Everything open source
May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
May 18–19, 2016: Conference
Austin, TX

How open is your enterprise? From contribution to integration and implementation

Charlie Gracie (IBM), Chris Ferris (IBM), Bert Belder (IBM), David Taieb (IBM)
2:40pm–3:20pm Wednesday, 05/18/2016
Location: Meeting Room 14

Open source has won. Enterprise organizations around the world are using open source technology and systems and rapidly integrating them into new solutions, platforms, and strategies. So how can you help transform your organization and drive awareness and acceptance of open source technology? Charlie Gracie, Christopher Ferris, Bert Belder, and David Taieb explore the current state of open source technology and discuss how you can help drive adoption, integration, and use within your organization.

This session is sponsored by IBM.

Photo of Charlie Gracie

Charlie Gracie


Charlie Gracie is an emerging technologies architect for runtimes technology in the IBM Cloud organization. Charlie has been working on garbage collection technology at IBM for 12 years. He was the technical lead responsible for open sourcing the IBM JVM GC technology as part of the Eclipse OMR project. Charlie is also leading a team that is prototyping consuming the Eclipse OMR GC technology in the Ruby MRI VM. When he is not at work, Charlie enjoys playing volleyball, softball, and ultimate frisbee.

Photo of Chris Ferris

Chris Ferris


Christopher Ferris is an IBM distinguished engineer and the CTO for open technology, where he has technical responsibility for all of IBM’s strategic open source and standards initiatives, including Hyperledger, the Open Container Initiative, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Cloud Foundry, Node.js, Docker, and more. Christopher has been involved in the architecture, design, and engineering of distributed systems for most of his 38+-year career in IT and has been actively engaged in open standards and open source development since 1999. He represents IBM on the Hyperledger governing board, is a maintainer and release manager for the Hyperledger Fabric project, and is the elected chair of the Hyperledger technical steering committee.

Photo of Bert Belder

Bert Belder


Bert Belder has been a Node.js core contributor since 2011 and is one the longest running Node maintainers still active. In 2013, Bert founded StrongLoop together with fellow core team member Ben Noordhuis. Bert first got involved in open source by doing the Windows port of libuv and has been a leader in the Node community ever since.

Photo of David Taieb

David Taieb


David Taieb is the STSM for the Cloud Data Services Developer Advocacy team at IBM, where he leads a team of avid technologists with the mission of educating developers on the art of possible with cloud technologies. He’s passionate about building open source tools, such as the PixieDust Python library for the Jupyter Notebook and Apache Spark, that help improve developer’s productivity and overall experience. Previously, David was the lead architect for the Watson Core UI and Tooling team based in Littleton, Massachusetts, where he led the design and development of a Unified Tooling Platform to support all the Watson Tools, including accuracy analysis, test experiments, corpus ingestion, and training data generation. Before that, he was the lead architect for the Domino Server OSGi team responsible for integrating the eXpeditor J2EE Web Container in Domino and building first-class APIs for the developer community. David started with IBM in 1996, working on various globalization technologies and products including Domino Global Workbench and a multilingual content management system for the Websphere Application Server. David enjoys sharing his experience by speaking at conferences and meeting as many people as possible. You’ll find him at various events like the Strata Data Conference, Velocity, and IBM Interconnect.