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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
May 18–19, 2016: Conference
Austin, TX
Katharina Probst

Katharina Probst
Engineering Manager, Netflix

Katharina Probst is an engineering manager at Netflix, where she leads the API team and helps bring Netflix streaming to millions of people around the world. Prior to joining Netflix, Katharina was on the cloud computing team at Google, where she saw cloud computing from the provider side. Her interests include scalable, distributed systems, cloud computing, and building effective and successful teams. Katharina holds a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.


5:10pm–5:50pm Wednesday, 05/18/2016
Location: Meeting Room 10 A/B Level: Non-technical
Katharina Probst (Netflix)
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There’s never a dull moment for a female engineering leader. Sometimes you deal with subtle discrimination; often you simply have fun in a job that is both about people and tech. Katharina Probst discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a woman and engineering leader, as well as what both men and women can do to work toward better representation of women in engineering leadership. Read more.