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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
May 18–19, 2016: Conference
Austin, TX
Nick Shadrin

Nick Shadrin
Manager, NGINX at F5

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Nick Shadrin is a manager at NGINX, the company behind the most popular web server technology among high-performance web sites. Nick has helped many top websites to get to the next step in application delivery through the use of cutting-edge architecture approaches and solutions. He enjoys hands-on work with Linux systems, networking, HTTP, and IoT; he likes to see a challenging technical problem and solve it on a fundamental level. Previously, Nick worked at Citrix and ZScaler, helping users make the web experience faster and more secure.


1:50pm–2:30pm Wednesday, 05/18/2016
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Location: Ballroom A Level: Intermediate
Nick Shadrin (NGINX at F5)
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After 16 years of solid use, the HTTP protocol finally got a major update. HTTP/2—based on SPDY—introduces new, major performance enhancements and features. Nick Shadrin offers a detailed overview of the protocol, outlines some cases when it significantly helps your website performance, and explains why, in some cases, the older version of the protocol performs better. Read more.