Snakebite: The Open Network

Administration, Emerging Topics, Programming, Python
Location: Meeting Room J1/J4
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Why do we develop open source software on closed networks? Why do open source developers only have access to a fraction of platforms that their software will be eventually be run on? And why are the Windows buildbots always red?!

What initially started as a devious plan to try and con either Neil Norwitz or Guido van Rossum into hiding some aging AlphaServers under their desk at Google, Snakebite now has its sights firmly set on rewriting the rulebook for how we develop open source software.

Snakebite is a collaborative development network intended to make the lives of Python developers easier and make cross-platform development less problematic. As well as changing the way Python is developed, it will simplify development for other Python projects like Django, NumPy, SciPy, Twisted, Trac, etc.

Join Trent “perhaps-I-went-slightly-overboard” Nelson, Snakebite’s founder, for an action-packed adventure through the self-proclaimed “Open Network’s” tumultuous past in the section I Wish I Was a Basket Weaver in Tibet: The Snakebite Early Days.

Gain an understanding of where Snakebite is today as Trent employs an arsenal of judicial exaggeration and strategic white lies to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy about the network in his overview, State of the Wound. Then, sit in awe as Trent demonstrates his inability to learn from the pitfalls associated with being too ambitious in the early days as he depicts his even more ambitious plans for the future in uninspiringly-titled section, The Road Ahead.

Finally, put the fragility of your attention span to test as co-speaker and 2IC of Snakebite, Dr. C. Titus “who-the-&*$@-gave-Trent-my-contact-details?” Brown, takes the stand and elaborates on Snakebite’s plans to exploit cheap labour (a.k.a undergraduates), then uses the remaining seven minutes of his ten minute slot to canvas the audience for suggestions on how to a.) kill lake weeds, and b.) get 1200lbs of useless cra^W^Waging servers out of his bioinformatics lab and into the campus incinerator, without Trent noticing.

As an effort to hedge against the probability of being one of those presentations that reads incredibly well on the schedule, yet makes you wish you attended “Perl for Python Programmers” upon attendance, Trent and Titus will attempt to masquerade the distinct lack of any tangible information in their presentation with a strategically placed question that audience members can answer online for the chance to win an exciting prize!

Trent Nelson


Founder of Snakebite.

Titus Brown

Michigan State University

Dr. Titus Brown is an assistant professor at MSU.

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Mark Fink
07/24/2009 3:45am PDT

the speaker canceled the presentation because only four people showed up. Very unprofessional from my point of view.

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