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Patrick McFadin

Patrick McFadin
VP, Developer Relations, DataStax

Website | @PatrickMcFadin

Patrick McFadin is the vice president of developer relations at DataStax, where he leads a team devoted to making users of DataStax products successful. Previously, he was chief evangelist for Apache Cassandra and a consultant for DataStax, where he helped build some of the largest and exciting deployments in production; a chief architect at Hobsons; and an Oracle DBA and developer for over 15 years.


2:40pm–3:20pm Thursday, 05/19/2016
Business of OSS
Location: Meeting Room 9 A/B Level: Non-technical
Patrick McFadin (DataStax)
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Will our project be OSS or proprietary? It's an easy question that can lead to some uncomfortable moments in an organization. Sorting through the reasons for and against OSS can be tedious at best and life changing at worst. Don’t let this moment become something you regret. Patrick McFadin outlines the process and gives you some tools to make it through. Hopefully we’ll save a few friendships. Read more.