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AbracadaBRAIN! Human learning about machine learning

Andy Kitchen (Silverpond)
5:10pm–5:50pm Wednesday, 05/18/2016
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Location: Ballroom A Level: Non-technical
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Clarke’s third law states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. . .

. . .So by extension, cutting-edge technology should be just a little bit magical. Machine learning is often presented from a dense mathematical perspective, which, while necessary for rigorous research, obscures the intuitive nature of machine learning. Andy Kitchen pulls back the curtain on the state of the art in machine learning, using clear and simple explanations along with live, interactive demos to turbocharge your understanding by explaining how (any why) deep learning works, where it came from, what it is capable of, and what the future holds.

Andy outlines what’s possible and exciting right now rather than speculating on the future of artificial intelligence or its possible impact on society. All live demos are open source, fully functional implementations of algorithms from peer-reviewed publications. Some are even written in JavaScript and run in your browser—you can Git clone them all today.

Cut through the hype and speculation. Find out how it all works and why you should genuinely be excited and energized to start hacking. It’s time for human learning about machine learning.

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Andy Kitchen


Andy Kitchen is a crazy programmer with a big heart. When he was a kid, the first program he ever wrote was an “AI.” At the time, he thought this was the coolest thing ever. Later, he realized it was a chatbot. He is now a researcher and consultant in machine learning, specializing in neural networks. He is currently puzzling over how to teach computers to think about thinking and other metaphysical machinations.

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Picture of Audra Carter
Audra Carter
01/28/2016 6:45am CST

Hi Andy – There will be a video compilation for sale approximately three weeks after the conference if you are interested in viewing this talk and others. Thank you.

Stephen Lashley
01/26/2016 1:20am CST

I developed a brain by unwraping a neural network into java code graphs to avoid the mathematical basis. This content is very interesting to me, however I can’t make it to the conference this year, do you have a book or electronic information you sell?