Linux System and Network Performance Monitoring

Administration, Linux
Location: Ballroom A4/A5
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The Linux Performance Monitoring Course teaches systems administrators practical methodologies for monitoring systems using standard system tools. The course breaks performance into 4 functional components: CPU, Memory, I/O, and Network. The instructor will cover 4 aspects of each component:

1) Component Architecture from a System Administrator Perspective (not developer)

2) How to interpret and correlate the output from standard system tools to identify issues

3) Any relevant tuning options available to the component

4) Case study – demonstrating how to use monitoring skills

Darren Hoch

StrongMail Systems

Darren Hoch has been teaching and consulting on Linux in government, academic and corporate settings since 1999. He currently works for StrongMail Systems in Redwood City, CA as the Director of Professional Services. His primary role at StrongMail is to build products and service offerings based off the Linux platform. Prior to StrongMail, Darren worked for both Sun Microsystems and Accenture as a technical consultant and trainer. He wrote the course “Enterprise Intrusion Analysis” for Sun and a portion of the “Sun Certified Security Administrator Exam”. While contributing multiple whitepapers to the open source movement, he speaks frequently at UNIX groups and conferences. Darren lives in Tulsa, OK with his wife Aleta and their two boys Paul and Scott.

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Jason Buberel
07/23/2009 4:00pm PDT

Very detailed, useful, and delivered effectively. The scenario-based information was very accessible and pertinent to the every-day concerns of someone who administers heavily loaded servers. Specific, actionable, detailed information. In fact, the very next day I was using some of the same commands to poke around my own servers.

Akkana makes a good point: Throwing some bold-faced text into the screen dumps would have been helpful.

Matt Lebofsky
07/23/2009 2:19am PDT

Great stuff! Unexpectedly informational – I thought I knew it all but this talk (and take home materials) contained lots of good tips/tricks and tools which I will implement right away.

Jeff Cobb
07/23/2009 1:59am PDT

Over the top excellent! Very dense with details (a good thing). Questions were clearly answered. The take home paper was well written.

Visual highlights would be good, as others have reported.

Akkana Peck
07/21/2009 9:13am PDT

Excellent tutorial—packed with useful information yet still easy to follow. The case studies helped a lot and the handout will be a great reference.

Only suggestion: highlight important fields on screen—sometimes it was hard to follow the laser pointer (or even see it from the back of the room).

Burvil N/A
07/21/2009 8:23am PDT

Overall, an extremely well done presentation – packed a lot of information in, a lot of good examples and really exceeded my expectations. I can see why Darren is asked to come back each year. My only (minor) complaints are:

a) that it would have been more helpful in the sections where iostat, mpstat or other terminal output was shown, to have arrows pointing to areas of interest, e.g. the wa column if a system was IO bound and the CPU was waiting on output, etc., b) although demos have potential to fail and mess up a presentation, it would be helpful to have it in some way, perhaps in a video that could be paused as needed during the presentation.

But again, these are relatively minor – on the whole, a really great presentation.

Picture of Greg Lund-Chaix
Greg Lund-Chaix
07/21/2009 6:00am PDT

Well-done. I’ve been a sysadmin for 15 years and I definitely leaned some new things, along with learning why things I’d learned through trial and error are so.

Glen Kriekenbeck
07/21/2009 5:11am PDT

Great stuff: good balance of theory (kernel algorithms), and how the tools show what the kernel is trying to do. More info on app server perf issues would help (but maybe presenter doesn’t see enough of these kind of problems.)

Julio Saenz
07/21/2009 5:07am PDT

this presentation was awesome!!! i am a programmer trying to get into system administration and this is perfect for a new comer. i which it was longer….

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