July 13–16, 2020
Joel Hulen

Joel Hulen
Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Solliance


Joel Hulen is a senior cloud solutions architect at Solliance. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT field, with expertise in disciplines ranging from systems engineering to cloud-based computing and everything in between. Previously, he focused on software development for over 20 years, developing and architecting software solutions for many platforms, from single-user devices to large-scale enterprise applications and services, while supporting and enriching the software profile of financial services companies, the Department of Defense, NASA, and a range of businesses from small to large. He leverages his experience to successfully lead teams of developers in following best practices, consulting with companies to help them modernize their applications, take advantage of cloud offerings while controlling their costs, and create software that runs on any device, anywhere in the world. Joel is an international speaker, focusing on such topics as cloud architecture, serverless, data engineering, and AI. He also creates and delivers training on these topics to Microsoft employees and partners.


9:00am–5:00pm Tuesday, 07/14/2020
Location: Portland 252
Joel Hulen (Solliance), Kyle Bunting (Solliance)
Join Joel Hulen and Kyle Bunting for a full day of everything serverless in the cloud. You'll get hands-on experience working with various serverless components in AWS, Azure, or GCP. If you want to understand how to create an end-to-end serverless solution, or how you can use serverless to augment your architecture, this is for you. Read more.

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