July 13–16, 2020

Adopting and using a service mesh

Girish Ranganathan (Layer5), Lee Calcote (Layer5)
9:00am–5:00pm Tuesday, 07/14/2020
Location: E143/144

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Girish Ranganathan and Lee Calcote show you how to install, configure, and operate Istio in the context of example workloads and their common use cases.

What you'll learn, and how you can apply it

  • Discover how to install, configure, and operate multiple different service meshes in the context of a example workloads and their common use cases

Who is this presentation for?

  • You're an architect, platform engineer, operator, or developer.




  • A basic understanding of Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with Docker

Hardware and/or installation requirements:

  • A Mac, Linux or Windows laptop with Docker, Kubernetes via Docker Desktop or Minikube, and Meshery installed with access to a local or remote Kubernetes cluster of any size (Running either Docker Desktop or Minikube on your laptop will work fine.)

In the adoption of cloud native technologies, engineers find one of the greatest challenges is the management of their services as distributed systems. Service meshes have quickly entered the cloud native landscape, filling unmet service-level needs. Service management challenges include service discovery, load balancing, fault tolerance, end-to-end monitoring, dynamic routing for canary deployments, and securing communication.

You have to decide which service mesh you should use, what their performance characteristics are, and what the best practices for onboarding your application to a mesh are. As a service mesh, Istio addresses these problems by providing a layer of infrastructure between the services and network that allows service communication to be controlled outside the application code.

Girish Ranganathan and Lee Calcote show you how to deploy different service meshes running sample applications on top of Kubernetes. Using Meshery, a multiservice mesh management plane, you’ll go hands-on with a series of labs in which various service meshes are deployed and their functionality explored.

Topics include:

  • Traffic management, resilient communication, and load balancing
  • Policy enforcement and rate limiting
  • Telemetry, monitoring, and reporting
  • Securing communication
  • Canary deployments

About your instructors

Photo of Girish Ranganathan

Girish Ranganathan is a chief architect at Layer5. A software technologist who has played a pivotal role in architecting and developing a variety of large-scale distributed systems on a range of platforms including microservices and serverless, Girish strongly believes that simple ideas can go a long way toward building efficient, reliable, secure, and scalable systems.

Photo of Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote is an innovative product and technology leader, passionate about empowering engineers with efficient and effective solutions. As founder of Layer5, he’s at the forefront of the cloud native movement. Open source, advanced, and emerging technologies have been a consistent focus through his tenure at SolarWinds, Seagate, Cisco, and Schneider Electric. An advisor, author, and speaker, he’s active in the community as a Docker Captain, Cloud Native Ambassador, and Google Summer of Code Mentor and is the author of Istio: Up & Running from O’Reilly.

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