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Perl 6: Believe it or not!

Larry Wall (Craigslist)
11:05am–11:45am Wednesday, 05/18/2016
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Location: Ballroom A Level: Intermediate
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Sure, Perl is the granddaddy of open source languages, but now with the Perl 6 redesign, Perl is also, once again, an emerging language with great flexibility and potential, designed to scale into your future, with world-class support for Unicode, FP, OO, concurrent, and reactive programming. Larry Wall offers an overview of Perl 6 and explains why he expects the Perl 6 community and ecosystem to blossom.

Larry outlines the principles that guided the current design and the process that allowed the team to fix many of the perceived problems with existing languages (including Perl 5) yet could also be implemented with the proverbial sufficiently smart compiler. Larry explores what makes Perl 6 tick, not just as a collection of features on a sufficiently smart compiler but as a coherent approach to general programming when you don’t know how your system is going to develop in the future, or which programming paradigm will best support that future, or which VM you’ll have to run on, or which external interfaces you’ll have to support. Larry ends by talking about how Perl 6 will continue to evolve in the future—how it is designed to manage that change gracefully and not fall into the backward-compatibility trap that every project falls into. Perl 6 is already a suite of languages in its own right, governed by a coherent metaprogramming philosophy, such that it can evolve into whatever language you’ll want in 10 or 20 years.

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