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Groovy vs. JRuby

Location: F150 Level: Novice
Presentation: Groovy vs_ JRuby Presentation [PPT]
Average rating: ****.
(4.67, 6 ratings)

Groovy and JRuby are both dynamic, object-oriented scripting languages for the JVM. They both support tight, bi-directional integration with existing Java code. They can both be compiled down to .class files that reside in jars. They can also both use existing jar files easily. Finally, they both require a runtime jar to let them do their thing.

So, which is best for you? Which should you learn if you only have time for one?

Come see how the languages compare at a syntax level, what cool built-in features they have, an overview of their web application frameworks, and how they can work together. You’ll also get pros, cons, and recommendations from someone who has put thousands of lines of each into production over the last few years.

Goals: Learn which is best for you, someone who barely has time to learn one scripting language for the JVM: Groovy or JRuby.

Photo of Rod Cope

Rod Cope

OpenLogic, Inc.

Rod Cope is the CTO and Founder of OpenLogic, Inc. He is a Sun Certified Java Architect with 25 years of software development experience, including 12 years of Java. He has developed Rails applications, J2EE applications, Swing GUIs, small device code, and nearly everything in between. For the last six years, he has been working on OpenLogic Enterprise, a supported collection of over 350 Open Source projects for enterprise developers. In particular, Rod has used Ruby, Rails, Groovy, JRuby, JBoss, Hibernate, AspectJ, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ant, and many other Open Source projects extensively in commercial applications.

Rod has spoken on Groovy, JRuby, Rails, Hibernate, and other topics at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, JavaOne, the No Fluff, Just Stuff Java Symposium series, and Java User Groups around the country. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Software Engineering from the University of Louisville.

OSCON 2008