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May 8–9, 2017: Training & Tutorials
May 10–11, 2017: Conference
Austin, TX

Building, deploying, and running a scalable and extensible serverless application using AWS

John Chapin (Symphonia), Mike Roberts (Symphonia)
9:00am12:30pm Monday, May 8, 2017
Architecture, Infrastructure
Location: Ballroom G
Level: Beginner
Average rating: ****.
(4.18, 11 ratings)

Who is this presentation for?

  • Architects and engineers

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Beginner-level Java experience and AWS experience (useful but not required)

Materials or downloads needed in advance

  • A laptop with the following software installed prior to the tutorial:
    • An AWS account
    • The AWS CLI (command-line interface)
    • Java and Maven environment
    • The code editor of your choice

    If you have any questions regarding these prerequisites, please email us at

What you'll learn

  • Understand serverless architecture concepts and patterns
  • Explore the development, deployment, and operation of a serverless application on AWS


Serverless is the latest trend in application and system architecture, but it’s not obvious or intuitive how to architect, build, or operate serverless applications. John Chapin and Mike Roberts discuss the benefits, trade-offs, concepts, and patterns of serverless architecture and walk you through building, deploying, and running a serverless application using AWS technology such as API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, and SNS. You’ll leave with a functioning serverless application written in Java running in your own AWS account, ready for you to enhance and extend.

Topics include:

  • Serverless architecture overview
  • Benefits and trade-offs
  • Backend as a service (BaaS)
  • Functions as a service (FaaS)
  • Building and operating a serverless application
  • Requirements
  • Architecture
  • Setup
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Operations, including autoscaling
  • Monitoring
Photo of John Chapin

John Chapin


John Chapin is a cofounder of Symphonia, an expert consultancy based in New York City that helps companies of all sizes use serverless and cloud technology to deliver value quickly and effectively. Along with Symphonia cofounder Mike Roberts, John authored the O’Reilly report What Is Serverless? His and Mike’s highly regarded talks and workshops are regularly featured at conferences such as the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, the O’Reilly Velocity Conference, OSCON, QCon, ServerlessConf, and AWS re:Invent. John can be reached at

Photo of Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts


Mike Roberts is a partner at Symphonia, a cloud technology consultancy based in New York City. Mike’s a longtime proponent of Agile and DevOps values and is excited by the role that cloud technologies have played in enabling such values for many high-functioning software teams. Mike can be reached at

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