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Containers versus serverless frameworks: Navigating application deployment options

Daniel Krook (IBM)
11:55am12:25pm Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Location: Ballroom G
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New technologies seem to arrive fast and furious these days. We were just getting used to our new container world when serverless arrived. But is it better, faster, and cheaper, as the hype suggests?

Daniel Krook explores a real application packaged using popular open source container technology and walks you through a migration to an event-oriented serverless paradigm, discussing the trade-offs and pros and cons of each approach to application deployment and examining when serverless benefit applications and when it doesn’t.

You’ll learn considerations for using serverless API frameworks and how to reuse some of your containerization strategy as you move from more traditional application models to an event-driven world.

This session is sponsored by IBM.
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Daniel Krook


Daniel Krook is a New York area Software Engineer, Distinguished IT Specialist, Master Inventor, and Member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He works with customers and the community to create first-of-a-kind cloud solutions based on the OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker, and OpenWhisk open source projects. Most recently, Daniel has been building bots and IoT solutions backed by serverless, event-driven cloud architectures.