Introduction to Web Application Development Using Smalltalk Seaside

Emerging Topics, Programming, Web Applications
Location: Ballroom A1
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In this short course, we’ll look at the Seaside Web Framework, covering topics such as:

  • Components
  • Callbacks
  • HTML generation (including forms)
  • Persistence (including object-relational mapping)
  • Deploying your application
  • AJAX integration (if time permits)

Demonstrations will be performed with the Open Source Squeak programming environment, although the knowledge will also apply to other environments, such as VisualWorks, GNU Smalltalk, or GemStone/S.

After completing this course, you’ll have a basic understanding of building and deploying a web application using Seaside.

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Randal Schwartz

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Randal L. Schwartz is a renowned expert on the Perl and Smalltalk programming
languages, having contributed to a dozen top-selling books on the subject, and
over 250 magazine articles. Schwartz runs a Perl and Smalltalk training and
consulting company (Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc of Portland, Oregon),
and is a highly sought-after speaker for his masterful stage combination of
technical skill, comedic timing, and crowd rapport. And he’s a pretty good Karaoke
singer, winning contests regularly.

Books authored/coauthored:

  • Programming Perl (multiple editions)
  • Learning Perl (multiple editions)
  • Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
  • Learning Perl Objects References and Modules (multiple editions)
  • Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
  • Object Oriented Perl
  • Randal Schwartz’s Perls of Wisdom

Magazine articles and columns:

  • UnixReview Magazine
  • PerformanceComputing Magazine
  • SysAdmin Magazine and Website
  • WebTechniques Magazine and Website
  • Linux Magazine and Website
  • The Perl Journal E-Magazine
  • Apple Developer Works Website

Regular contributor to online forums:

Podcast producer:

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Jeff Mitchell
07/22/2009 3:43am PDT

I didn’t really get out of the tutorial what I was hoping to get, but then I never had too much hope, since my goals were rather tangential. I’m in the early stages of trying to evaluate web development frameworks (in perl, ideally), and I was hoping to see a completely different framework (Seaside) in action, to see if there were features that I would want or appreciate more having seen them. No such luck, but I still enjoyed the tutorial. Thanks.

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