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HiKey: A high-performance ARM 64-bit developing platform for Linaro

David Mandala (Linaro)
5:10pm–5:50pm Wednesday, 05/18/2016
Location: Meeting Room 14
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David Mandala offers an overview of HiKey, the first 64-bit octacore A53 ARMv8 community development board compatible with the Linaro 96Boards CE specification. This board provides developers a standard hardware set including different expansion boards and a full Reference Software Platform for Linux and Android. With HiKey, developers can easily use the latest Google AOSP SDK to create and debug new and existing peripheral drivers and perform kernel development and other tasks with fewer OEM encumbrances. HiKey can also be used to make VR applications with OSVR, robotic applications with ROS, and secure applications with ARM TrustZone.

This session is sponsored by Huawei.

David Mandala


David Mandala has been a pioneer in the Linux industry since 1995, when his company, THEM Productions, started deploying Linux for businesses. David is currently the Director of Systems at Linaro, where he focuses on Linaro’s infrastructure, ARM servers. He runs the Linaro Hardware Server cluster, is involved with the Linaro Developer Cloud, and works with the 96Board project. He wrote the 96BoardsGPIO library, regularly blogs about 96Boards, and is working to bring the 96Boards to the maker community. Previously, David worked for Canonical, where he was responsible for the ARM port of Ubuntu and for making Ubuntu for ARM as close to Ubuntu for x86 as possible.