Fueling innovative software
July 15-18, 2019
Portland, OR

j.day - A day for Java™ at OSCON 2019 (sponsored by Azul Systems)

Call closed 11:59pm 05/24/2019 PDT.

The Java language and runtime are critical technologies that power businesses, governments, and critical open source infrastructure today, and by all accounts will continue to do so well into the future.

Software development is in the midst of a sea change, with innovation in continuous delivery and deployment, serverless architecture becoming a new normal, and applications driven by data and AI. All of these changes have ignited the Java community to set a rapid pace for innovation within its own ecosystem adopting a six-month rapid release cadence for Java features and the adoption of OpenJDK.

j.day at OSCON is designed for developers, architects, devops leaders, and other technologists who want to share best practices and get different perspectives on the latest and greatest tools and techniques making their way into Java platform.

We are currently looking for 25-minute session ideas that share your Java passion and knowledge.

Sponsored by:
Azul Systems

Ideal topics include:

  • Platform-level innovations in compilation, GC, startup
  • Innovative use cases highlighting ways to make best use of containers, serverless, distroless (etc.) deployments
  • New and/or upcoming language features
  • Java on edge devices – tools, challenges, use cases
  • Managing very large Java estates (10,000+ instances)
  • Improving Java performance

Proposals should include as much detail as possible about the topic and format for the presentation. Detail matters; vague proposals face an uphill climb. Share with us WHO you are, WHY you’re excited about Java, and WHY we should get excited about seeing you speak!

NOTE: Java® is a registered trademark of Oracle.

Speaker Benefit

Along with other perks, speakers accepted to speak at j.day will receive a complimentary Gold pass to attend OSCON. This pass includes access to all conference tutorials, keynotes, sessions, and events.

Code of Conduct

We expect all participants, including speakers, to follow our Code of Conduct, the core of which is this: an O’Reilly conference should be a safe and productive environment for everyone. Read more »