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Intro to Docker Swarm

Everett Toews (Rackspace)
9:05am–9:30am Tuesday, 05/17/2016
Location: Ballroom A
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Docker Swarm has a lot of potential. Treating a cluster of machines as a single Docker Engine is liberating. With some work, scaling out applications is very effective. And its use of the Docker API keeps it compatible with the entire ecosystem of Docker tooling.

But Swarm also has a handful of issues that make it awkward to work with in different scenarios.

Everett Toews offers an introduction to Docker Swarm and explains what it takes to develop and deploy an application on it. Everett also covers Swarm’s deficiencies, identifies workarounds to these issues, and considers how they can be resolved in the long term.

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Everett Toews


Everett Toews is a developer advocate at Rackspace making the cloud easy to use for developers and operators. Sometimes dev, sometimes ops, and sometimes advocate, Everett is interested in composing systems using APIs, SDKs, CLIs, and Docker. He likes to teach what he learns along the way.