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Java 9 sneak peek: An embedded tale

Matt Schuetze (Azul Systems)
11:05am–11:45am Wednesday, 05/18/2016
Location: Meeting Room 16A
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Matt Schuetze tells the story of Java for embedded applications. Java originated from the desire for portable application code to run across a panoply of available processor families, a desire that continues today, especially with the explosion of low-cost, fully capable processors and cut-down OS distributions. Matt walks you through the realities of doing embedded Java development, exposes the breadth of choices to make in boards and setups, and shows the ways that modern Java Standard Edition is leveraged to the hilt. Matt also explores the trajectory on which Java 9 will rocket by looking into the implications of Project Jigsaw on the embedded application development approach.

This session is sponsored by Azul Systems.

Photo of Matt Schuetze

Matt Schuetze

Azul Systems

Matt Schuetze is the director of product management at Azul Systems, where he is responsible for managing requirements and charting product roadmaps for Zing and Zulu, Azul’s two Java runtime product families. Matt is excited to help usher in the budding Zulu Embedded product offering from Azul, covering aspects of both industrial and consumer embedded applications. Matt is also the Azul alternate on the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process, helps run the Detroit Java User Group, and regularly speaks at Java user groups and industry trade shows. He has a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from MIT and a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from the University of Michigan.