Making Open Work
May 8–9, 2017: Training & Tutorials
May 10–11, 2017: Conference
Austin, TX
va barbosa

va barbosa
Developer Advocate, IBM

va barbosa is a developer advocate at the Center for Open-Source Data & AI Technologies at IBM, where he helps developers discover and use data and machine learning technologies. This is fueled by his passion to help others and guided by his enthusiasm for open source technology. Always looking to embrace new challenges and fulfill his appetite for learning, he immerses himself in a wide range of technologies and activities. When not focusing on the developer experience, he enjoys dabbling in photography. If you can’t find him in front of a computer, try looking behind a camera.


4:15pm4:55pm Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Location: Meeting Room 14 (Sponsored)
va barbosa (IBM)
Ready to dip your toe into data science? Va Barbosa explains why you should start with notebooks and PixieDust, a new open source library that helps data scientists and developers working in the Jupyter Notebook and Apache Spark be more efficient. Read more.