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How CA Technologies is working to accelerate speed to market without compromising quality

Erin Bank (CA Technologies)
11:00am11:25am Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Location: Meeting Room 13

Like most companies engaging in InnerSource, CA Technologies is focused on increased innovation, accelerated speed to market, higher quality, lower costs, and talent attraction and retention. It seems logical that code sharing and reuse would increase development velocity, which would in turn help your company achieve many of these goals. But how do you break down the barriers to enable engineers to share code across a large portfolio? And how can you get engineers to contribute and consume? How do you measure and communicate value?

Erin Bank explains how CA Technologies’s InnerSource program was formed and has evolved, discusses the associated challenges and successes encountered during the first year, and shares plans for capturing and communicating value in the future.

Photo of Erin Bank

Erin Bank

CA Technologies

Erin Bank is an advisor on engineering program management for the CA Technologies office of the CTO, where she drives both the open source and Inner Source programs for CA product development. Erin is also a driver of the Accelerator, CA’s hybrid-angel VC incubator program, where internal innovators receive support and funding to get new products into market. Erin has more than 20 years of experience building and executing transformative programs and solutions, with roles in engineering program management, product management, and technical communications in North America and abroad. Erin is a contributing member of InnerSource Commons and is committed to establishing InnerSource best practices with the community. Erin is also an elected member of the CA Council for Technical Excellence and has Lean Six Sigma and Pragmatic certifications.