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London, UK
Idit Levine

Idit Levine
Founder and CEO, solo.io

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Idit Levine is the founder and CEO of solo.io, a Boston-based startup whose mission is to streamline the cloud stack. Solo recently released Squash, an open source platform for debugging microservices applications. Idit has been in the cloud management space for 12 years, working at both enterprise and startup companies. Previously, she was the CTO of the Cloud Management Division at EMC and a member of its global CTO Office, where she and her team introduced successful open source projects for automating unikernels (UniK) and for cross-cluster scheduling (layer-x).


16:05–16:45 Tuesday, 18/10/2016
Location: Sandringham Level: Intermediate
Idit Levine (solo.io)
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Unikernels are rapidly gaining momentum in the market: Docker acquired Unikernel Systems, and Google trends show it's a leading topic. Idit Levine explores Unik, a open source orchestration system for unikernels that is a useful tool in the cloud-native application space, and explains how to integrate Unik as a backend to Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry runtime. Read more.