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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
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Rushaine McBean

Rushaine McBean
JavaScript Engineer, Kickstarter


Rushaine McBean is a JavaScript engineer at WNYC Radio. Rushaine primarily codes in JavaScript and turns to Ruby (Ruby on Rails or Sinatra) and Node.js frequently to power her web applications. She’s an organizer of the BoroJS meetup, Manhattan.js. Rushaine earned her undergraduate degree in computer science from Hunter College. When she isn’t writing code, she’s either listening to music or getting developer swag.


11:05am–11:45am Thursday, 05/19/2016
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Location: Ballroom C Level: Intermediate
Rushaine McBean (Kickstarter)
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Building maintainable web apps is enough of challenge without thinking about if you need your product on a mobile platform. Wouldn’t it be great to leverage the fundamentals already offered in React for your native apps? Enter React Native. Rushaine McBean explains how to take your JavaScript and React skills and apply them to a React Native app while maintaining a consistent development workflow. Read more.