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OSCON Puts Open Source to Work: O'Reilly Open Source Convention Opens Call for Participation

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Dec. 22, 2009
Sebastopol, CA, December 22, 2009 - OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, puts the freedom of open source to work July 19-23, 2010, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Program chairs Edd Dumbill and Allison Randal have opened the call for participation, requesting proposals for sessions and tutorials... OSCON… read more

OSCON 09 has some good European stories inside!

[YouVox Tech]
by Phil Jeudy  Sep. 01, 2009
Reasons why coming to Silicon Valley for a European startups are numerous. We heard that already, and this is not the end ! On a Financial point of view, Silicon Valley is full of Business Angels and the place number ONE in terms of VCs. On a Business point of… read more

OSCON 2009 - San Jose

by James Briggs  Jul. 24, 2009
There was great attendance, and plenty to see with about 15 simultaneous tracks, lots of BoFs, and an active exhibits area. One of the changes this year was more OS talks, including some for linux and FreeBSD. This is a welcome change, though many kernel hackers won't travel to the… read more

EnterpriseDB Executive Honored for Commitment to Open Source/PostgreSQL

by EnterpriseDB   Aug. 17, 2009
Bruce Momjian Recognized as 'Database Jedi Master' at the Recently Held O'Reilly Open Source Convention, OSCON 2009... read more

Thoughts from OSCON 2009: Open government, concurrency

by David Mertz  Aug. 12, 2009
Keynote sessions at OSCON often do a good job setting the tone of the conference sessions. Tim O'Reilly, who certainly must have followed the convention planning, made some comments that spoke to the range of concerns of the next days and advanced his own current areas of interest. Like many… read more

5 Days of OSCON – Day 5

[Envy Labs]
by Gregg Pollack  Aug. 14, 2009
Lab Notes: The Envy Labs Blog. Just some scribbles and jots. These are just a few of the notes, videos, and screencasts taken by the team at Envy Labs. You're welcome to join in and contribute to our experiments. 5 Days of OSCON – Day ... read more

5 Days of OSCON: Day 4

by Gregg Pollack  Aug. 13, 2009
This is the 4th Day of my 5 days of OSCON series, and this one has some familiar faces including David Recordon, Chris Messina, Tom Preston-Werner, Jono Bacon, David Wheeler, David Dooling, Kevin Marks, John Harrison, Matt Harrison, ... read more

5 Days of OSCON: Day 3

by Gregg Pollack  Aug. 12, 2009
We've already reached the 3rd day of the 5 days of OSCON. I'd recommend checking out the first and second if you haven't seen them yet. Today we have many new faces including Scott Chacon, Steve Souders, Tim Bray, Chris Lord, ... read more

Linux in the HAM Shack - Episode #019A: OSCON Update #2

by Russ K5TUX  Aug. 12, 2009
oscon Here is the second and final installment of the special OSCON update for Linux in the HAM Shack. In this episode I examine the second half of my trip to San Jose, California, and the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. ... read more

5 days of OSCON – Day 2

by Gregg Pollack  Aug. 11, 2009
Yesterday I posted the first of five videos covering OSCON this year. Today we have a new slice of speakers including Larry Wall, Brian Aker, Kirrily Robert, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman, Gunnar Hellekson, Federico Lucifredi, ... read more

MindTouch Founders: “We Love Developers”, OSCON 2009

by Sarah C  Aug. 10, 2009
Aaron Fulkerson and Steve Bjorg, MindTouch Founders, CEO and CTO respectively, recently answered questions on the expo hall floor of the O'Reilly Open Source. read more

OSCON 2009: Governments and open source

by Nathan Willis  Jul. 29, 2009
It is hard to have an overriding "theme" at an event as large as O'Reilly's Open Source Convention (OSCON), but during the 2009 convention, one subject that came up again and again was increasing the number of connections between open source and government. There are three basic facets to the… read more

OSCON 2009: Lying and Geniuses

by Mike Kupfer  Aug. 07, 2009
Alas, it's taking me much longer to write up my OSCON trip report than I had planned. Part of that is that I've been busy with other things, like resurrecting a testbed for the SCM framework, so that I can start on the workaround for the "unwanted mounts" issue. And part of it is that… read more

5 Days of OSCON - Day 1

by Gregg Pollack  Aug. 10, 2009
Two weeks ago today O'Reilly's Open Source Convention (OSCON) commenced in downtown San Jose. Some days of the conference there were over 17 different talks going on at the same time, so there's obviously no way to see everything. As a way to combat this dilemma I decided to try… read more

Microsoft's New .NET Rx Framework Tackles Challenges of Asynchronous Programming

[Redmond Developer News]
by John K. Waters  Aug. 10, 2009
Meijer outlined .NET Rx Framework during a session at the recent O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in San Jose, Calif. Observable collections capture the essence of the subject/observer design pattern, Meijer said, and are especially useful for dealing with event-based and asynchronous programming, such as you see in AJAX applications... read more

Google Drills Into Open Source Code

by John K. Waters  Aug. 05, 2009
"We all thought the GPL v3 was going to matter but this is amazing," DiBona told attendees at the recent O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON). "People tend to forget just how much open source there is."... read more

Taking FOSS Security Seriously

by Jack M. Germain  Aug. 07, 2009
The report, delivered in July at the OSCON 2009 (Open source Convention) gathering, used the same analysis tools and configurations as the Scan Benchmark 2006. The results are based on analysis of over 55 million lines of code from more than 250 open source projects that represent 14,238 individual project… read more

Open source gains popularity in private clouds

by John Treadway  Jul. 23, 2009
It probably comes as no surprise that the general cloud computing market is heavily into open source. From Amazon.com's Xen-based cloud infrastructure to the LAMP-stack components in most cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) and e-business startups, the public cloud is a fertile environment for open source... read more

Kaltura release community edition of online video server and client

by Erich Bonnert  Jul. 23, 2009
Kaltura has announced the release of the community edition of its Open Source Online Video Platform under the Affero General Public Licence 3 (AGPL3). Kaltura says that Kaltura CE should allow users to create video streaming sites with editing, remixing, sharing, annotation and the ability to roll back changes on… read more

Open Government (OSCON 2009)

[Emerging Technology Review]
by Kaz Miyamoto   Aug. 02, 2009
OSCON, the annual conference is hosted by Tim O'Reilly, starting with the keynote address... read more

OTW Featured In OSCON Keynote fcoppa's picture

Aug. 04, 2009
A belated congratulations to all of the OTW's technical women--coders, tag-wranglers, sysadmins, webmasters, etc.--and a belated thank you to Kirrily Robert for her terrific keynote presentation at last week's OSCON, i.e. the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Kirrily's presentation, "Standing Out in the Crowd," about women in the open source community,… read more

More stuff from OSCON 2009

by Amber Graner  Jul. 26, 2009
Speaking of people I had a chance to meet... I got to meet Rick Clark, Canonical's, Server Manager. Rick and one of the people that he works with, Soren Hansen gave a session on "Building a Private Cloud". If you follow the link you will find more about Rick &… read more

At OSCON 2009 superlatively

[Open Source Buzz]
Aug. 04, 2009
Why does every launch informant developer, entrepreneur and evangelist demand to be at OSCON every year? More punctiliously, why do I like to be at OSCON every year mostly It's because of the community - the community chiefly launch informant... read more

Open Source An Alternative CAD Source?

by Jeff Rowe  Aug. 03, 2009
I just returned from attending the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2009 in San Jose, CA. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I got there, but by the time I left I was very impressed by what has been accomplished so far, as well as the ambitious plans… read more

OSCON 09: Tim O'Reilly, “The O'Reilly Radar”

by Ben Taylor  Aug. 04, 2009
About OSCON: “OSCON explores the open source technologies that are here to stay, what will broaden the foundation, and what will lead the way to unexpected places and innovations... read more

Composite: thoughts on poetics & tech: OSCON fashion, Ignite, and ...

[OSCON news (via Google blog search)]
by Liz Henry  Aug. 03, 2009
But seriously, OSCON. I had a good time and talked to a lot of smart interesting people. I hung out with Denise and Mark from Dreamwidth, with Skud, with my former co-workers from Socialtext - Casey, Ingy, and Lyssa - and with Oblomovka... read more

Musings of a Software Development Manager - PHP and Javascript at ...

by Ed Gibbs  Aug. 02, 2009
I took an opportunity to head down to OSCON a week or so ago on a free expo pass. I always wanted to attend OSCON up in Portland, but I never had the opportunity to go. Anyway I invited another developer along and made the morning drive ... read more

At OSCON 2009

by Alolita Sharma  Jul. 31, 2009
OSCON continues to be the only open source technology conference in the US where everyone can meet their friends, colleagues and fellow community members to talk technology and discuss where open source is heading. ... read more

Disruptive Conversations: OSCON WordPress MU slides online - video ...

by Dan York  Jul. 31, 2009
Last week out at O'Reilly's OSCON, I gave a talk "Creating a Corporate Blog Portal Using WordPress MU". As I mentioned on Voxeo's Behind The Blog, I have now put the slides for the talk online. I did record the... read more

Debunking myths, answering questions

by Kirrily Robert  Jul. 31, 2009
I've seen a bunch of the same questions coming up again and again in comments on my OSCON keynote, both on my own blog and on other sites, so I thought I'd take the time to answer some of them in a central place.. read more

The "R" Statistical Environment, and REvolution Computing, Spread Out

by Sam Dean  Jul. 30, 2009
As we noted in this post, one of the open source-focused companies that made a big splash at the recent OSCON conference was REvolution Computing. The company champions the use of R, an open source language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. R is used by many researchers when… read more

OSCON 2009: One of the greatest weeks in my Microsoft Career

by Sara Ford  Jul. 31, 2009
Yep, it's a bold statement to make, but I like to live life in capital letters. Last week at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention was truly epic. The Community Leadership Summit + OSCON 2009 epitomized everything I've ever wanted to do in community as a Microsoft employee... read more

OSCON 2009

Jul. 30, 2009
The O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) was at the San Jose Convention Center this year. It's been in Portland in the past, and while I like Portland, the additional expenses for air fare and hotel probably would have meant staying home this year. So I�m glad it was in San Jose... read more


[ Sriram Natarajan]
by natarajan  Jul. 31, 2009
Thought, I would share some of my OSCON'09 , where I spent some of the last week representing Sun at our booth besides attending some very interesting sessions. Our team presented a session as well - Web Stack - Next Generation Open Web ... read more

OSCON 2009: What Are Your Session ...

by Dan Meyer  Jul. 31, 2009
The 4:30PM Wednesday slot was packed at OSCON. I'm talking about three sessions I was either "eager" or "very eager" to attend at a conference where 95% of the conference titles were outright inscrutable. (eg. ... read more

Open-source cost savings: The video (director's cut)

[CNET.com News]
by Matt Asay  Jul. 30, 2009
Open source is a great way to simultaneously boost productivity while saving money, as this video from OSCON shows... read more

Open Source: The Way, Not The Goal

[InformationWeek ]
by Serdar Yegulalp  Jul. 30, 2009
I didn't make it to OSCON this year, so I missed out on more than a few nifty events. One was a panel chaired by Matt Asay of Alfresco, where he cited research to show that companies do switch to open source as a way to save money, but that… read more

OSCON 2009 adventures

by Paul Fenwick  Jul. 29, 2009
This was my second year at OSCON, and my first visit to San Jose. Unlike last year, where I was a self-described OSCON rockstar, this year I was happy to take a more relaxed approach. I wasn't giving as many talks, the talks I gave were ... read more

The need for automation in cloud computing

by John Treadway  Jul. 24, 2009
One of the common threads in the "Private Clouds -- Why They Matter" session at O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) on Monday was a general frustration with the level of automation available to cloud computing users. The need discussed by the session participants goes far beyond the ability to spin… read more

Open source's transitional phase

by Zack Urlocker  Jul. 28, 2009
This was the first year that O'Reilly's OSCON was held in the Bay Area, and it's possible that the combined effects of moving the venue from Portland and a tough economy made this year's event a bit more low-key than usual. Or perhaps it's a sign that open source has… read more

From OSCON to BlogHer!

by Liz Henry  Jul. 27, 2009
At OSCON, O'Reilly's open source software convention, I especially enjoyed Kirrily Robert's keynote on Women in Open Source developer communities (video and summary). On her blog at Infotrope Kirrily writes about coding, open source, and geek culture, and she's a founder of the excellent Geek Feminism Wiki... read more

Beyond the hype: Where open source actually saves you money

[CNET.com News]
by Matt Asay  Jul. 29, 2009
Open source does save enterprises money, according to a recent OSCON panel, but you may not save for the reasons you think... read more

OSCON '09: US Developers, Code for Your Country - If the Government Will Let You

[DevXtra Editor's Blog]
by Glen Kunen  Jul. 24, 2009
If you're going to host a tech conference in the middle of a global recession, O'Reilly's Open Source Convention (OSCON) wouldn't be a bad choice. What does a bear market mean to an open source project that thrives on programmers who code passionately-for coding's sake, not for the almighty dollar?… read more

A Triple Smorgasbord

by Rich Morin  Jul. 26, 2009
I recently had the pleasure of attending OSCON 2009, O'Reilly's broad-spectrum Open Source conference. It was quite an event: really, a triple smorgasbord. I haven't attended any OSCONs in the last several years, partly because they were being held about twelve hours away, by car. Fortunately for me, this one… read more

How UCSB Grad Students Put Cloud Computing Power into Ubuntu

by Chris Preimesberger   Jul. 23, 2009
A National Science Foundation grant project developed largely by graduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has resulted in Eucalyptus Systems, a three-month-old startup which has produced new open-source cloud infrastructure software that is a key component in Ubuntu 9.04 and its upcoming 9.10 edition... read more

Open Source + Data = Good Government

by Mark Alvarez  Jul. 23, 2009
While the Obama administration is all about transparency, the window for the development of applications that make the government more transparent is tiny, said The Sunlight Foundation's Clay Johnson at this morning's O'Reilly OSCON (Open Source Convention) keynote today in San Jose, CA... read more

Will Open Source Ever Truly Fit in with Government IT?

by Mark Alvarez  Jul. 28, 2009
How does something as fringe, quasi anarchic and 'possibly communist' as open source fit in with government? Not very comfortably, according to OSCON panelists with experience in government IT... read more

DIY government: Open source for America

by Leah Rosin   Jul. 22, 2009
Today, in conjunction with the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) in San Jose, Calif., more than 70 companies, academic institutions, communities, related groups and individuals announced the formation of Open Source for America, an organization that will serve as a unified voice for the promotion of open source software in… read more

Karl Schroeder on "rewilding" - openness, government, and autonomous nature as an economic actor

by Cory Doctorow  Jul. 29, 2009
Here's writer, futurist and all-round dude Karl Schroeder's talk from this year's O'Reilly Open Source Con: "The Rewilding: A Metaphor." In his inimical style, Karl first describes a semi-human future in which things as abstract as "nature" and "politics" participate directly in the economy and in online discussions, then connects… read more

Brian "Krow" Aker's Idle Thoughts - OSCON Talk, Women in Open ...

by Brian Aker  Jul. 29, 2009
While at OSCON I talked to Selena about this for a bit, and talked a bit more about hiring in general. I hire from those of known quantity. If you haven't shown up and worked on the project I am hiring for, you will not get the job. ... read more

OSCON Impressions

[Symbian Blog]
by Lars Kurth  Jul. 28, 2009
For example Symbian is not yet fully open source, and only members can see the code. True: however, it does take time to transfer a proprietary codebase to open source. I am looking forward to next year's OSCON: if all goes to plan, ... read more

OSCON 2009 Wrap-Up

[The New York Times]
by Nick Thuesen  Jul. 28, 2009
Another year, another OSCON. I think three years of attendance is enough for us to declare OSCON an annual event for NYTimes.com. And it's definitely one we look forward to. What makes OSCON worth the trip? For starters, the sessions - of course. I took a quick poll of the… read more

OSCON interview snippets

[Tux Radar]
by Paul Hudson  Jul. 24, 2009
OSCON 2009 is now drawing to a close, and, before we hop on a flight back to the UK, we spent an hour or two typing up just a few snippets from some of the interviews we conducted at the conference. So, if you'd like to read what Jacob Kaplan-Moss… read more

OSCON 2009: Overview

by Dan Meyer  Jul. 27, 2009
I attended O'Reilly's Open Source Convention last week in San Jose, which wasn't my usual scene. I gave a brief, five-minute talk Tuesday night (which I'll post shortly) and then spent Wednesday and Thursday wandering between sessions, feeling alternately like I was a) bobbing along the surface of something awesome… read more

A Field Report from OSCON

by Mark R. Hinkle  Jul. 28, 2009
OSCON is an educational mix of open source software and community collaboration combined with a small commercial exhibition thrown in for good measure. It's also a hub for other community gatherings... read more

Taking it all in at OSCON 2009

[PICnet Blog]
by Ryan Ozimek  Jul. 28, 2009
Taking it all in at OSCON 2009. The summer is abound with conferences and conventions in the nonprofit technology field... read more

Notes from OSCON 2009 in San Jose

[ ecmarchitect.com]
by Jeff Potts  Jul. 27, 2009
I'm back from San Jose. My colleage, Dave Gynn, and I had fun at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) and learned a lot. Dave's ability to pick out open. read more

OSCON 2009: Day Five

by Beosig  Jul. 27, 2009
Here's my summary of day five, but it's a little late. I didn't get a chance to post it Friday because the wireless got cut off promptly at 2:30 PM. Yeah, I had my aircard with me, but I was too busy talking technology at the tables with my fellow… read more

Another Summer, Another OSCON

by Stephen O'Grady  Jul. 27, 2009
As much as the content, both hallway and in-session, shined – I'd respectfully disagree with Masood Mortazavi's comment related here – this OSCON had a considerably different feel to it than in years past. Which is not surprising, ... read more

OSCON 09: Clay Johnson, "Apps for America"

[The Linux Foundation ]
by LF Video Community  Jul. 27, 2009
OSCON 09: Dirk Hohndel, "Intel and Open Source: Innovation and Leadership for Continued Growth"... read more

My OSCON 2009 Talk on Open Source in Government at OnePeople

by Gunnar  Jul. 26, 2009
The good people at O'Reilly have posted my Open Source in Government talk at OSCON 2009 on blip.tv. It's also on YouTube. I'll admit to cringing a bit when I started watching, but I'm pretty happy with how it all went... read more

OSCON 2009

by Tim Bray  Jul. 27, 2009
I'd be hard-put to say whether OSCON or RubyConf is my favorite conference of the year; when I miss either I'm grumpy. Here's a brief report from the latest San Jose instalment, with pictures. Never once even for a minute did I have trouble finding a conversation about something interesting.… read more

SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009: winners announced

Jul. 27, 2009
The winners of the fourth annual SourceForge Community Choice Awards were announced at this years OSCON. Over 47,000 open source projects were nominated for this years Community Choice Awards and 85 finalists were selected across twelve categories... read more

Intel: We worked on improving boot up performance for netbooks

by Paul Mah  Jul. 23, 2009
Intel set out two years ago to create a PC-like device that booted quickly and without the average two to three minutes of waiting as it loads. So said Dirk Hotndel, chief open source and Linux technologist for Intel at the OSCON 2009 conference for open source developers... read more

OSCON 2009 - Day 2

[Liunix Questions]
by Jeremy  Jul. 23, 2009
Your Work in Open Source, the Numbers * Crawl done by google * 30M unique files and 2.5B lines of code * 47% of the Open Source code they crawl is GPL, 26% is LGPL * For GPL�d code on code.google.com, about half use v2 and half use v3 * the AGPL grew about 300%… read more

Five projects for Open Source for America, and other reports from the Open Source convention

[O'Reilly News ]
by Andy Oram  Jul. 24, 2009
A group of companies, advocacy groups, and open source projects announced Open Source for America at the O'Reilly Open Source convention on Wednesday. Trying to draw as many collaborators as possible into their coalition, they aim to establish a more effective voice supporting the use of free and open source… read more

OSCON 2009 - Expo Hall

[Linux Journal]
by Shawn Powers  Jul. 23, 2009
The one minute tour... read more

Microsoft: GPL violation didn't drive Linux donation

[The Register]
by Gavin Clarke  Jul. 24, 2009
Microsoft is standing by its decision to release thousands of lines of code to the GPL, saying the decision wasn't based on a violation of the popular license... read more

Mozilla official urges openness for the Web

by Paul Krill  Jul. 24, 2009
"The first point I want to make is that the people in this room create cool, world-changing technology," Surman said during a keynote speech at the O'Reilly OSCON (Open Source Convention) in San Jose, Calif. However, the Open Web needs to be protected and stewarded, he said. The Open Web… read more

Linux exec: Personal computers will be free like phones

by Paul Krill  Jul. 24, 2009
n a presentation at the O'Reilly OSCON (Open Source Convention), Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin said a trend will emerge in which users would select a wireless or network service provider and get a free PC when buying a data plan. AT&T, he said, already is offering netbooks as… read more

OSCON: Programmer Insecurity and the Genius Myth

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Robert Kaye  Jul. 27, 2009
Two of my favorite presenters, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brad Fitzpatrick, did an OSCON session on. read more

Just Me, Amber: More stuff from OSCON 2009

by Just Me, Amber!  Jul. 26, 2009
I was working a booth in the Expo area of OSCON, so I did not have the opportunity to hear the talk he and Soren gave. Then he saw me again he told me a little more about it. His explanation of things did not impress me as much as… read more

OSCON 2009: Opening keynote focuses on open government

[Linux Pro Magazine]
by Joe Casad  Jul. 24, 2009
Reports, news and reviews, providing practical, hands-on information for Linux professionals. read more

Infotropism – Standing out in the crowd: my OSCON keynote

by Skud  Jul. 25, 2009
If you weren't at OSCON this morning, here is what I spoke about in my keynote, Standing Out in the Crowd. I'm including most of the key visuals, so my apologies for the image-heavy post. I'll also be uploading to slideshare.net (with ... read more

Revolutions: Slides from OSCON

by David Smith  Jul. 23, 2009
OSCON 2009 has been a blast so far, and I've really been enjoying the presentations and meeting people from different walks of the open-source world. Tim O'Reilly's call to service to improve the way our government works was ... read more

Commercial open source's awkward teen years

[CNET News]
by Matt Asay  Jul. 24, 2009
At this week's Oscon conference, someone asked me what the secret to commercializing open-source software is, as if a secret cabal has been jealously guarding some arcane knowledge. My response? "There is no secret: we simply don't know how to do it very well yet." One thing, however, is clear:… read more

Google Scours for Open Source Stats

by David Needle  Jul. 23, 2009
Google isn't only crawling your Web site, it's looking at your source code as well. That was the introduction for Chris DiBona, the open source programs manager at Google, one of several keynote speakers here at OSCON 2009 today... read more

Open Source for America: The New Government Accountability

by Dana Oshiro  Jul. 22, 2009
More than 70 major companies, academic institutions and high profile technologists have launched a campaign to educate US government agencies about the benefits of open source technology. Announced earlier at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, groups such as Google, RedHat, Novell, Linux, Mozilla, Sun Microsystems and the Electronic Frontiers Foundation… read more

OSCON: Standing Out in the Crowd

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Robert Kaye  Jul. 24, 2009
Kirrily Robert gave the first keynote speech this morning, entitled "Standing Out in the Crowd." She spoke about the gender imbalance in open source and shared her experiences working on open source projects that have a higher-than-average percentage of women participants. She laid out statistics about the current gender balance… read more

Building bridges at OSCON

by mscorp  Jul. 23, 2009
Microsoft On the Issues is the Microsoft blog on technology policy and corporate affars. On this blog, Microsoft shares thoughts on how thecomputing revolution can accelerate economic growth by enabling companies and individuals to ... read more

WSO2 Amps Up Open Source SOA Offering

[eWeek.com News]
by Darryl K. Taft  Jul. 23, 2009
At the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), WSO2, also known as the open source SOA company, announced the availability of the WSO2 Governance Registry 3.0 and the WSO2 Identity Server 2.0, two new installments in its family of open source service-oriented architecture tools. - WSO2, also known as the open… read more

OSCON: Building Belonging (in communities)

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Robert Kaye  Jul. 23, 2009
I dove right in to OSCON by attending Jono Bacon's "Building Belonging" community talk. Jono, who is the community manager for Ubuntu, started out his presentation by asking what communities can do to build and improve the sense of belonging that people have in their community. After talking a little… read more

When freedom isn't free (software)

[CNET News]
by Matt Asay  Jul. 23, 2009
At OSCON this week, Tim O'Reilly repeated something he has been arguing for years, but that resonated powerfully given some of the rancorous debates currently raging in the free and open-source software community. O'Reilly cut through the misguided logic of free-software advocacy with a simple statement... read more

Intel official touts netbooks at open source conference

by Paul Krill  Jul. 22, 2009
Intel's work promoting netbooks - the downsized PCs that are gaining in mindshare - was touted by a company official Wednesday, who stressed benefits in boot-up times, graphics, and network capabilities during a technology conference... read more

OSCON 2009: Day Three

by Beosig  Jul. 23, 2009
Day three is in the books, and it was a really good day. After the expo hall trip was a visit to room B2 for a session on using FOSS (Free Open Source Software) in an educational environment. I love seeing what the educational institutions are using as far as FOSS… read more

Microsoft contributes code to Linux, best frenemies forever?

[The Seattle Times]
by Brier Dudley  Jul. 20, 2009
Mary Jo has the headline - "Pigs do fly" - that captures Microsoft's contribution of 20,000 lines of code to the Linux kernel community. The contribution was announced today at the OSCON open-source conference in San Jose, Calif... read more

Should the New Mantra Be: "Free as in Data"?

by Esther Schindler  Jul. 22, 2009
It's early at the Open Source Convention, held this week in San Jose - the keynotes were just this morning - but I'm already starting to see a few themes. One of them, mentioned both in the first keynote address this morning, is the notion that freedom is not necessarily… read more

New Coalition To Promote OSS To Feds

by LinuxScribe  Jul. 22, 2009
"Red Hat, Mozilla, Novell, Oracle, and Sun are among the 50-plus member Open Source for America coalition that will be officially announced today by Tim O'Reilly at OSCON. The OSA will be a strong advocate for free and open source software, and plans to boost US Federal government support and… read more

Adhearsion and Voxeo Launch Voxeo Labs

by Megan Maxwell  Jul. 22, 2009
Today at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), Voxeo, a leading provider of Unified Communications and Self-Service platforms, announced the launch of Voxeo Labs. Voxeo Labs will invest in core platform research, incubate revolutionary ideas and innovate new communications solutions. All products and services released by Voxeo Labs will be… read more

OSCON 2009: How Intel Designed Netbooks For Fast Starts

[InformationWeek ]
by Charles Babcock  Jul. 23, 2009
The next step for netbooks may be open source code that exploits the netbook' connection with the Internet and adds telephony services... read more

OSCON 2009 - Day 1 (liveblog) at Jeremy's Blog

by jeremy  Jul. 23, 2009
at July 22, 2009 in OSCON. I'm trying a new format for this conference. Instead of live blogging one session per post, I'm going to aggregate the entire day into a single live post. Feedback on the format is welcome. O'Reilly Radar ... read more

Microsoft releases Moodle plug-in under the GPL

Jul. 22, 2009
Following the release of its Linux virtualisation drivers under the open source GPLv2 license earlier this week, at OSCON 2009 in San Jose, California, Microsoft has released a Windows Live services plug-in for Moodle... read more

Intel Software Network Blog: Dirk Hohndel gives Intel keynote at ...

by David Stewart   Jul. 22, 2009
I just heard Dirk Hohndel give the OSCON 2009 Intel keynote for Imad Sousou. Dirk is the chief open source technologist at Intel and this is the third year he has stepped in for Imad at the last minute at OSCON. ... read more

Getting Ready for OSCON 2009 - Port 25: The Open Source Community ...

by Peter Galli  Jul. 21, 2009
Learn more about the insights and analysis coming out of the Open Source Community at Microsoft. read more

Red Hat, Oracle, Sun, others join to pitch open source to feds

by Paul Krill  Jul. 22, 2009
More than 50 companies, academic institutions, and other organizations, including vendors such as Red Hat and Oracle, are banding together to promote use of open source by the federal government via an organization called Open Source for America. Officially unveiled on Wednesday at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in… read more

Kaltura launches open source video platform

by Dana Blankenhorn  Jul. 22, 2009
At OSCON in San Jose, Kaltura announced the public launch of its open source online video platform, called Kaltura Community Edition. It is currently available for download at Kaltura.org under the GPL Affero license... read more

Ignite! Talks at OSCON

by Synedra  Jul. 22, 2009
OSCON has always had a big kickoff event on Tuesday night, to get everyone ready before the keynotes and sessions get started on Wednesday. Last night they used this time to present their first ever Ignite event, and it was excellent - one of the most engaging and fun kickoff… read more

Open Source Languages Rumble At OSCON

by blackbearnh  Jul. 21, 2009
"Everybody knows what the best programming language is, it's whatever one you like the most. But is there a best language overall? Or even a best language for a given purpose? This question has been debated since the first time there were two languages to choose from. The argument is… read more

Microsoft's Linux contribution: Thank Novell?

[CNET News]
by Ina Fried  Jul. 21, 2009
Microsoft's Sam Ramji credited Kroah-Hartman for helping guide Microsoft through the process. "He provided valuable guidance and feedback to the Open Source Technology Center, which enabled the team to contribute the code in a way that was acceptable with the Linux kernel community processes," Ramji said in an e-mail interview...… read more

OSCON so far

[Dissociated Press]
by Zonker  Jul. 21, 2009
OSCON has a major problem: There's way too much to do! So far, this week has been chock full of excitement. Though not part of the official OSCON program... read more

Pigs do fly: Microsoft unleashes 20,000 lines of Linux code

by Mary Jo Foley  Jul. 21, 2009
Microsoft is releasing three Microsoft-developed Linux drivers to the Linux community for possible inclusion in the Linux source tree. This is the first time Microsoft has made Microsoft-developed code available directly to the Linux community. The Redmondians have released various pieces of code under different open-source licenses over the past… read more

Open-source legal education comes to OSCON

[CNET News]
by Matt Asay  Jul. 17, 2009
OSCON is hosting a one-day seminar on open-source licensing issues on Wednesday, July 22. Read this blog post by Matt Asay on The Open Road... read more

Microsoft stuns Linux world, submits source code for kernel

by John Fontana Framingham  Jul. 21, 2009
Microsoft made the announcement at the annual OSCON open source conference that opened Monday in San Jose... read more

Tonight's Ignite OSCON Line-Up

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Nat Torkington  Jul. 21, 2009
Bring the duct-tape, your head will explode. Here's the line-up for tomorrow's Ignite OSCON, starting 7.30pm in Exhibit Hall 3 of the San Jose Convention Center. (It's just before the 8.30pm Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards) Jesse ... read more

Open Source Initiative: Legal Track at OSCON

[Open Source Initiative]
by Mark Radcliffe  Jul. 21, 2009
We are providing free panels on open source legal issues at OSCON. These panels have been organized by Mark Radcliffe of DLA Piper and Allison Randal. The presentations will take place on Wednesday, July 22 at the San Jose Marriott in ... read more

MindTouch @ OSCON 2009

by Sarah C  Jul. 20, 2009
MindTouch, as always, is ecstatically participating at OSCON 2009. It is one of the best conferences all year. I'll be at the MindTouch booth in the expo. read more

Open Source and Social Media: Community, Collaboration, Freedom

by Ravit Lichtenberg  Jul. 20, 2009
To most people, the term "open source" immediately conjures an image of two geeks sitting in a dark room (probably a basement) - curtains drawn, McDonald's remains strewn across the desk, and 42 oz sodas within arms' reach - coding away at their computers, listening to Linkin Park or a… read more

How NPR is Embracing Open Source and Open APIs

[O'Reilly Radar]
by James Turner  Jul. 17, 2009
News providers, like most content providers, are interested in having their content seen by as many people as possible. But unlike many news organizations, whose primary concern may be monetizing their content, National Public Radio is interested in turning it into a resource for people to use in new and… read more

Making Government Transparent Using R

[O'Reilly Radar]
by James Turner  Jul. 16, 2009
With Open Source now considered an accepted part of the software industry, some people are starting to wonder if we can't bring the same degree of openness and innovation into government... read more

Girls inTech: Win a free ticket to Oreilly OSCON

by Tina Tran  Jul. 14, 2009
Girls in Tech is proud to be a media sponsor for O’Reilly OSCON 2009, taking place in San Jose, CA from July 20-24. Thanks to O’Reilly’s generous donation, we will be giving away a free ticket to the Girls in Tech member with the best ... read more

OSCON Program Chair Allison Randal in Forbes.com: Recession-Proof Open Source

by Allison Randal  Jul. 14, 2009
When stocks are low, conventional wisdom says "invest in bonds." There's no conventional wisdom for what to do when the computer software market is low (for the second time in a decade). But if there were, it would say "invest in open source."... read more

Sequencing a Genome a Week - Radar Talks to OSCON Speaker David Dooling

[O'Reilly News]
by James Turner  Jul. 13, 2009
The Human Genome Project took X years to fully sequence a single human's genetic information. At Washington University's Genome Center, they can now do one in a week. But when you're generating that much data, just keeping track of it can become a major challenge in itself. David Dooling is… read more

O'Reilly News: Jono Bacon on the Value of Good Communities - We need to build good relationships across all of open source.

[O'Reilly News]
by James Turner  Jul. 09, 2009
Ubuntu has enjoyed fantastic success over the past few years, becoming one of the dominant Linux distributions, and the distribution of choice for netbooks. Jono Bacon's job is to make sure that that success continues, by keeping the huge Ubuntu developer community happy and productive. We caught up with Jono… read more

NPR: Help Shape the Future of News and Information

Jul. 09, 2009
National Public Radio and The New York Times invite you to our first Media Mashup session at OSCON. Spend the afternoon with the developers who built the NPR APIs and the Times APIs. Build your own mashup to share with the group, extend the mashups that we built, or just… read more

Last Guy on Earth: I Blogged My Way To OSCON

by Sean Tilley  Jul. 08, 2009
As a way of celebrating the Linux.com community blogs, we had a little competition for the bloggers. As media partners for the ever-cool OSCON event, happening July 20-24, 2009 in San Jose, CA, we were graciously donated two free passes to the event (excluding the tutorials) to share with the… read more

NYTimes.com: Media Mashup at OSCON 2009

[NY Times]
by By Derek Gottfrid  Jul. 08, 2009
The Times has teamed up with NPR to host a session called MediaMashup at OSCON 2009... read more

InfoWorld: OSCON relocates to San Jose for July 20-24

by Zack Urlocker  Jul. 06, 2009
The longest-running open source conference, OSCON, will be heading to the San Jose Convention Center this year. For those who have not been to OSCON, it's a great technical conference covering the whole spectrum of open source, including Linux, MySQL, the LAMP stack, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, middleware, applications,… read more

O'Reilly News: Open Source is Infiltrating the Enterprise - Forrester's Jeffrey Hammond Says There's Plenty of it Around, if You Look

[O'Reilly News]
by James Turner  Jul. 07, 2009
There's a persistent perception that open source software is being ignored in the enterprise, that they fear it and it ends up being more costly to deploy than proprietary solutions. That's certainly the perception that some major software vendors would like you to have. But it's Jeffrey Hammond's job to… read more

Women 2.0: Win a FREE Ticket to OSCON 2009!

by Angie  Jun. 29, 2009
Networking women entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley... read more

OSCON 2009 - Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft

by Peter Galli  Jun. 30, 2009
Learn more about the insights and analysis coming out of the Open Source Community at Microsoft... read more

OSCON Conference Coming Up, Speakers Scheduled

by Sam Dean  Jun. 25, 2009
Read about trends, technologies and best practices covered by experienced Giga Omni Media editors and writers. Participate in daily blog discusions and post your thoughts and opinions... read more

Social Media Conference: OSCON Promotes Open Source For Technology ...

[Social Media Conference]
by admin  Jun. 25, 2009
Open Source technology is all the rage with new social media technologies- Twitter API is... read more

princesspolymath.com: Open Source iPhone Development at OSCON

by Kirsten Jones  Jun. 10, 2009
Developing applications for mobile devices is often a daunting thought for those of us more comfortable in the land of high-level languages. However, in the wake of the new iPhone announcement, I thought I would check out the mobile development offerings at OSCON to see if there was anything I… read more

O'Reilly Radar: OSCON 2009 Highlights

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Allison Randal  Jun. 05, 2009
OSCON 2009 is just around the corner, this year in San Jose, California. When I spoke at the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group last night, they asked me for a few highlights. It's tough to pick from over 200 sessions,... read more

H-online.com: SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009

by 05/14/2009  May. 19, 2009
Nominations close on the 29th of May and the finalists will be announced on the 22nd of June, after which voting will open. Voting will close on the 20th of July and the winners will be announced on July 23rd at OSCON 2009 taking place in San Jose from the… read more

holdenweb: For Some Value of "Magic": Python Booth at OSCON

by Steve Holden  May. 16, 2009
For the first time this year Python will have a booth at OSCON, thanks to the good offices of Aahz. If you'd like to keep the Python banner flying over the exhibition hall I am sure he could do with some help. What's the point?... read more

The Perl Foundation: Making the most of our conference presence

by Josh McAdams  May. 10, 2009
The Perl Foundation will have a booth at OSCON again this year. The booth always serves as a great meeting place for those of us in the Perl community, but beyond that, it tends to be a little confused as to its purpose... read more

CNET.com: Nominations now open for 2009 SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards

[CNET.com ]
by Matt Asay  May. 06, 2009
Nominations will be accepted until May 29th, and the ten projects with the most nominations in each category will become finalists. The winners will be announced at a party, held at the Agenda Lounge in San Jose, California, starting at 6:00 pm PT on the night of July 23rd, during… read more

Voxeo's Dan York to speak at O'Reilly's OSCON about building blog portals with WordPress MU

[Voxeo Talks]
by Dan York  Apr. 09, 2009
I was pleased to recently receive word that one of the proposals we had submitted to O'Reilly's 2009 Open Source Convention (OSCON) was accepted. To my surprise, it was not one of the proposals we had submitted about the new simplicity of bringing voice into applications, such as through using… read more

Ostatic.com: Nominations Open For OSCON's Open Source Awards

by Lisa Hoover  Apr. 23, 2009
Read about trends, technologies and best practices covered by experienced Giga Omni Media editors and writers. Participate in daily blog discusions and post your thoughts and opinions... read more

O'Reilly Radar: Nominations For Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards 2009

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Allison Randal  Apr. 17, 2009
The 5th annual Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards will be hosted at OSCON 2009 in San Jose, CA. The awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of Open Source Software. Past recipients for 2005-2008 include Angela Byron, Karl Fogel, Pamela Jones, Gerv Markham,… read more

PolITiGenomics: OSCON 2009

by David Dooling  Apr. 17, 2009
I will be speaking at OSCON 2009 in San Jose, CA. My talk, entitled The Freedom to Cure Cancer: Open Source Software in Genomics, will be at 10:45 a.m. PDT on Friday 24 July 2009. If you are planning to attend OSCON this year, ... read more

Code Singer: Speaking at OSCON 2009: Launchpad Foundations

[Code Singer]
by Gary Poster  Apr. 15, 2009
My speaking proposal for OSCON 2009 was accepted: "Launchpad Foundations: Learning to Leverage a Component Architecture". Here's the quick blurb: Study gains and losses in how Launchpad, a collaboration web service for the open-source ... read more

Girls in Tech Supports O’Reilly’s OpenSource Convention - OSCON ...

[Girls in Tech]
by Adriana Gascoigne  Apr. 14, 2009
Find Out at OSCON 2009, July 20-24 in San Jose, CA. opensourceoscon1. Registration for the 11th annual O’Reilly Open Source Convention is open, and registrants are responding quickly, eager to meet the challenges and opportunities of ... read more

ostatic.com: Community Leadership Summit, Kick Off OSCON at an "Unconference"

by Kristin Shoemaker  Apr. 14, 2009
Read about trends, technologies and best practices covered by experienced Giga Omni Media editors and writers. Participate in daily blog discusions and post your thoughts and opinions... read more

O'Reilly News Release: Open Source Convention Reveals Program and Opens Registration: OSCON 2009 Open for Business

by Maureen Jennings, Conferences Publicist  Apr 03, 2009  

Sebastopol, CA, April 3, 2009 — Open source offers business a lifeline to economic survival, even as the economy crashes and companies flounder. The O’Reilly Open Source Convention shows the power of open source to help businesses rise above the competition in this daunting economic climate. Open source continues to thrive and grow because the open source community continues to find better ways, particularly to increase ease of use and lower the cost of deployment, to save technology costs in your organization. OSCON is the premier place to learn the latest advances and connect with leaders in this community. Registration has opened for the 11th OSCON, scheduled for July 20-24, 2009 in the new location of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. The early registration period, lasting until June 2, offers advance savings.

Program Chairs Allison Randal and Edd Dumbill reviewed almost 800 proposals in order to plan the conference around tracks for Linux, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, Mobile, Databases, Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Administration, Security, People, Business, and Emerging Topics.

read more

News Release: O'Reilly OSCON Opens Call for Participation

by Maureen Jennings  Dec 15, 2008  

O’Reilly Open Source Convention Calls for Innovation
OSCON Proposals Invited

Sebastopol, CA—Dec 15 2008—Now that big business has grasped the principles of open source, the open source community can get down to business. New times demand new ideas, and OSCON, the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, has opened its call for innovation. O’Reilly Media and program chairs Allison Randal and Edd Dumbill invite proposals for tutorials, sessions, and panels for OSCON, happening July 20 - 24, 2009, in San Jose, CA.

“Accomplishing great things with limited resources is the open source way of life,” says Allison. “We hope you’ll join us and share your solutions. We live in a time of enormous challenges: economic, environmental, political, and social. Open source software and the open source community have much to offer as we work to solve the world’s problems, to keep moving toward a better future.”

Read the full press release.

read more

OSCON moves to San Jose - O'Reilly Radar

[OSCON news (via Google blog search)]
by Allison Randal  Oct. 01, 2008
The official word is out, OSCON 2009 will be moving from Portland, Oregon to San Jose, California. We've received significant positive feedback on the move, and messages of welcome from Bay Area open source contacts, but also some ... read more
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