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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
May 18–19, 2016: Conference
Austin, TX
Ryan Jarvinen

Ryan Jarvinen
Developer Advocate, Red Hat

Website | @ryanj

Ryan Jarvinen is a developer advocate on Red Hat’s OpenShift team, where he focuses on improving developer experience in the Kubernetes/container community. He’s passionate about open source, open standards, open government, and digital rights. Ryan lives in Sacramento, California. You can reach him as ryanj on Twitter, GitHub, and IRC.


4:30pm–4:55pm Tuesday, 05/17/2016
Location: Ballroom A
Ryan Jarvinen (Red Hat)
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Ryan Jarvinen outlines the processes, tools, and techniques that Red Hat is adopting in order to help improve security for building, running, and maintaining container images. Ryan covers topics such as OpenShift templates and Source-to-Image builds and includes a workflow demonstration showing how operations teams can distribute security patches throughout a Kubernetes cluster. Read more.
11:05am–11:45am Wednesday, 05/18/2016
Location: Meeting Room 17B
Diane Mueller (Red Hat OpenShift), Vincent Batts (Red Hat), Ryan Jarvinen (Red Hat)
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Learn how to package up your open source software project as a containerized offering that developers trust and your community can easily maintain. Diane Mueller, Vincent Batts, and Ryan Jarvinen outline ways to automate your image build and deployment processes using Docker Hub, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and other popular toolchains and explore emerging best practices and container stds. Read more.