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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
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Liz Rice

Liz Rice
Technology Evangelist, Aqua Security

Website | @lizrice

Liz Rice is the technology evangelist at container security specialists Aqua Security and coauthor of the O’Reilly report Kubernetes Security. She has a wealth of software development, team, and product management experience from her years spent working on network protocols and distributed systems and in digital technology sectors such as video on demand (VOD), music, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). When not building startups and writing code, Liz loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London or racing in virtual reality on Zwift.


2:40pm–3:20pm Wednesday, 05/18/2016
The New Stuff
Location: Ballroom A Level: Intermediate
Liz Rice (Aqua Security)
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Containers are revolutionizing data center utilization, with pioneers getting more than 5x better utilization than the industry average using clever scheduling algorithms. Liz Rice offers an overview of interesting work being done on physical packing and explains what happens when we bring in a fourth dimension: time. Read more.