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Managing while black

Kevin Stewart (Heptio)
11:55am–12:35pm Wednesday, 05/18/2016
Location: Meeting Room 10 A/B Level: Non-technical
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You are (or want to be) a manager at a tech company. Ideas you present are ignored while the same ideas, when presented by others, are accepted. You deliver on difficult projects time and again, yet deserved promotions and recognition seem to elude you. You build strong teams of talented individuals that other teams want for themselves. Still, you can’t get a seat at the decision makers’ table. Congratulations! You’re managing while black.

Kevin Stewart explores the challenges faced by people of color in leadership positions and explains why we might want to rethink how we approach diversity in the tech industry.

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Kevin Stewart


Kevin Stewart is vice president of engineering at Heptio, an emerging leader in the cloud-native computing space, started by two of the founders of Google Compute Engine and the Kubernetes open source project. Previously, Kevin held a similar role at NodeSource, where he helped create NodeSource N|Solid, an enterprise-grade Node.js runtime; was one of the original engineering leaders for Creative Cloud at Adobe, where his team built the very first service offering, Creative Cloud Assets; and helped shape the engineering culture at a number of software companies and digital agencies by improving development and delivery practices and encouraged cross-functional teams. Although he currently resides in Seattle, Kevin is a lifelong New Yorker with dreams of relocating to a sunny island in the Caribbean. When he’s not helping teams build great products, Kevin can be found spending time with his family or at the gym trying to stay (get) in shape.