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May 16–17, 2016: Training & Tutorials
May 18–19, 2016: Conference
Austin, TX

Introduction to Clojure

Alex Miller (Cognitect)
9:00am–12:30pm Tuesday, 05/17/2016
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Location: Meeting Room 18 C/D Level: Intermediate
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Prerequisite knowledge

Attendees must have prior experience with a programming language but do not need any prior experience in Clojure or functional programming.

Materials or downloads needed in advance

Attendees need a laptop with Java 1.6+ (1.8 is recommended) and Leiningen (Clojure build tool) installed.


Clojure is a dynamic functional programming language on the Java Virtual Machine designed to be a general purpose programming language suitable for a wide range of uses. Bring your laptops and follow along as Alex Miller teaches the basics of Clojure. Along the way, you’ll practice with simple exercises to get used to programming in Clojure.

Topics include:

  • Clojure evaluation and the REPL
  • Functions
  • Collections
  • Flow control
  • Sequences
  • State and concurrency
  • Polymorphism
  • Macros
Photo of Alex Miller

Alex Miller


Alex Miller works on maintaining Clojure and supporting the Clojure community at Cognitect. Alex coauthored Clojure Applied (Pragmatic Press) and is also the founder of the Strange Loop, Clojure/West, and Lambda Jam conferences.