTO of Akamai Technologies.

Luke Welling
Luke Welling (Tidal Labs), @lukewelling

Luke Welling is from Melbourne, Australia, but currently lives near Washington, DC, where he ekes out a living as a security nerd at OmniTI. He sees lots of good PHP and bad PHP, and tries to write more good than bad. Over the last decade, he has applied PHP in many places where it was intended, and in many places where it was never meant to go. With his wife Laura, he wrote the bestselling book PHP and MySQL Web Development and often speaks about PHP at conferences and user groups. His hobbies include riding his horses and sticking Splayds in toasters, although he has not yet attempted to do both at once.

Casey West
Casey West (Pivotal), @caseywest

Casey West lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and three awesome kids. When he’s working for CombineNet people call him a Lead Product Engineer, Infrastructure and Architecture which means he writes code and tries to make the world a better place for his team.

Emma Jane Westby

Emma Jane Hogbin has been working as a web developer since 1996. Her infectious enthusiasm and ability to explain concepts without using technical jargon puts even the greatest technophobes at ease. Passionate about helping people to acquire knowledge, Emma Jane volunteers with the Drupal and Ubuntu documentation teams. She is well-known in the Drupal community for not only her technical knowledge but also her engaging and humorous means of bringing Drupal to a wider audience…such as the Drupal socks and their GPLed pattern. Through her consulting company HICK Tech, and at conferences around the world, Emma Jane has inspired people to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt and to tackle problems head-on. She chronicles her adventures at www.emmajane.net.

David Wheeler
David Wheeler (iovation), @theory

David E. Wheeler is President of Portland-based Kineticode, and former CTO of Values of n, creators of the PostgreSQL-and-Rails-powered iwantsandy.com, home of Sandy, your personal email assistant. David is also maintainer and lead developer of Bricolage, a content management and publishing system powered by Perl and PostgreSQL. For his next trick, he may or may not build a Python or Lisp or BASIC-powered Web application, but whatever it is, it will likely be built on PostgreSQL. Unless it’s a blog, in which case he’ll just use SQLite.

Elaine Wherry (Meebo)

Elaine Wherry is co-founder and VP of product at Meebo. She majored in Symbolic Systems at Stanford and then joined Synaptics and led their Usability team for several years. In 2005, she started Meebo with two friends from Stanford, Seth Sternberg and Sandy Jen. Elaine plays the violin and migrated west to California after growing up on a goat farm.

Saill White
Saill White (Lina Software), @saill

As Vice President of Product Development at Lina, Saill White has been in over her head with open source for nearly five and a half years. In her previous life, she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley Solar Group, and her own company, Suncalc.

Brock Whitten (Nitobi Inc.), @sintaxi

Brock Whitten is a creator of the open source PhoneGap project. Brock is passionate about community driven projects and cares about enriching the software ecosystem. Brock is a software developer at Nitobi Inc. He speaks regularly at conferences and is an advocate of open web standards.

Michael Widenius
Michael Widenius (Monty Program Ab)

Founder of MySQL AB.
Original author & architect of the MySQL server.
Founder and CEO of Monty Program Ab and creator of MariaDB. Founder of the Open Database Alliance.

Duleepa Wijayawardhana is the Sun/MySQL Community Relations Manager for North America and is an open-source evangelist. Prior to joining the community team, he was one of MySQL Web Team’s Web Developers managing and working on the popular mysql.com.

Before joining MySQL, Dups worked for game developer BioWare Corp. in Edmonton, Canada (now Electronic Arts) where he helped develop the BioWare Community Site, BioWare Store, and various other game-related properties as well as being Manager for BioWare’s Application Support Team.

He lives in Montreal, Canada. http://blogs.sun.com/dups // http://www.dups.ca

Edd Wilder-James

Edd Dumbill is co-chair of the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, and leads the design and implementation of conference software at O’Reilly.

Eric Wilhelm
Eric Wilhelm (Cisco, Inc.)

Eric Wilhelm is a software and systems consultant, leader of the Portland Perl Mongers, and author of many CPAN modules. Eric is a contributor to several open source projects and founder of a few others.

Rich Wolski
Rich Wolski (University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB))

Having received his M.S. and
Ph.D. degrees from the University of California at Davis (while he held a
full-time research position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) he has
also held positions at the University of California, San Diego, and the
University of Tennessee. He is currently also a strategic advisor to the San
Diego Supercomputer Center and an adjunct faculty member at the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory.

John Woodell
John Woodell (Google, Inc. ), @johnwoodell

John Woodell is a web developer at Google, and a Ruby enthusiast. He started developing web pages in the early ‘90s, and spent over a decade hacking together sites in Perl, Java and PHP. John discovered RubyOnRails in 2005 and has been a dedicated Rubyist ever since. He maintains the App Engine APIs for JRuby and contributes to related projects. John manages the JRuby on App Engine blog and tweets as johnwoodell.

Hyrum Wright
Hyrum Wright (WANdisco, Inc.)

Hyrum is a PhD student studying Software Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He has been the release manager of the Subversion project since early 2008. Hyrum’s research interests include version control systems and release engineering.

Ken Yagen (MuleSoft), @kenyagen

A seasoned engineering leader experienced in developing enterprise software products, Ken has served as founder and VP of Engineering for several startups. Prior to that, he was in a technical leadership role at BEA software on the AquaLogic SOA platform. He developed an industry-leading distributed entitlements solution that is still in use at leading financial institutions worldwide. Ken has also contributed to the development of several industry standards, including SAML and XACML.

At MuleSource, Ken leads up all aspects of engineering on the Mule ESB, MuleHQ and Galaxy SOA Governance products.

Ken holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Nathan Yergler
Nathan Yergler (Creative Commons)

Nathan Yergler joined Creative Commons as a software engineer in July 2004. Yergler joined Creative Commons after pioneering the use of Python in the high school programming curriculum at Canterbury School, Fort Wayne, IN. Yergler resides in San Francisco and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University (Fort Wayne).

Dan York
Dan York (Voxeo Corporation)

Dan York is Director of Emerging Communication Technology in the Office of the CTO of Voxeo Corporation focused on analyzing/evaluating emerging technology, participating in industry standards bodies, addressing VoIP security issues and leading Voxeo’s move into social media. Since the mid-1980’s Dan has been working with online communication technologies and helping businesses and organizations understand how to use and participate in those new media. Dan frequently presents at conferences, has authored multiple books on Linux and networking and has written numerous articles in print and online. His writing can be found at DisruptiveTelephony.com and Voxeo’s weblogs at blogs.voxeo.com

Peter Zaitsev
Peter Zaitsev (Percona LLC)

Peter helped many companies ranging from one man startups to Fortune 500 companies with their Performance and Scaling problems on various stages starting from architecture design and down to queries and schema optimization.

Over cause of the years Peter has spoken on many International conferences focused on MySQL, Open Source, Databases or High Performance Web applications.

Before co-founding Percona Peter worked for MySQL AB as head of High Performance Group being involved in Support, Consulting, Development and working with vendors helping to optimize their software or hardware to perform well with MySQL.

Peter also was involved in number of Web Startups in the roles ranging from CTO to Consultant and has a lot of experience in MySQL and Web Applications Operations, Deployment, Quality Assurance... Read More.

Jim Zemlin
Jim Zemlin (The Linux Foundation)

Jim Zemlin, formerly executive director of the Free Standards Group, is the executive director of the Linux Foundation. Zemlin previously served as vice president of marketing for Covalent Technologies, the leader in products and services for the Apache web server. Prior to that, he was a member of the founding management team of Corio, a leading enterprise application service provider that had a successful initial public offering in July 2000. Widely quoted in the press on open source and commercial software trends, Zemlin has also been a keynote speaker at industry and financial conferences including Gartner’s Open Source Conference, Linux World and OSCON. Zemlin is an adviser on open source strategy to various companies and governmental groups including Hyperic, Zmanda and the Chinese Open... Read More.

Andrei Zmievski
Andrei Zmievski (Analog), @a

Andrei is Open Source Fellow at Digg, where he works on PHP and other open source technologies. In the past he was building social video game platforms at Outspark and internal tools at Yahoo!, specializing in internationalisation (i18n) and infrastructure software. He is also a core PHP developer, leader of the PHP-GTK project, and a co-author of PHP Developer’s Cookbook and the Smarty templating system. His current focus is the native Unicode and i18n support in PHP.

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