17–19 October 2016: Conference & Tutorials
19–20 October 2016: Training
London, UK
nir kaufman

nir kaufman
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Google Developer Expert in web technologies and Angular, active worldwide public speaker and trainer, tech community activist (ReactNYC, AngularNYC)
Author of 3 books about Front-end development, and the founder of the ‘’Frontend Band” – The first open-source rock n roll band!
Principal Frontend developer and Consultant at 500Tech, a front-end consultancy in NYC.


14:00–17:30 Wednesday, 19/10/2016
Location: Buckingham Room Level: Intermediate
nir kaufman (Mr.)
This workshop is all about modern SPA architecture, focused on popular architectural design pattern Redux. Redux introduces a unidirectional data-flow and a predictable state container that scales. Through a series of live code examples, Nir Kaufman walks you through a complete flow of a typical application, using Angular2 as the presentation layer. Read more.