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ConnectedNES: The world premiere of a WiFi-enabled 8-bit game console

Rachel Weil (Microsoft)
4:20pm–5:00pm Thursday, 05/19/2016
The New Stuff
Location: Ballroom C
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Rachel Weil premieres ConnectedNES, a unique project that wirelessly and seamlessly connects her beloved NES 8-bit game console to the Internet, and introduces its first custom application: a real-time Twitter client. Rachel describes the technical challenges of building ConnectedNES across three languages (Javascript, Arduino C/C++, and 6502 Assembly) and talks about the 8-bit homebrew scene and the future of ConnectedNES as a collaborative platform.

Photo of Rachel Weil

Rachel Weil


Rachel Simone Weil is an experimental designer, video game historian, and developer based in Austin, Texas. She currently writes weird and whimsical code at Microsoft. Rachel received an MFA in design from the University of Texas, where she studied the intersections of video game history and girls’ cultures and subcultures.