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Using NGINX as an effective and highly available content cache

Kevin Jones (NGINX)
2:35pm3:15pm Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Location: Meeting Room 9 A/B
Level: Intermediate
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Developers, site operations engineers, DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, and technical solutions architects

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Practical experience using the Linux command line
  • A basic understanding of HTTP concepts, such as request methods, headers, and response status codes

What you'll learn

  • Understand how NGINX processes manage cached content and the advanced parameters for each NGINX caching directive so you can fine tune and create an advanced configuration that fits your infrastructure's needs
  • Learn how to set up a basic caching configuration with NGINX
  • Explore various architectural implementations to create a highly available content cache layer


We all know that performance is a critical factor in the success of applications and websites, but the process for improving performance is not always clear. Code quality and infrastructure are of course important, but in many cases, you can make vast improvements to the end-user experience of your application by focusing on some very basic application delivery techniques. One such example is by implementing and optimizing caching in your application stack.

Kevin Jones offers an introduction to the basic principles of content caching and outlines how NGINX caches responses, discussing how the cache metadata is stored on disk and NGINX’s unique management process. Along the way, Kevin shares techniques that can help both novice and advanced users see better performance from utilizing the web cache features included in NGINX, as he reviews and analyzes all of the caching directives and parameters available within NGINX, showcases a working example that enables basic caching functionality, and explores various advanced caching implementations from both an NGINX configuration and an architectural implementation perspective.

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Kevin Jones


Kevin Jones is a sales engineer at NGINX, where he specializes in the integration and implementation of NGINX for various accounts around the world. He has a strong background in infrastructure management, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Previously, Kevin was a lead site reliability engineer on the Production Operations team at