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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
May 18–19, 2016: Conference
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Is your open source project ready for the container era?

Diane Mueller (Red Hat OpenShift), Vincent Batts (Red Hat), Ryan Jarvinen (Red Hat)
11:05am–11:45am Wednesday, 05/18/2016
Location: Meeting Room 17B
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The industry is embracing containers as a more agile and streamlined model for application delivery. Using Docker images as a packaging format has invigorated a new line of thought. Containers enable a simple and efficient way to assemble, distribute, and deploy software. These advantages make containers ubiquitous and easy to install with a one-line command.

Building Docker images is easy; that’s why there are over 45,000 public images on Docker Hub today (albeit only 100 of them “official” images). However, packaging up your open source project as a containerized offering that enterprises and developers alike will trust and that your community can maintain and patch is not as simple. Creating reproducible, secure images from source that are easily maintained and updated takes a bit more planning and automation. The importance of common standards in container format tooling interop is crucial to planning today and avoiding future “technical debt.”

Diane Mueller, Vincent Batts, and Ryan Jarvinen demonstrate what it takes to create a successful (and secure) build strategy so that your OSS projects can be easily consumed and maintained as containers. Diane, Vincent, and Ryan outline ways to automate your image build and deployment processes using Docker Hub, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and other popular toolchains and explore emerging best practices and container stds. They also discuss how the ongoing OCI initiatives are helping to standardize these processes and solutions. You’ll learn how to use source2image, environment variables, secrets, service accounts, and templates to design, develop, and maintain the next generation of container-based open source solutions.

This session is sponsored by Red Hat.

Photo of Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller

Red Hat OpenShift

Diane Mueller is the director of community development at Red Hat OpenShift as well as the founder of GetMakered, a mobile 3-D design and printing initiative to connect people with 3-D technology.

Photo of Vincent Batts

Vincent Batts

Red Hat

Vincent Batts is a software engineer working on all things container architecture in Red Hat’s Office of Technology. He is involved in the Open Containers Initiative as a maintainer, serves on the technical board, and is a maintainer on the appc/spec. A mindful polyglot, Vincent has spent the last 15 years participating in the Linux and open source community. He is an ongoing member on Slackware Linux’s core team, a past maintainer on the Docker project, and the Go compiler for Fedora and Red Hat.

Photo of Ryan Jarvinen

Ryan Jarvinen

Red Hat

Ryan Jarvinen is a developer advocate on Red Hat’s OpenShift team, where he focuses on improving developer experience in the Kubernetes/container community. He’s passionate about open source, open standards, open government, and digital rights. Ryan lives in Sacramento, California. You can reach him as ryanj on Twitter, GitHub, and IRC.

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Audra Carter
05/21/2016 6:36am CDT

Above URL is now fixed, Ryan. Thank you.

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Ryan Jarvinen
05/20/2016 3:02pm CDT

The above slide url seems to be broken. You can find the slides here: http://bit.ly/oscon-container-era