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May 8–9, 2017: Training & Tutorials
May 10–11, 2017: Conference
Austin, TX
Christian Wenz

Christian Wenz
Consultant, Arrabiata Solutions GmbH


Christian Wenz is a consultant, author, and trainer on web technologies, web performance, and web security. His company, Arrabiata Solutions GmbH, based in Munich and London, makes web applications better performing, more visible, and more secure. Christian has written or cowritten over 100 books for various publishers. He is the lead author of the Zend PHP certification, contributes to several open source projects, and is a fixture at IT conferences worldwide.


5:05pm5:45pm Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Location: Meeting Room 10 A/B
Level: Intermediate
Christian Wenz (Arrabiata Solutions GmbH)
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Since developers seem to have a hard time writing secure apps, browsers have come to their aid with new techniques and protocols like built-in XSS filters, special HTTP headers, and more that can help prevent many attacks. Christian Wenz offers an overview of these new safeguards, including HSTS, CSP, secure cookies, and much more. Read more.