The Linux Defenders: Stop the Trolls, Protect Linux, Further Innovation

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Patent Trolls are an ever-growing threat to global innovation. These organizations purchase low-quality patents and use them as leverage to hijack potential revenue and profits from technology companies, our largest economic driver. This causes entrepreneurs to reconsider launching companies, while CEOs devote more of their time and resources to defending their intellectual property. New tools and methods are becoming available to combat Patent Trolls and enable technology companies to focus on their core business.

Open Invention Network (OIN), a collaborative enterprise that enables open source innovation and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem around Linux, has unveiled the free Linux Defenders program, which is designed to make prior art more readily accessible to patent and trademark office examiners, increase the quality of granted patents and reduce the number of poor quality patents.

Keith Bergelt, CEO of OIN, will talk about how Linux Defenders, an online database open to all, offers the Linux and broader open source community a unique opportunity to harness its collaborative passion, intelligence, and ingenuity to ensure Linux’s natural migration to mobile devices and computing. He will also detail how this landmark program will benefit open source innovation by significantly reducing the number of poor quality patents that might otherwise be used by patent trolls or strategics whose behaviors and business models are antithetical to true innovation and are thus threatened by Linux.

The Linux Defenders website is located at

Photo of Keith Bergelt

Keith Bergelt

Open Invention Network

Keith Bergelt is the chief executive officer of Open Invention Network (OIN), the collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in open source and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem around Linux.

Prior to joining OIN, Mr. Bergelt was the president and chief executive officer of two hedge funds, Paradox Capital and IPI – formed to unlock the considerable asset value of patents, trademarks and copyrights in middle market companies. The funds were the first of their kind to offer specialty lending products supported exclusively by intellectual property. During Mr. Bergelt’s stewardship, he raised over $300 million while financing portfolio companies of private equity firms.

Previously Mr. Bergelt co-founded, advised and managed intellectual property portfolios within several multinational organizations. Mr. Bergelt also distinguished himself, serving for twelve years as a U.S. diplomat, with postings at the United Nations in New York and the American Embassy in Tokyo, Japan where he was involved in the negotiation of intellectual property rights protection in Asia.

Mr. Bergelt holds an Artium Baccalaureus degree from Duke University, a Jurist Doctorate degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Theseus Institute in France. He is a frequent speaker on corporate strategy, finance and intellectual property management.

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