July 13–16, 2020
Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson
Cofounder and CEO, ScatterSpoke


Colleen is the cofounder and CEO of ScatterSpoke, a space for more effective team retrospectives. She’s an expert in the Kanban method of software delivery and advocates for Lean practices of customer-centered product discovery. As a coach, she helps organizations apply a systems-thinking approach to aligning Agile methodologies across the enterprise. She works with clients to apply the right cultural and context-driven practices to create sustainable agility. Colleen brings her dynamic training classes to teams, programs, and executives in person and online through Monarch Learning. She has served as a board member for Agile Denver and as a chair for the 2016 and 2017 Mile High Agile Conferences and is an active board member for the Agile Uprising.


10:00am–5:30pm Monday, 07/13/2020
Location: D133
Colleen Johnson (ScatterSpoke)
Not all Agile practices are created equal. And let's be honest—for some teams, it's nearly impossible to know what you'll be working on for the next two weeks. Colleen Johnson highlights how the simple practices of Kanban can help teams with high volumes of urgent work and constantly changing priorities deliver without low quality or perpetual burnout (ideal for security, IT, Ops, and DevOps). Read more.

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