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Alper Kokmen

Alper Kokmen
Senior Software Engineer, PagerDuty


Alper Kokmen is a software engineer at PagerDuty in San Francisco. Prior to joining PagerDuty, he worked for early-stage ecommerce companies and Microsoft as a software engineer on products varying from an operating system to a bra-fitting recommendation engine. When away from keyboard, Alper is most likely binge watching TV shows with his wife or training for triathlons.


1:50pm–2:30pm Thursday, 05/19/2016
Location: Meeting Room 16B
Alper Kokmen (PagerDuty)
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Alper Kokmen explains how PagerDuty has been injecting failure into its production systems manually with minimal effort and why it recently started automating the process to invest more time in coming up with new system-specific failure scenarios. Read more.