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Open sourcing the lean startup methodology

Kishau Rogers (Websmith Group)
1:50pm–2:30pm Thursday, 05/19/2016
Business of OSS
Location: Meeting Room 9 A/B Level: Non-technical
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Innovation plays a critical role in the survival of an organization. Now more than ever, businesses are forced to adapt rapidly, relying upon technology to improve their competitive advantage and to drive progress. In the new industrial revolution, innovation must take a 360-degree approach to developing solutions at the intersection of business, hardware, software, and data.

The principle of the lean startup methodology is to improve efficiency by having a clear understanding of what your customers want, how much they’re willing to pay for it, and how you will deliver value. An established enterprise is optimized for its core business and has procedures in place for servicing its customers. However, in times of uncertainty or rapid transition, traditional business procedures often fail to innovate effectively.

A study conducted by Harris Interactive found that 47% of Fortune 1000 executives reported that their company had no team, process, or system for vetting new ideas, and only one in three reported that they had a team specifically dedicated to brainstorming new ideas. Over 75% of companies use open source software in their environments, yet only 42% can effectively inventory open source components, and only 55% have no formal policy in place for open source use.

Kishau Rogers details how organizations can create a framework for rapid innovation in their enterprises using the lean startup methodology and open source technology. Kishau proposes a framework for launching enterprise-wide innovation centers that use open source technology in all aspects of business innovation, from rapid prototype development and open collaboration to customer discovery, while following a roadmap for commercial product development.

Topics include:

  • Developing and maintaining your toolbox of open source components, which supports accelerated innovation and rapid prototyping
  • Creating an environment of ongoing and continuous enterprise innovation by following the tenets of the lean startup methodology (as opposed to product-based innovation)
  • Developing and following a defined roadmap from the innovation center to commercial and/or production environments—this includes procedures for open source inventory management, security, and ongoing support
  • Increasing competitive advantage by incorporating open source components that already provide interfaces that integrate with everything from HVAC units to intraoral health devices
Photo of Kishau Rogers

Kishau Rogers

Websmith Group

Serial tech entrepreneur Kishau Rogers is the founder and CEO of technology ventures such as Websmith Group Inc., TimeStudy, PeerLoc, and most recently, Websmith Studio, Websmith’s community innovation center. Kishau has over 20 years of industry experience, specializing in using computer science and systems-thinking principles to influence how we develop, build, grow, and mature great ideas. Under her leadership, the Websmith brand has operated for over 12 years, partnering with entrepreneurs and organizations in successfully bringing their technology ideas from conceptualization to commercialization. Kishau has spearheaded many social impact technology projects, most recently serving as an advisor to the US White House Hackathon for Foster Care. She is the recent recipient of the Lyn McDermid Community Impact Award and the Metropolitan Business League’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Kishau has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NFIB, JavaWorld, and other publications. Kishau is committed to community service and leadership in technology and actively serves on advisory boards for institutions such as Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Engineering, the Metropolitan Business League, and ECPI. Kishau holds a computer science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Follow her on Twitter at @kishau.