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May 8–9, 2017: Training & Tutorials
May 10–11, 2017: Conference
Austin, TX

Why people don’t contribute to your open source project

Mike McQuaid (GitHub)
1:45pm2:25pm Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Location: Meeting Room 14 (Sponsored)
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What you'll learn

  • Learn how to encourage and increase participation in your open source project


Open source maintainers and users aren’t always sure how best to make their projects successful. Mike McQuaid explains how to encourage and increase participation in your open source project. Never worked on open source before? Join in to learn how to work your way up to becoming a maintainer.

Using Homebrew as a case study, Mike covers how users generally progress from filing bad issues to filing good issues to making simple contributions to making complex contributions to maintaining an open source project. If you run an open source project of any size, you’ll gain insight into how to recruit new contributors. You’ll also learn how to more helpfully contribute to open source.

This session is sponsored by GitHub.

Mike McQuaid


Mike McQuaid is an Edinburgh-based senior software engineer at GitHub working on open source. He is also the lead maintainer of the Homebrew macOS package manager and has contributed to a wide array of open source projects. Mike is the author of Git in Practice, from Manning.