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Open Mobile Exchange
Location: F150/151 Level: Novice
John Todd (Digium Inc. )
Many of the open platforms for mobile are making a serious ommission. The Voice Channel. The phone is very good at handling voice and users are comfortable with it as a communication channel. In this Session John Todd, the lead tech evangelist for Asterisk looks at how you can develop for voice services off the handset and on the network using Asterisk and similar platforms. Read more.
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
Allison Randal (Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Open Source Initiative), Edd Wilder-James (Google)
Opening remarks. Read more.
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Coming soon. Read more.
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
Christine Peterson (Foresight Institute)
In today's post-9/11 world, it is increasingly assumed that security from terrorism and other attacks will require the loss of privacy by individuals and private organizations. Read more.
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
Dirk Hohndel (Intel Corporation)
Dirk Hohndel will present the technology vision and direction for Moblin.org, The open source community for developing the next generation internet and media experience on a new category of internet-centric devices such as Mobile Internet Devices, netbooks, nettops and Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems. Read more.
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Michael Widenius (Monty Program Ab), Brian Aker (MySQL)
Coming soon. Read more.
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
An open microphone question and answer session with the morning's keynote speakers. Read more.
Location: D133 Level: Novice
Mike Hillyer (Message Systems)
At some point in every software project involving a database it becomes necessary for the developers who created (or inherited) the project to step back and take a look at their database. Many projects have a database schema that has evolved over time, with columns added here and tables added there, increasing complexity and often adding redundancy. Read more.
Location: D133 Level: Novice
Josh Berkus (PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.)
Data = money. Yet most web applications do little or nothing to secure their data against thieves. Learn some easy methods to lock up yours. Read more.
Location: Portland 252 Level: Intermediate
Alex Martelli (Google)
Code reviews are a well-known best practice in all SW development, and particularly crucial for open source SW. Systematic and optimally conducted reviews enhance your code quality and offer great ROI, but you need to pay attention to both the human/community and technical aspects of such pratice. Get some key "do"s and "don't"s about performing code reviews! Read more.
Location: E146 Level: Intermediate
Justin Fitzhugh (Mozilla)
Learn how the Mozilla IT team scales its update and software delivery systems to support the over 150 million Firefox users. Read more.
Location: Expo Hall Level: Novice
Have a drink and mingle with other OSCON participants, and see the latest products, projects, services, and gadgets from sponsors and exhibitors in the Expo Hall. Read more.
Location: D137 Level: Intermediate
Mark Spencer (Digium)
Asterisk founder Mark Spencer discusses open source's role in creating VoIP and unified communications solutions that are changing the way we live and do business. Read more.
Location: Portland Ballroom Level: Novice
Jeremy Ruston (BT Design)
Coming soon. Read more.
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