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Presentations: PHP

Learn to effectively use caching to improve the performance of your PHP site.
Today's high-traffic web sites must implement measures to reduce load and increase speed of delivery. One such method is the use of a cache and memcached provides one of the fastest and easiest-to-use caching servers. This talk will cover memcached from setting up a memcached server to using it to provide a variety of caching solutions.
Presentation: external link
Come and give a try at this PHP application and see how you can exploit seemingly innocent PHP code to run XSS, injections, and CSRF.
Presentation: external link
Ever wanted to throw together a GUI app for the Mac but felt intimidated at the prospect of learning Objective-C? Ever wished there was a Mac native version of PHP-GTK? This session will give you a peek at building native Mac apps using PHP.
While more PHP developers are accepting the importance and benefits of unit testing, the uptake of PHP developers using automated integration testing is relatively slow. Integration testing is equally crucial to maintaining the integrity of applications. This talk introduces the benefits and practices of automated integration testing for PHP applications.
What are the best approaches to translating your web site or application into other languages? This session shows several that are possible with PHP and various tools and extensions.
Presentation: external link
PHP 5 features a new data access layer called PDO that provides a clear, simple and powerful unified API for working with all our favourite databases. Join Wes Furlong to learn more about the future of database access in PHP.
PHP has become an extremely powerful web development platform. PHP furthermore allows easy integration with legacy applications by developing dedicated extensions. In this tutorial, two of the most active core developers of PHP will share their knowledge and get you started coding right away.
By looking at the opcodes that a PHP script gets compiled into you can get a really detailed view of what your code is going to do—if you can read them, or have a tool to help. This can help with benchmarking questions, and allow you to look for tainted variables that might have security implications without having to audit every line of source code.
Get the architecture right and modern web apps are easy to write. The Web lends itself well to a modular distributed architecture allowing you to split even large complex applications into a series of smaller manageable applications. This tutorial aims to show web developers at all levels how to build a modern web application with PHP.
PHPSecInfo is an easy to use security auditing tool for the PHP environment. We'll discuss how to use PHPSecInfo as part of your web app security toolkit, and how to customize and extend it for your specific needs, including using the Zend_Environment_Security module from the Zend Framework.
PHPUnit is an open source framework for test-driven development in any PHP-based code that automates unit testing and reduces the effort required to frequently test code while developing it. Held by the tool's creator, attendees of this tutorial will learn how to test both the backend and frontend of their web applications with PHPUnit and Selenium.
Priorities and pitfalls when building a large consumer-facing social network.
Presentation: external link
One thing is for certain -- there are a lot of developers, managers, and architects out there who are making the same mistakes as everyone else. From growing your development team from 5 to 50, or your code base from 10,000 to a million, there are clear patterns and mistakes. Join Coggeshall as he investigates some of his favorites and how to both avoid and learn from the mistakes of others.
Over the last year, APC (Alternative PHP Cache) has moved on from merere benchmarks to actually absorb user feedback and align efforts towards the most popular use cases. This talk concerns itself with the significant changes made under the hood, especially in reducing the lock contention and memory profile of APC.
In this talk, Laura Thomson will present guidelines for writing, not just maintainable, but beautiful code. Code that is simple, robust and error resistant, secure, scalable and performant, and easy to produce in a reasonable time frame.
OSCON 2008