17–19 October 2016: Conference & Tutorials
19–20 October 2016: Training
London, UK
Patrick Chanezon

Patrick Chanezon
Member of the Technical Staff, Docker

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Patrick Chanezon is member of the technical staff at Docker Inc., where he helps to build Docker, an open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. A software developer and storyteller, Patrick spent 10 years building platforms at Netscape and Sun and 10 more evangelizing platforms at Google, VMware, and Microsoft. His main professional interest is in building and kickstarting the network effect for these wondrous two-sided markets called platforms. Patrick has worked on platforms for portals, ads, commerce, social, the Web, distributed apps, and the cloud.


13:35–14:15 Monday, 17/10/2016
The new stuff
Location: Balmoral Level: Intermediate
Patrick Chanezon (Docker)
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Containers as a service (CaaS) provide developers the agility and portability they need to build microservice applications and ops the control required to deploy and maintain these apps in production. Patrick Chanezon offers a detailed overview of the latest evolutions in the Docker ecosystem enabling CaaS, from in-container development on a Mac to CI/CD in the cloud to deployment in production. Read more.