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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
May 18–19, 2016: Conference
Austin, TX

Ignite OSCON (sponsored by Cisco)

5:00pm–6:30pm Monday, 05/16/2016
Location: Ballroom A
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If you had five minutes on stage, what would you say? Would you pitch a project? Launch a website? Teach a hack? We’ll find out at our annual Ignite event at OSCON. Any topic is fair game as long as it’s interesting, from technology to culture to business to science fiction. Speakers are limited to 20 slides, which automatically advance after 15 seconds—that’s the fun of Ignite!

The call for proposals (CFP) is closed.


Cloud native: We can get there from here together (Ken Owens)
Cloud native is where we’re headed. That’s no longer a secret. But how do we transition from where we are now to this next-gen DevOps model and a promised land overflowing with microservice-enabled, cloud-native apps? Ken discusses current DevOps challenges and the opportunities available to the community to build this new operational model.

The future of technical interviews (Cindy Sridharan)
The technical interview is broken—a universally acknowledged fact. Cindy offers a call to action on reimagining the technical interview process for the modern era and explains how the interview process can be vastly improved all around by taking a few very simple steps.

Gwent and OCaml (Gina Maini)
Disheartened with the untimely end of Gwent gameplay in Witcher 3, one functional programmer decides it’s time to make an open Gwent in OCaml.

Lending privilege (Anjuan Simmons)
Diversity and inclusion have become hot topics in technology, but you may not know how you can make a difference. Anjuan helps you understand that, no matter your background, you have privilege and can lend it to marginalized groups in tech.

Ignite karaoke

In Ignite Karaoke, volunteers from the crowd will improvise a short talk based on slides they’ve never seen before and couldn’t possibly predict.

Be kind to yourself (Shelly Coen)
Burnout is such a common occurrence. An open dialogue about mental health could help us all massively. Shelly relates self-care tips and encourages you to be good to yourself and treat yourself with the kindness and respect that you deserve (even when it feels really hard to do so).

Bring community back to the people (Diane Mueller)
The open source bazaar has been overrun by vendors’ special interests, and foundations are acting more like super PACs. Diane explores how we turn this around, stop building open source cathedrals with walled gardens, and bring more openness and opportunity to communities.

The power of a positive community (Julie Gunderson)
Attitude—both positive and negative—is contagious. Julie explains how, as a community, we can affect change by embracing a positive attitude and choosing support one another through positive words and actions.

The open source journey through the Google Summer of Code: An African perspective (Nyah Check)
Over the past two years, the University of Buea has sextupled its Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participants from 2 in 2013 to 12 in 2015—due to the hard work of the Google Developer Group Buea. The open source culture is new in Africa. Nyah describes how university students in Cameroon are taking the lead in open source development through GSoC, imbibing the art of community.

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Picture of Shane Curcuru
Shane Curcuru
05/16/2016 6:21pm CDT

Awesome Ignite, so excited I got to speak (even if I missed the CFP!) at the slide karaoke. Nice job putting together the four sets of slide decks, each with an actual theme (which us volunteer speakers didn’t know about, of course!) Glad I got to finish with the Terminator.

Picture of André Morrow
André Morrow
05/12/2016 5:14am CDT

Hi CJ,

Ignite OSCON is open to the public. No need to register. You can also possibly participate as a speaker during “Ignite Karaoke” (see description above). Hope to see you there!

CJ Romberger
05/12/2016 5:01am CDT

I spoke at a few Ignite events, and it’s a WONDERFUL experience to attend them. I still vividly remember many of the presentations.

Is this Ignite open to people who aren’t attending the conference?

If so, how would I register?

Picture of Audra Carter
Audra Carter
03/24/2016 5:30am CDT

Hi Travis. If you click on the Submit an Ignite talk button, it will take you to a CFP page with more details. The deadline is April 15. Thank you.

Travis Cooper
03/24/2016 2:34am CDT

When is the submission deadline for a Ignite talk proposal?

Picture of Audra Carter
Audra Carter
03/11/2016 4:52am CST

Hi Aditya. We will open the CFP for OSCON Ignite within the next two weeks so you can submit your proposal then. Thank you for your interest.

Aditya Gupta
03/10/2016 5:13pm CST

Title: Mobycraft – Docker in 8-bit
Abstract: Mobycraft is a Minecraft client-side mod to manage and visualize Docker containers in Minecraft. This mod can be installed in any standard Minecraft client and allow young kids to learn Docker fundamentals in a fun way. It allowed me to apply Minecraft modding skills to pick up Docker concepts such as Engine, Machine, Swarm, and Remote API. In the process, I also picked up some Gradle and Maven skills.

A new custom Minecraft block and structure was created to show multiple containers running in a multi-host environment. Each container can be started and stopped from Minecraft. Several Docker commands are exposed as Minecraft commands. A new Minecraft dimension, with custom look and feel, was created for containers.

Come to this talk to see this Minecraft mod in action and how you can contribute.