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Creating the open source future of Huawei: The challenges and surprises of transitioning to an open enterprise

Richard Lin (Huawei)
11:05am–11:45am Thursday, 05/19/2016
Location: Meeting Room 16A
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Richard Lin explains why Huawei is transforming itself from a low-key, conservative software and hardware company to an open source one. In becoming a supporter of and collaborator with the open source software development community, Huawei has earned some hard-won knowledge about how to make this monumental shift while still keeping an enterprise not only running but growing. In the spirit of open source, Richard shares the challenges Huawei encountered and lessons it learned in establishing a developer community, contributing to open source, and creating an open API platform. Transitioning to an open source ecosystem has been the right move for Huawei. Let its story inspire other companies to make the leap.

This session is sponsored by Huawei.

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Richard Lin


Richard Lin is a community manager at Huawei. Previously, he worked in GitCafe, a Git service in China, and with the Open Source Software Foundry (OSSF) at Academia Sinica, focusing on open source licensing and business models. Richard devotes much of his time to technical communities, including COSCUP, JSDC.tw, and Shanghai LUG.