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July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR

ML Ops: Managing the end-to-end ML lifecycle (sponsored by IBM)

Call closed 11:59pm 06/03/2019 PDT.

If you’re building a production data science pipeline and you’re ready to tell the end-to-end story, we want to hear from you!

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ML Ops Day at OSCON is a gathering of industry practitioners discussing production deployments from ML workflows, and how to manage them most effectively. Tell us all about the automation/ops tools that you use. From data cleansing all the way to model training, serving, and re-training, ML Ops day at OSCON will help tell the story of how to help you do your job with Open Source tools.

Each of the 25-minute sessions in this track will focus on the practice of how you, or your company, have gotten your ML workflow into production.

We want to hear about:

  • Best practices
  • Core issues to recognize
  • Why did you choose a probabilistic solution?
  • What libraries/frameworks did you use, and why?
  • How has your production ML solutions transformed your company?
  • Show us a demo of the ops in your solution!

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