July 13–16, 2020
Karthic Rao

Karthic Rao
Developer Advocate, Dgraph Labs


Karthic Rao is a developer advocate at Dgraph Labs by day and a musician by evening. He has over five years of contributions to developing infrastructure tools in open source Go and has the unique distinction of contributing to a web server in Go (Caddy Server), a distributed object storage in Go (MinIO), and a distributed database in Go. Karthic is an avid speaker and writer; he’s presented talks across the globe and has over 275+ tech blog posts ing his arsenal. He’s also a Google Developer Expert in machine learning and a contributor to Kubeflow, an open source project by Google that aims to simplify machine learning on Kubernetes. Karthic organizes local meetups in Bangalore, including the GraphQL Bangalore Meetup and the CNCF’s Kubernetes India Data Management Meetups. When he’s not at work, you can find him spending time with family, at the gym, practicing music, or meditating.


10:00am–5:30pm Monday, 07/13/2020
Location: E143/144
Karthic Rao (Dgraph Labs)
Building an end-to-end, production-grade machine learning application is complex and involves tens of components. Karthic Rao demystifies this process as he walks you through building a Google Photos replica on Kubeflow—an open source project for building ML pipelines leveraging the capabilities offered by Kubernetes. Read more.

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